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  1. Every patch process needs a separate WebList, so like WebList=patchlist_adata.txt in [ROCred.Patchers.Main] and WebList=patchlist_bdata.txt in [ROCred.Patchers.Event].
  2. Depends on your OS and the "X-UA-Compatible" value. The default IE renderer may have only limited web font support.
  3. The `main.inf` records the patch progress. If you need to replace it, then there's probably a problem with how you specify patches.
  4. Apologies for the delay, I have been cloudflare'd out of the forums. If you have multiple GRFs, you have to define multiple patch processes in the config as per the documentation. So one section, ex. "[ROCred.Patchers.Main]", can be for your adata.grf and another one, ex. "[ROCred.Patchers.Event]", can be for your bdata.grf. There is no hard limit to the amount of GRFs.
  5. WebPath is a path, not url, so WebPath=http://new-horizonro.com.br/web/ needs to be WebPath=/web/ Same goes for WebSite, which is a host or IP: WebSite=new-horizonro.com.br
  6. Check if you aren't missing any skin images (i.e. checkbox).
  7. According to information on Discord, check if you have "Enable SSO packet" and "Disable Old login packer" diffs enabled.
  8. Updated to 2.8.0, adds custom mouse cursors, zh_CN localization and other features and improvements based on community feedback. Updated to 2.9.0, adds button auto-clicking and perpetual renaming of files, and fixes some minor bugs. Updated to 2.10.0, adds custom fonts and fixes some minor bugs.
  9. Greyed out settings are not available for given settings platform. I can recheck, whether Lua-based clients started to use these again, but they didn't in the past. Old clients before introduction of Lua supported these settings, but using 'Registry' on a Lua client will not magically enable the setting for you.
  10. Yes, you can define a Replay button, though it's possible even without a batch file. [ROCred.Buttons.REPLAY] ; X/Y/W/H according to skin DisplayName=Replay ActionType=1 ActionData=ragexe.exe 1rag1 Replay
  11. Updated to 2.7.1, fixes background media playing even when minimized or after starting a client, and adds play/stop buttons and zh_TW localization.
  12. Updated to, adds live-testing of selected graphics settings, improves and fixes the UI and splits the default release (non-ROZ) into separate Lua and Registry versions, because switching at run-time was confusing and led people into spectacular trouble-shooting fails.
  13. If SHIFT+ESC does not work for you, you can also try closing the window with SHIFT pressed. If that still does not work, check if the folder has enough permissions, C:\Program Files for example requires administrative privileges to create files.
  14. Updated to 2.7.0, adds support for deleting files, obfuscated config, more flexible patch list paths, improved UI accessibility, ja_JP localization and fixes a bunch of community reported bugs.
  15. Updated to 2.6.1, fixes a lock-up when closing on a running patch process. The patches are applied to the grf as-is, without decrypting/encrypting, so neither the key nor knowledge about the actual encryption algorithm is necessary. This way the patcher supports non-standard compression as well.
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