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  1. Hi AlvaroNiel, If you don't know the version of your emulator and there are no errors or warning I'm afraid I can't provide much help. Please use an updated rAthena emulator. Regards.
  2. I'm afraid that would turn the game into a different thing (connect four?). Furthermore, modifying the game like that would imply remaking the map and other additional work.
  3. @Break Which emulator are you using and which version? This script has been online for more than 3 years and no one has reported a server crash before. Judging by the two errors preceding the crash signal, what I can infer is that the script was not loaded properly, or it has been partially reloaded.
  4. @sootil was using a rAthena version that didn't support convertpcinfo. Therefore, I told him to use the 1.2.2 version of the script and that one worked for him.
  5. It should be supported, as it doesn't depend on any source modifications.
  6. Are you there! please help me with ragnarok laucher....

    i'm waiting for it...

    1. Leeg


      Hello, sorry but this week i'm too busy. Please wait.

      Thank you.

      Also bear in mind this is not a paid service and you don't have any right to put any pressure on me.

    2. minikenshjn


      i know. i'm still waiting for it...Thanks you so much 🙂

    3. Leeg


      Your image is not cleaned properly...

      no title.png

  7. I'm a newbie. Can you help me to edit the image of ragnarok laucher for my server please!

    I just make it for my group! Please help me! Thanks you so much!


    1. Leeg


      You need to recompile the program to change that image. If you don't know how to do it, give me the psd of the image or a png without background.

    2. minikenshjn


      Here. I don't know how to recompile that program....
      if you have time, please guide me...
      this is my pds of my logo 😄
      Thanks you so much!


    3. minikenshjn


      if you don't mind! please help me an other thing...

      i'm met this fail when i setup a new server.

      i'm use 2018-03-07 ragexeRE........
      Please! Thanks for all...


  8. It's not hard to implement, but I discarded that idea because preventing abuse is hard.
  9. This script doesn't require any custom source modification. However, this script doesn't use "set" to assign variables because rAthena doesn't need that since 2012. If rAmod doesn't support assigning variables without "set", you would have to modify all the variables being assigned in the script. It's mentioned in the first post of this page. (https://rathena.org/board/topic/110377-quests-games-tic-tac-toe-minigame-script-and-map/?do=findComment&comment=332625)
  10. You would have to instance everything in the script or duplicate the NPCs as well as the map. The script uses global and global temporary variables, so you would have to rename those too so that there is no conflict. Matches don't last longer than 1 minute, I don't know if it's worth the trouble...
  11. Okay. This is the third time I get a PM telling me to "fix" my script. Therefore I'm going to give you some sound advice: UPDATE YOUR EMULATOR Some people are sending me private messages with their consoles filled with bugs. Do you know why is it happening? Because you haven't updated your emulator since 2012. Don't believe me? Look at this: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/c3193f3106bb52a0aae956a771ed6a209f0a2a36 This is the commit where rAthena started to allow assigning variables without the use of 'set'. It was a great addition because most programming languages don't need a command to assign variables. Therefore, it's normal that we, scripters, make use of this functionality. This script, and all the scripts I make, don't use the 'set' command because we are in 2017. HOWEVER... If you are a naughty person who doesn't want to update his emulator. You can "fix" my script easily by following these simple steps: Every time you see an equal sign (=) you have to replace it with the set command and a comma. For example: variable = 100; Should be: set variable, 100; And with += or -=; variable +=100; Should be: set variable, variable + 100; And that's all folks. Sorry for the rant.
  12. Greetings, you share the script and map of Tic Tac Toe?
  13. Thank you If you have any trouble with it don't hesitate and contact me.
  14. Yes, all you mentioned is already included (the BGM is from the official folder: 128.mp3). Also, there are antiragequitting measures. If one player stays AFK or logsout the other will win automatically.
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