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  1. I applied this on the new revision, manually and it should work guys.
  2. Yoona

    MVP Warper

    Yes all MVP.. with a time limit inside. @Bump Bump!
  3. thanks! ill try it later.. this will work on pre-renewal right?
  4. Yoona

    MVP Warper

    Can i request a MVP warper that do this things.. 1. he/she can enter once per 24 Hours 2. It has 30 Levels with different monsters per Level 3. guild_vs2 will be the map.. if its paid its okay.. as long as its working 100%. and pm me..
  5. Yoona

    WOE Emperium

    Can someone tell me if this is normal on WOE times. because whoever deal the large damage on the Emperium.. will get it.. not the one who last hit.. is there any other way with this?
  6. How can i reduce the value for pre renewal? case SC_EDP: <= this should be on pre renewal val2 = val1 + 2; // Chance to Poison enemies. <= i dont know what this means #ifndef RENEWAL val3 = 50*(val1+1); // Damage increase (+50 +50*lv%) #endif if( sd )// [Ind] - iROwiki says each level increases its duration by 3 seconds tick += pc_checkskill(sd,GC_RESEARCHNEWPOISON)*3000; any can give me a link for the latest source code for this? @bump please!
  7. Im not that familiar with this.. but to make sure im gonna ask if this is correct.. UPDATE `inventory` SET `refine` = 0 WHERE `refine` = 10; // Check for Inventory UPDATE `storage` SET `refine` = 0 WHERE `refine` = 10; // for storage UPDATE `cart_inventory` SET `refine` = 0 WHERE `refine` = 10; // cart inventory UPDATE `guild_storage` SET `refine` = 0 WHERE `refine` = 10; // cart guild storage this will re-refine all the +10 items into +0 right?
  8. Is there a chance that i can re-refine all the items in my server from +10 to +0 ?
  9. Make sure that put the ID# and Item name here's the example on client side idnum2itemdesctable.txt ( this one is for the item description ) idnum2itemdisplaynametable.txt ( this one is for the item name ex. Valkyrie_Helm ) idnum2itemresnametable.txt ( this one is for the item sprite ) FIRST THING TO DO IS, UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE DOING.. im also not that good with everything.. but based on my experience you'll understand everything soon.. if your still having problem putting custom items here's a guide http://rathena.org/wiki/Custom_Items
  10. it's on function.sh once u edit it, when u run runserver-sql.bat, that file will run your 1 login-server, 2 char-servers, & 2 map-server On this part i want to make sure, i should put the directory of where i put the 2nd server files right? and 1 problem about rathena.. if you recompile server 2 ==> Server 1 will be stop same with recompile Server 1 ==> Server 2 stops. please correct me if im wrong.. thanks! C_SRV1=./server1/char-server_sql M_SRV1=./server1/map-server_sql C_SRV2=./server2/char-server_sql M_SRV2=./server2/map-server_sql
  11. Did you change your trunk/src/common/mmo.h to the client version you are using? #ifndef PACKETVER//#define PACKETVER 20130807 #define PACKETVER 20120410 //#define PACKETVER 20100616
  12. Make sure that he/she have all the files needed. to run the server and connect like check your clientinfo.xml and make sure that this line inside the clientinfo.xml is correct ( you must put your LAN IP so others can connect ) <address>YOUR LAN IP SHOULD BE HERE</address> Let me know if this helps
  13. The server is running on pre renewal . and i just want to know if how can i reduce the physical attacks with EDP?
  14. How can i reduce Physical Attacks w/ EDP ? i'v search it on google and on the latest revision the RENEWAL_EDP is not there anymore.. then i found this http://rathena.org/board/topic/69340-reduce-damage-normal-attack-use-edp/ but i think this one is not latest.. can anyone help me how to reduce it now?
  15. I've test it using pre-renewal server, its perfectly working with 0delay.grf but when i removed the delay.grf and try to spam with Bowling Bash it detects that im cheating...
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