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  1. Kido

    Bug Ice Wall

    Oh, that's a real problem/bug D:! I think it's in the src, try to post the issue here I'm not good at src stuff, so I won't be able to help you D:! sry Gud luk with that :d
  2. Kido

    Bug Ice Wall

    I think that map is flagged "similar" as woe maps. Try to use Ice Wall in a norma field, try lou_fild01 180 180 and see if it works well there o:
  3. hullo o: 

    1. Normynator
    2. Kido


      wut you doing sir?

  4. you stalk me i stalk back :D!!!1

  5. Is the blog feature coming back or sumthing o: ? 

    also, hello all, it's been a while o:!

  6. Feeling like getting back to Ro stuff, just for the fun of it.

    Glad to see rA with active members and post ;d!


  7. Nice name you got there buddy, just love it ❤️ 

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    2. Kido


      Nice 😮 this, right?

      I think it's an "old" anime, may start to watching it o:!!!

    3. KidoSang


      yes, its like detective series anime, it involve a lot of mystery murder case where this kid solve them ;D

    4. Kido


      Nice ;d ty for the repply, let's keep in touch ;d!!

  8. This looks great, girls porings in its chest ❤️ 


  9. Hellow, for some reason, when a new character is spawned in the map location isetted (que_moon) they appear frozen and stone cursed x_x so, i was thinking if is there a way to make a character get buffed when entering a map, so when they enter into the starting point, they will get blessing and status recovery o: oooor why this is happening x_x SS: thanks in advance >:3!
  10. I forgot that the wiki got rektd x_x i´m not to complain or anything but i think that was just one of the worst decisions ever... Maybe you dear devs find GitHub better than a Wiki, but for noobs like me the wiki was just the best src to find out any cuestion or specific content... I hope someday, somehow, it will return... Meanwhile, let´s see how this GitHub thing works, i will search that on the Wiki... oh, right, it´s gone... /sob 

    1. Antares


      It is already a disaster. Half of the pages are missing and tons of links are broken. Even working pages are sometimes missing half of the content and the previously detailed descriptions. I know they are working on it, but this was absolutely pointless and a waste of resources.

  11. I´m meowf*ing back! rA get ready for me again :33!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  12. I like your server monitor, keep going , it's great!

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    2. DarkIrata


      GUI of the new version is mostly done. Still the main function todo. Would be happy about feedback for the new GUI:

    3. Kido


      For the Ok and Cancel buttons, user a more light gray outline, same goes for the buttons of the 3 dots, so it can be more easy to read and understand at first sight that it's a button, i had to force a bit my eyes to catch them. 

      For the upper bar, try a #222222 and for the left bar when it appears try a #444444, when hover on buttons that gray it's just great.

      Instead of white colors for the icons and fonts, try to give hearchy with another color, sky blue would fit great!

      Uh right, i'm also a UI/UX desginer/dev. for websites ;)

      Keep going, it looks really cool :D

    4. DarkIrata


      Now this a feedback i can work with! :) Will look into the suggestion! Thank you.

  13. Where are the administrators? i feel hella lost x_x