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  1. Hi Sir anaqcondaqq. does this already has Achievement and Title System? Thanks for the share! Keep up and more Power!
  2. Hi Ems, I'm having this error. Can you please help me resolve this? 1.bmp
  3. But I want them to just tame it, not kill them? Thanks Mam Annie for the reply. Thanks a much Mam Radian, I'll give this a try! No errors, NPC is working fine.. It's just that, I can still kill Pokemons and not be kicked out of the room. I got it working now! Thanks @Radianand @AnnieRuru I made it like this.. prontera,150,150,4 script Pokeeeee 100,{ .name$ = "["+strnpcinfo(0)+"]"; mes .name$; mes "How can I help you today?"; next; if(select("Enter Room:Just Passing by...") == 2) close; if(!countitem(30820)){ mes .name$; mes "I'm sorry but you dont have "+getitemname(30820)+", please come back when you have it in your inventory."; close; } mes .name$; warp "pvp_n_1-5",99,100; end; } - script Mobs FAKE_NPC,{ OnNPCKillEvent: if ( strcharinfo(3) == "pvp_n_1-5" ) { dispbottom "Ash Catchem : How dare you kill a Pokemon!!"; warp "invek",146,161; end; } } poring_w01 mapflag nowarp poring_w01 mapflag nowarpto poring_w01 mapflag noteleport poring_w01 mapflag nosave poring_w01 mapflag nomemo poring_w01 mapflag nobranch poring_w01 mapflag noloot poring_w01 mapflag noskill poring_w01 mapflag nopenalty
  4. May I ask? To be able to host this on a VPS and play this online, what are the part that I should add/remove/replace/edit?
  5. Hi guys? Can anyone kindly help me with this script? - script Pokemon Room -1,{ OnPC: areamonster "pvp_n_1-5",0,0,0,0,"Pokemon",3178,1,"pokemonkill::OnMobKilled"; areamonster "pvp_n_1-5",0,0,0,0,"Pokemon",3179,1,"pokemonkill::OnMobKilled"; areamonster "pvp_n_1-5",0,0,0,0,"Pokemon",3180,1,"pokemonkill::OnMobKilled"; areamonster "pvp_n_1-5",0,0,0,0,"Pokemon",3181,1,"pokemonkill::OnMobKilled"; areamonster "pvp_n_1-5",0,0,0,0,"Pokemon",3182,1,"pokemonkill::OnMobKilled"; areamonster "pvp_n_1-5",0,0,0,0,"Pokemon",3183,1,"pokemonkill::OnMobKilled"; areamonster "pvp_n_1-5",0,0,0,0,"Pokemon",3184,1,"pokemonkill::OnMobKilled"; areamonster "pvp_n_1-5",0,0,0,0,"Pokemon",3185,1,"pokemonkill::OnMobKilled"; } - script pokemonkill -1,{ OnMobKilled: dispbottom "Ash Catchem : How dare you kill a Pokemon!!"; warp "invek",146,161; end; } // -- Mapflags poring_w01 mapflag nowarp poring_w01 mapflag nowarpto poring_w01 mapflag noteleport poring_w01 mapflag nosave poring_w01 mapflag nomemo poring_w01 mapflag nobranch poring_w01 mapflag noloot poring_w01 mapflag noskill poring_w01 mapflag nopenalty I want it to be like, they are only allowed to catch a Pokemon. If they kill it, they will be sent back to town. And if possible, was hoping to have like an NPC that would require a Pokeball (30820) for them to be able to enter the Pokemon Room. Thanks in advanced!
  6. Hi rAthena! Can anyone kindly share a link on a "Latest Stable Client + Clean Server Files with working Title and Achievement System" 2015 and above maybe, if there is one? I'm willing to pay also if necessary just send me a PM and we'll talk about the price. Sorry, I can't seem to make my own because I'm using a very old PC. All it can manage is adding Custom Items, Monsters, Maps, etc. But building a server from scratch, some needed programs can't be installed. Hope someone will hear me out.
  7. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply Mam Secret. i've sent you a PM by the way.
  8. Hi Sir Ciel!

    Was hoping if you have a latest Client + Server files with Title and Achievement System which you can share? Or if necessary, I'd be willing to buy it?

  9. Does anyone have a clean Client + Server files with this kind of Features who is willing to share? I'm willing to pay also if incase.. Kindly PM me.
  10. Origin: So my inspiration for this script is taken from "Aura Kingdom". If you've played that, you'll know. lol And.. This is a small piece of my Servers Storyline so, my full gratitude goes to Sir Sehrentos for this! Mechanics: Triggers automatically. It will announce the name of the Monster to be spawned and what map it should spawn. You need a party to be able to kill it. Once killed, a Treasure Box will spawn but only the Party Leader can open the Treasure Box and Distribute the Rewards on Randomly to every Party Members. The Treasure Box reward has 4 tiers to choose from and it chooses Random List of Rewards everytime it is opened. Once all the reward has been distributed, you'll need to wait again for the next World Boss Spawn. You Can: Set on what time the World Boss you want to spawn automatically. Set any mobs you want to be the World Boss just replace the Mob IDs with your Custom ones. Set on what map you want the World Boss to spawn. (orignally set to random map) Set the Item Rewards from the Treasure Box. Credits: Basically, this was my idea, but Sir Sehrentos has given all his efforts on helping me with this script, so He deserves all the credit. Main Script: [World Boss] Anti Abuse: Cause CHAMPS has the tendency to lure the World Boss near the healer and just Heal + Asura then they can solo the World Boss which is againt's the original purpose. Healer NPC is deactivated when World Boss is active in a particular map. Healer NPC Credit goes to Master Euphy! NOTE: If you have any suggestions for improvement, kindly comment it down.
  11. Thanks Sir Sehrentos. I'll test this and if incase still doesnt work, let's try to fix this via PM lol.. Just got back from long drive.
  12. - script WorldBoss -1,{ OnTalk: [email protected]_id = getcharid(1); [email protected]$ = strcharinfo(3); [email protected]$ = @label$; if( getcharid(0) != getpartyleader( [email protected]_id,2 ) ){ message strcharinfo(0),"You're not Party Leader."; monster [email protected]$,rand([email protected],[email protected]),rand([email protected],[email protected]),"--ja--",1324,1,[email protected]$; end; }else{ mes "[Loot Distributor]"; mes "Please ensure you distribute the Rewards. If you cancelled this, your party might not able to receive any rewards."; next; mes "Reward List :"; for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < @size; [email protected]++ ) mes "^777777 ~ "+getitemname( @reward[[email protected]] )+"^000000"; if( prompt( "Distribute Loots","Dispose Loots" ) == 1 ){ getpartymember [email protected]_id; getpartymember [email protected]_id,1; [email protected]_size = [email protected]; copyarray [email protected]_aid[0],[email protected][0],[email protected]_size; copyarray [email protected]_name$[0],[email protected]$[0],[email protected]_size; for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++ ){ if( isloggedin( [email protected][[email protected]],[email protected][[email protected]] ) ) [email protected]_name_menu$ = [email protected]_name_menu$ + [email protected]$[[email protected]]; [email protected]_name_menu$ = [email protected]_name_menu$ +":"; } // Loop through each party member [email protected] = [email protected]_size; for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++ ) { next; mes "^777777 ~ "+getitemname( @reward[[email protected]] )+"^000000"; if( prompt( "Cast Loots" ) == 1 ) { [email protected] = rand( [email protected]_size ); if( !isloggedin( [email protected]_aid[[email protected]], [email protected]_cid[[email protected]] ) ){ deletearray [email protected]_cid[[email protected]], 1; deletearray [email protected]_aid[[email protected]], 1; [email protected]_size--; } [email protected]$ = strcharinfo(0, [email protected]_cid[[email protected]]); message [email protected]$, "Gained " + getitemname( @reward[[email protected]] ) + " ( Distributed Randomly )"; getitem @reward[[email protected]], 1, [email protected]_aid[[email protected]]; } getitem @reward[[email protected]],1,[email protected]_aid[[email protected]]; } } mes "Congratulations!"; mapannounce [email protected]$,"All Rewards have been distributed.",0; end; } OnClock0300: OnClock2359: set .RandMap,rand( getarraysize( .Map$ ) ); set .RandMVP,rand( getarraysize( .MVP ) ); killmonster .Map$,"All"; [email protected] = .sleep / 60000; announce "[World Boss] A rift on time and space is about to be opened! A World Boss will appear in " + [email protected] + " minute! Prepare your Hunting Party!", bc_all, 0xFF0000; sleep .sleep; monster .Map$[ .RandMap ],0,0,"World Boss",.MVP[ .RandMVP ],1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnKilled"; announce "[World Boss] A World Boss "+getmonsterinfo( .MVP[ .RandMVP ],0 )+" appeared in "+.Map$[ .RandMap ]+" to wreck havoc!! Form a Hunting Party and stop it!!", bc_all, 0xFF0000; end; end; OnKilled: [email protected]_id = getcharid(1); [email protected]_name$ = getpartyname([email protected]_id); [email protected]_id = getpartyleader([email protected]_id, 2); [email protected]_name$ = strcharinfo(0, [email protected]r_id); announce "[World Boss] The "+getpartyname(getcharid(1))+" Hunting Party lead by "+strcharinfo(0, [email protected]_id)+" killed the World Boss! Congratulations!", bc_all, 0xFF0000; getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],0); monster [email protected]$,rand([email protected],[email protected]),rand([email protected],[email protected]),"--ja--",1324,1,.npc_name$+"::OnBoxKill"; end; OnBoxKill: deletearray @reward; @label$ = .npc_name$ + "::OnBoxKill"; //@size = getd( ".tier_reward_"+.tier+"_size" ); //copyarray @reward[0],getd( ".tier_reward_"+.tier+"[0]" ),@size; // Select random tier set from a range 0-3 @range = rand(0, 3); @size = getd( ".tier_reward_" + @range + "_size" ); //@size = getarraysize(getd(".tier_reward_" + @range)); copyarray @reward[0], getd(".tier_reward_" + @range + "[0]"), @size; //doevent "WorldBoss::OnTalk"; doevent .npc_name$ + "::OnTalk"; end; OnInit: // tier reward setarray .tier_reward_0,7227,30804,30805,30806,30000,30001; setarray .tier_reward_1,7227,7227,7227,7227,7227,7227; setarray .tier_reward_2,30804,30804,30804,30804,30804,30804; setarray .tier_reward_3,30805,30805,30805,30805,30805,30805; .tier_reward_0_size = getarraysize( .tier_reward_0 ); .tier_reward_1_size = getarraysize( .tier_reward_1 ); .tier_reward_2_size = getarraysize( .tier_reward_2 ); .tier_reward_3_size = getarraysize( .tier_reward_3 ); setarray .Map$[0],"prontera","morocc","geffen","payon","alberta","aldebaran","xmas","comodo","yuno","amatsu","gonryun","umbala","louyang","ayothaya","eibroch","hugel","rachel","veins","moscovia"; setarray .MVP[0],3165,3166,3167,3169,3175,3177; .sleep = 60000; // 60000ms = 1min .npc_name$ = strnpcinfo(0); setmapflag .map$,mf_partylock; setmapflag .map$,mf_nomobloot; setmapflag .map$,mf_nomvploot; end; } I'm using this one.. Random Tier Reward is okay, but when i try to Cast loots, this is the error i get in the console.. [Error]: buildin_strcharinfo: Player with char id '0' is not found.
  13. // Loop through each party member [email protected] = [email protected]_size; for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++ ) { // If they are not online, remove from array if( !isloggedin( [email protected]_aid[[email protected]], [email protected]_cid[[email protected]] ) ){ deletearray [email protected]_cid[[email protected]], 1; deletearray [email protected]_aid[[email protected]], 1; [email protected]_size--; } } By the way, so sorry for being Noob in scripting but, I'm not sure where to insert these lines? should I insert it after the "Cast Loot" which mean I'll insert it between those lines or should I replace the next lines after "Cast Loots" with these that you have provided? Sorry..