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  1. hello  ai4rei ~

    I'm a Korean. I want to enjoy the Brazilian server, but the RO window closes in a few seconds.



    I will upload a picture. Please let me know how to solve it.
    1. Ai4rei


      Seems like the Gepard Shield is preventing the client from starting. I don't have experience with Gepard Shield. According to google some people had success running the client in full screen, but that was for WT Code 1::0.

      The server staff might be a better place to ask for help, since this is not related to the client itself, but to anti-cheat software.

    2. asakura2


      thank you. Could you introduce someone who can get information?

    3. Ai4rei


      I'm not all that active on the boards, so no idea really.

  2. How could I have missed that...

    On 11/27/2017 at 9:20 PM, Omnija said:

    So lately i got down to setting up an oldies gaming 98's computer and remembered that ragnarok used to be compatible with it. I then came to the conclusion its client support has been dropped just as far back ago. So i was hoping someone could help me out on figuring out a solution on finding a working client or a mean of getting it to work, so i can host a small home server for my win98  community gaming spree.

    ...well let's not necro-post. Last client that I ran on Windows 98 was 2012-07-02 with a custom compatibility layer. Maybe I should try taking a recent client up for the challenge.

  3. @MapeCurrently the only known way (to me) to commit the patch process mid-way, is to keep closing the download connection (with TCPView from SysInternals for example), until the patcher decides, that there is no point in trying further.
  4. @Keju Nothing strange in there, have you tried the nightly (2.15.0)?
  5. @Keju Please provide opensetup.log (SHIFT+ESC) when in Engine:LUA.
  6. Notice about the 2GiB soft-limit is removed as of 2.4.23. The hard-limit of 4GiB remains due to limitations of the file format.
  7. @pongpong Have not confirmed in the client yet, but the official setup recently limits height to 664 (latest nightly offers a setting to override this limit for older clients), which means, that the lowest resolution is typically 1280x720 or 1024x768.
  8. A test build for 2.15.0 is available. If someone wants to help or is just plain bored, following tests (in addition to general function) are wanted: Behavior on AMD and nVidia graphics cards, please include opensetup.log Behavior on CJK systems, especially readability and clipping (Mis-)Behavior on Windows 10, especially clipping, please include opensetup.log (Mis-)Behavior on Windows 8(.1) Behavior on Windows 7 Functionality (whether or not selected settings work) with more recent clients (July 2018 and newer) Functionality with not so recent clients (2016 and older) opensetup.log can be created by pressing SHIFT+ESC (= write log and discard changes). Of course you can also suggest new functionality. Thanks in advance.
  9. As of last week, only patches from 2017 on-wards are provided. Edit: Updated to 2.4.23, removes notices and behavior related to archives over 2GiB.
  10. @Emistry, the user that you have configured for the task, might not have R/W access to all the items in the patcher directory (i.e. one file with messed up permissions is sufficient for that message). As far I'm aware, the "Run as Administrator" option has no effect on scheduled tasks. Otherwise the patcher is designed to work with task scheduler. Reference task: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?> <Task version="1.3" xmlns=""> <RegistrationInfo> <Date>2016-03-08T22:25:39.51075</Date> <Author>User</Author> </RegistrationInfo> <Triggers> <CalendarTrigger> <StartBoundary>2016-03-10T23:22:22Z</StartBoundary> <Enabled>true</Enabled> <ScheduleByWeek> <DaysOfWeek> <Friday /> </DaysOfWeek> <WeeksInterval>1</WeeksInterval> </ScheduleByWeek> </CalendarTrigger> </Triggers> <Principals> <Principal id="Author"> <UserId>User</UserId> <LogonType>InteractiveToken</LogonType> <RunLevel>LeastPrivilege</RunLevel> </Principal> </Principals> <Settings> <MultipleInstancesPolicy>IgnoreNew</MultipleInstancesPolicy> <DisallowStartIfOnBatteries>false</DisallowStartIfOnBatteries> <StopIfGoingOnBatteries>true</StopIfGoingOnBatteries> <AllowHardTerminate>true</AllowHardTerminate> <StartWhenAvailable>false</StartWhenAvailable> <RunOnlyIfNetworkAvailable>false</RunOnlyIfNetworkAvailable> <IdleSettings> <StopOnIdleEnd>true</StopOnIdleEnd> <RestartOnIdle>false</RestartOnIdle> </IdleSettings> <AllowStartOnDemand>true</AllowStartOnDemand> <Enabled>true</Enabled> <Hidden>false</Hidden> <RunOnlyIfIdle>false</RunOnlyIfIdle> <DisallowStartOnRemoteAppSession>false</DisallowStartOnRemoteAppSession> <UseUnifiedSchedulingEngine>false</UseUnifiedSchedulingEngine> <WakeToRun>false</WakeToRun> <ExecutionTimeLimit>P3D</ExecutionTimeLimit> <Priority>7</Priority> </Settings> <Actions Context="Author"> <Exec> <Command>D:\RO\rsu-kro-rag-lite.exe</Command> <Arguments>/downloadonly /nocleanup</Arguments> <WorkingDirectory>D:\RO\kro\Patch</WorkingDirectory> </Exec> </Actions> </Task>
  11. Updated to 2.14.1, updates Russian translation and fixes an UI glitch.
  12. @Rizky Ramadhan Unless you have problems, don't do anything.
  13. @Rizky Ramadhan : The kRO GRF has grown beyond 2GiB. Due to technical reasons older clients may not be able to use an archive that large.