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  1. where can i put the prize on it? thank you.
  2. it's now working, but please tell me where can i put the prize? thank you,.
  3. when i click the npc it says prontera? why prontera? please i want a announce his/her name thank you.
  4. here's the script i edit. please help ty
  5. Hello im BACK~ pioneer of rathena but i can't remember all because im old now hahaha, can you please give me script that has a Race to 99 npc when the player reach max lvl 99 he/she needs to talk to the npc and npc will give his/her reward and npc announce his/her name to congratulate him/her to reach lvl 99 and per account only and take note please put for 30 players only then after 30 players who reached max level then the npc will automatically gone. thank you in advance.

    boa noite amigo eu tou tendo um problema no meu lua ele ta dando erro hotkey.lua:135 eu quero saber como eu vou fazer pra compilar esses arquivo lua vc deveria colocar um video ai ensinando rodei o site todo os caras nem ensina direito passa o video muito rapido nem ensina passo a passo

  7. keysito.. i can't understand where to get msgstringtable.txt that what u've said. ty
  8. whoa.. its working.. but i want to back into old prontera please how thanks.
  9. please help, im error when i go tool dealer's and refine room in prontera.. then i enter warp to go inside.. 2% only of loading then error crashed client.. here's the photo.. first photo is a prontera map i encircle all rooms when i enter error crashed.. 2nd photo is the error in 2% loading only thank you. (note: only room in prontera is error.. in morroc and all cities is okey not error thank you.) FIRST PIC SECOND PIC IS IN THE ATTACHMENT thank you.
  10. please give me full script for RoK Points. i can't see anything i already search here but there's no rok points npc script that i can put into my server.. thank you in advanced. picture like this.
  11. please help, i want to put barricade that can't pass through and not clickable. i want to put this barricade at the bridge in new_1-1 so that no players can't pass through if the server is not open thank you...
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