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  1. I'm glad I could help Maybe in the future when I have time I'll tinker a bit more with it to improve stuff
  2. Just came to say hello
  3. Antares


    Our server uses it tho not much life http://play.ragna.ro It uses my own, improved fork: https://github.com/MrAntares/Ragna.roBrowser Feel free to fork
  4. Hi, I would like to change the default mob name that is shown when spawning or using getmonsterinfo, 0. I want mobs to use iName (english name) ALWAYS in every scenario (eAthena default). Is there a config for this? Reason: This is pretty experience breaking, since mobs with different kro and iro names are confusing, and cards and items are named after the iro(iname/jname) name anyways, so it looks off when a "Mole" drops a "Holden card", and then playing the disguise event, you have to write the odd kro names, instead of the well-known iro names.
  5. I suggest, that if a player uses the commad /w or the who atcommand or any of it's versions, the server should only display the number of players with Equal or Less group level than the command user (so a regular player wouldn't able to see if an Admin or GM is online).
  6. I suggest, that when the player(GM/admin) is in follow mode, using the follow atcommand, the player should be immune to NPC ontouch events, because the popup windows break the movement of the player, and cause other troubles.
  7. Maybe the server should send the damage as PACKET_ZC_NOTIFY_ACT with damage type 9 (DMG_MULTI_HIT_ENDURE) and with count as the blowcount. Then it would work correctly. But it seems they just dropped the idea for some random reason or never intended it to work that way...
  8. I think I found it out... I can't write into the channels with my regular characters, but I can with my group99 admin character. I am not entirely sure, but so far it looks like this is it. this is the line that causes the problem (/src/map/channel.cpp, 442): if(!pc_has_permission(sd, PC_PERM_CHANNEL_ADMIN) && channel->msg_delay != 0 && DIFF_TICK(sd->channel_tick[idx] + channel->msg_delay, gettick()) > 0) { Admins bypass the check, but regular players don't and the tick always returns a number larger than 0, so the "Talking too fast" message is displayed. Either the check rule, or the tick setting is faulty. If DIFF_TICK retunrs an absolute value, then this check will always be positive: DIFF_TICK(sd->channel_tick[idx] + channel->msg_delay, gettick()) > 0 Otherwise the sd->channel_tick[idx] part is not set correctly or channel->msg_delay is not a compatible type with sd->channel_tick[idx] , and it yields an incorrect value when added together. I am just guessing here by looking at the code... these are the first possible reasons that occurred to me, but it could be something else as well.
  9. Thanks for the headsup. I have removed everything from the description you mentioned and any mention of RO. Unfortunately I can't remove the commits from the history, but if anything happens I have my own local repository which I will re-upload without any reference to RO whatsoever.
  10. Hello, I would like to collect all the forks of RoBrowser that have been improved in some way over the source, so that we can share the features and put the knowledge together to make a better client. For start, here is my version. It is not a direct fork, but a re-upload. I have improved and implemented some features. Feel free to use anything https://github.com/MrAntares/Ragna.roBrowser/ Do you have your own version and features? Share it here!
  11. Unfortunately, I never had the same error, so I'm not sure what could be wrong. For debugging you can try downloading my own fork and swapping the src folder with mine. If it still throws error, you might have an error in your client files so you should download new ones and replace them. Here is my source: https://github.com/MrAntares/Ragna.roBrowser For me, everything is working fine. (I made some updates and changes and implemented some things, so it's a bit different)
  12. Oh I'll keep an eye out and try spamming the channels regularly to see if it's the same for me, or not.
  13. @Radian after a re-pull and rebuild it is working properly for me now
  14. @zWaken I don't have guides and it was a long time ago, but from what I remember, you need to set up WSProxy, then copy client files into the client folders and point the config files on them, finally configure the server properties in the config files. This is all I remember. Maybe try the robrowser forums, I think there are still guides there.
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