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  1. @Haziel After merging my existing grf that i build from zackdreaver's file to all your grf's, I found that i still got palette errors specially when i tried changing my cloth color to 5 and above. This only happens on novice BTW.
  2. is this palette color of my sura on alternate dress correct?
  3. i just want to know if there's a complete palette for 3rd job costume that i can download coz i tried Kimishi's palette grf and still got sprite error after changing my body color on stylist
  4. why is it my floating rates didn't go back to normal after an hour, instead it keeps on multiplying after and after - script HappyHour -1,{ OnMinute01: setbattleflag "base_exp_rate", 2*getbattleflag("base_exp_rate"); setbattleflag "job_exp_rate", 2*getbattleflag("job_exp_rate"); setbattleflag "item_rate_common", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_common"); setbattleflag "item_rate_common_boss", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_common_boss"); setbattleflag "item_rate_common_mvp", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_common_mvp"); setbattleflag "item_rate_heal_boss", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_heal_boss"); setbattleflag "item_rate_heal_mvp", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_heal_mvp"); setbattleflag "item_rate_use_boss", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_use_boss"); setbattleflag "item_rate_use_mvp", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_use_mvp"); setbattleflag "item_rate_equip_boss", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_equip_boss"); setbattleflag "item_rate_equip_mvp", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_equip_mvp"); setbattleflag "item_rate_card_boss", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_card_boss"); setbattleflag "item_rate_heal", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_heal"); setbattleflag "item_rate_use", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_use"); setbattleflag "item_rate_equip", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_equip"); setbattleflag "item_rate_card", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_card"); setbattleflag "item_rate_mvp", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_mvp"); setbattleflag "item_rate_treasure", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_treasure"); atcommand "@reloadmobdb"; announce "HAPPY HOUR IS NOW ACTIVE.",0; sleep 3600000; setbattleflag "base_exp_rate", getbattleflag("base_exp_rate")/2; setbattleflag "job_exp_rate", getbattleflag("job_exp_rate")/2; setbattleflag "item_rate_common", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_common")/2; setbattleflag "item_rate_common_boss", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_common_boss")/2; setbattleflag "item_rate_common_mvp", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_common_mvp")/2; setbattleflag "item_rate_heal_boss", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_heal_boss")/2; setbattleflag "item_rate_heal_mvp", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_heal_mvp")/2; setbattleflag "item_rate_use_boss", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_use_boss")/2; setbattleflag "item_rate_use_mvp", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_use_mvp")/2; setbattleflag "item_rate_equip_boss", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_equip_boss")/2; setbattleflag "item_rate_equip_mvp", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_equip_mvp")/2; setbattleflag "item_rate_card_boss", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_card_boss")/2; setbattleflag "item_rate_heal", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_heal")/2; setbattleflag "item_rate_use", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_use")/2; setbattleflag "item_rate_equip", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_equip")/2; setbattleflag "item_rate_card", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_card")/2; setbattleflag "item_rate_mvp", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_mvp")/2; setbattleflag "item_rate_treasure", 2*getbattleflag("item_rate_treasure")/2; atcommand "@reloadmobdb"; announce "HAPPY HOUR HAS ENDED.",0; end; }
  5. I'm sorry for inconvenience that i have created and many thanks to your assistance sir/mam Haziel.
  6. is it possible to encrypt a single file inside the GRF and not the whole thing and still read by the client launcher?
  7. do i need to have the Windows 10 installed on my pc so that i can use the VS 2017 properly to compile the latest rathena server files?
  8. i managed to fixed the error from yaml-cpp but still there's to much error when i rebuild
  9. here's the result after selecting RETARGET and choosing the version that the VS suggested which is 8.1
  10. and how can i fix the unavailability of yaml-cpp on this picture?
  11. i tried to follow the guide that melv0 give but this is what happened
  12. i figure out how to install the vs but this came out after i build the rathena solution. I used VS 2017 and win7 OS.
  13. this is what happened after i choose Install Missing Feature(s) and if i click install nothing will happened
  14. there's no clean option after i right click
  15. i'm stuck at this...what should i do next?
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