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  1. https://www.lua.org/manual/5.1/luac.html https://sourceforge.net/projects/luabinaries/files/5.1.4/
  2. Putting aside the point of opening an equipment window in the loading screen, what client version is the "Gravity Error" screenshot from, since the time stamp is null and as far as I know, crash windows look different in new clients. Saying 20200108 does not help much, as there is aRagexe and bRagexeRE, and I don't want to take both clients apart.
  3. What is a VDK supposed to be? Have you tried 7-zip? That can open a lot of archive-like files.
  4. To some degree this applies: Newer clients suffer from memory fragmentation and thread leaks. The increasing use of Lua also hampered the performance (as opposed to hardcoded tables). The compiler has also been changed many times in the last few years, which also has some impact on performance (different processors take advantage of different optimizations). For some time clients have been encrypted with Themida, which is not healthy for performance applications. At last the obvious reason: newer clients have more features, icons and other magic that have to be processed per frame.
  5. No idea how actOR2 deals with sprites, but if I remember correctly, images in .spr files are organized in two sequential lists, first all indexed images, then all full-color images. So maybe you have to put them in such order in the program, too.
  6. Guardians and other 3D mobs do not use sprites but skeletons and textures (granny3d), don't ask me for details, though. Most sprites use indexed bitmaps, which are limited to 256 colors, but as you can see on some newer headgears and monsters, sprites can certainly be more colorful, at the cost of size and unnatural look, through the use of sprites with 32-bit TGAs inside. Whether some software supports that is different question.
  7. You can add new strings this way, but to create a new window, it has to be integrated with the internal window manager, setup, drawn and user input handled, which is a lot of addional code (and beyond any basic skills).
  8. http://nn.ai4rei.net/dev/ref/strreloc/ ...to get a general idea. For starters learn some basic Intel Assembly instructions for x86 processors and a general PE EXE layout.
  9. Thanks. Since I was not able to find any information of patch server changes, nor any information that sakray has been suspended, let's assume for now, that it is for CoViD(19); related reasons.
  10. There is an update ready, but... First I need the latest patch.txt/patchRE.txt before the switch, because those were obliterated from the mirror server by the sudden patch server shutdown.
  11. Issued hotfix for kRO Zero (, updates kRO Zero patch information.
  12. Cannot reproduce, latest version is currently up to 2019-10-06.
  13. hello  ai4rei ~

    I'm a Korean. I want to enjoy the Brazilian server, but the RO window closes in a few seconds.



    I will upload a picture. Please let me know how to solve it.
    1. Ai4rei


      Seems like the Gepard Shield is preventing the client from starting. I don't have experience with Gepard Shield. According to google some people had success running the client in full screen, but that was for WT Code 1::0.

      The server staff might be a better place to ask for help, since this is not related to the client itself, but to anti-cheat software.

    2. asakura2


      thank you. Could you introduce someone who can get information?

    3. Ai4rei


      I'm not all that active on the boards, so no idea really.

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