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Community Answers

  1. I was told there was a source code that you need to patch so you can use costume weapons.
  2. The only problem with AndRO is its only good for "ONE" server only and you cannot renew it anymore.
  3. Yes, it's a custom item
  4. I am looking for this mid gear and its called 3D Glasses.
  5. Any of you guys know where to get or where to buy DarkRO Custom class?
  6. They probably injected a nodelay.grf on their Ragnarok Online folder and Gepard detected it.
  7. Its probably a NoDelay.grf has been detected and there is in fact a nodelay for double strafe skill.
  8. What are the items that needs to be remove there that is not related to second class? https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=random_db&op=1&gid=1
  9. Its hard to contact you on your email or skype @meyraw Can someone contact Meyraw for me? Its hard to contact him lol
  10. I think he is asking someone who can make a video advertisement. You can post it here, If its paid you can search here. I tried but they never approved my request
  11. I need someone who can make me advertisement videos.
  12. + you are going to get in trouble if you use IPB Null
  13. File Name: Heritage Ragnarok Online File Submitter: Catastrophe File Submitted: 26 May 2014 File Category: Web Resources Content Author: Anakid I already ask permission to S1 Lykos if I can resell this website! They told me that I can resell it and its really up to me! If you guys want the PSD just PM Me and we can negotiate the price without the code. I am the original owner of this web design. Flux CP Compatibility: Calcium Kid Credits to Anakid -King Macay- for allowing me to resell this web design. Lowered Price! Click here to download this file
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