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    boa noite amigo eu tou tendo um problema no meu lua ele ta dando erro hotkey.lua:135 eu quero saber como eu vou fazer pra compilar esses arquivo lua vc deveria colocar um video ai ensinando rodei o site todo os caras nem ensina direito passa o video muito rapido nem ensina passo a passo

  2. keysito.. i can't understand where to get msgstringtable.txt that what u've said. ty
  3. whoa.. its working.. but i want to back into old prontera please how thanks.
  4. please help, im error when i go tool dealer's and refine room in prontera.. then i enter warp to go inside.. 2% only of loading then error crashed client.. here's the photo.. first photo is a prontera map i encircle all rooms when i enter error crashed.. 2nd photo is the error in 2% loading only thank you. (note: only room in prontera is error.. in morroc and all cities is okey not error thank you.) FIRST PIC SECOND PIC IS IN THE ATTACHMENT thank you.
  5. please give me full script for RoK Points. i can't see anything i already search here but there's no rok points npc script that i can put into my server.. thank you in advanced. picture like this.
  6. please help, i want to put barricade that can't pass through and not clickable. i want to put this barricade at the bridge in new_1-1 so that no players can't pass through if the server is not open thank you...
  7. hello, good day.. please help i have a problem.. when i create new character my char. respawn in alberta now in training grounds. and everytime i save kafra in prontera, morroc or payon then i will relog my char. my char. will respawn in alberta again and again.. how to fix this.? thank you in advanced.
  8. how to fix damage on undead and raydric too low bug here's the pic i have. please help how to fix.
  9. please help how to wipe all items/accounts my hosting is trinity networks. please help thank you.
  10. please help how to fix this korean language when i input card on item.. check my attachment image. thanks.
  11. i need to put this rates on my server. • x20 EXP Rates • x20 Equipment Drop Rate • x5 Item/Misc Drop Rate • x10 Healing Drop Rates • 2% Card Drop Rate and here's the drop.conf is this correct? please correct me if im wrong. // Item drop rates (Note 2) // The rate the common items are dropped (Items that are in the ETC tab, besides card) item_rate_common: 500 item_rate_common_boss: 300 item_drop_common_min: 1 item_drop_common_max: 10000 // The rate healing items are dropped (items that restore HP or SP) item_rate_heal: 1000 item_rate_heal_boss: 3000 item_drop_heal_min: 1 item_drop_heal_max: 10000 // The rate at which usable items (in the item tab) other then healing items are dropped. item_rate_use: 5000 item_rate_use_boss: 3000 item_drop_use_min: 1 item_drop_use_max: 10000 // The rate at which equipment is dropped. item_rate_equip: 2000 item_rate_equip_boss: 3000 item_drop_equip_min: 1 item_drop_equip_max: 10000 // The rate at which cards are dropped item_rate_card: 200 item_rate_card_boss: 1 item_drop_card_min: 200 item_drop_card_max: 200 // The rate adjustment for the MVP items that the MVP gets directly in their inventory item_rate_mvp: 100 item_drop_mvp_min: 1 item_drop_mvp_max: 10000 // The rate adjustment for card-granted item drops. item_rate_adddrop: 100 item_drop_add_min: 1 item_drop_add_max: 10000 // Rate adjustment for Treasure Box drops (these override all other modifiers) item_rate_treasure: 100 item_drop_treasure_min: 1 item_drop_treasure_max: 10000
  12. im using 2012-04-10 client date only.
  13. how to fix card prefix.. its a korean language. thank you and godbless. here's the image.
  14. where can i download this client date? and please help me how to disable dual login on this client date. thank you.
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