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  1. Check if patch.inf is not write-protected (right-click on file, properties, uncheck read-only).
  2. As far ROCred is involved, there should be no problems, since ROCred takes the same role, that normally a patcher takes.
  3. Updated to 2.4.10, fixes mirror selection issues and adds an option to always patch from kRO mirrors. For the time being this is probably the last update to RO Patcher Lite before ELUR is released.
  4. is gone and not likely to come again.
  5. Updated to 2.4.8, adds support for ASLR and DEP, improves kRO mirror balancing and the GRF repacking scenario. Updated to 2.4.9, fixes, among others, some elevation-related issues.
  6. Nowhere, the provided source is for reference only, as snippets are closed source. Edit: Updated to 1.9.2, adds support for ASLR/DEP. Some code maintenance.
  7. Disable the mirror driver in the second screen-shot. Updated to 2.11.6, adds ASLR/DEP. No functional changes.
  8. Let me pick out the most important things: [2015-05-25 21:54:45.698][Warning] Mirror video driver detected.This might cause your client fail to start. Legit occurence of this is when you use active Remote Desktop/Remote Control to the PC you want to run RO on. If that not the case, your computer might be infected or remote controlled (this one is to be expected at work or school btw.). [2015-05-25 21:54:45.715][Warning] Missing MSS driver files.This is cause background music not to work. You are missing any or all of these files: mss32.dll, mssfast.m3d, mp3dec.asiYou can get those here. [2015-05-25 21:54:48.036] [Error] No usable default settings file was found, your client won't be able to read settings.Default settings for your client must be in System\LuaFiles514\OptionInfo.lub, you can get it here.
  9. Updated to 2.4.7, undoes settings removal in 2.4.5, improves performance and stability, and adds support for idRO (region-locked). There is also some more stuff to read in the doc/ folder.
  10. ...? Anyway, you get the template from the first post and translate everything into the target language, then you upload it (preferably on pastebin) and post the link here. If you want to keep the translation to yourself, you will have to make yourself familiar with the OpenSetup source (also on first post).
  11. Yes, that is normal if your client is too old.
  12. There is already a pt_BR translation included.
  13. Updated to 2.4.5, added community contributed mirror support for kRO main and sakray. Further applications for approved mirror servers are welcome. Updated to 2.4.6, fixed kRO mirror attributions not showing properly on some Windows versions.
  14. Gravity has blocked some more countries from accessing the patch server, mirror support is being worked on.