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  1. 4 possible problem.. 1. the most common sense is it was really unknown account and was not on your db.. 2. your server gepard_shield.conf is off, but your client side is enabled. or vice versa, gepard_shield.conf is on but client side is disabled. 3. client doesn't have all the files related to gepard such as mss32.dll, msvcp and msvcr sent by functor.. 4. maybe it was not functor you contact?
  2. its just the same.. custommap.gat to your desired name mymap.gat
  3. yes it will affect the @warp command and /where Example you want to change the name of prontera map 1. copy the prontera.gat 2. rename prontera.gat to your desired name example mymap.gat 3. add the mymap.gat on your map_cache.dat 4. add mymap on conf/maps_athena.conf and db/map_index.txt 5. simply add the following line to your resnametable on grf folder. mymap.gnd#prontera.gnd# mymap.gat#prontera.gat# mymap.rsw#prontera.rsw# 유저인터페이스\map\mymap.bmp#유저인터페이스\map\prontera.bmp# all you need is to restart the server now and your client.
  4. There's a pre-configured browedit for you.. we mostly use 586 and 620. as for your goal where you just want to rename the map name.. you could easily do it using resnametable.txt on your data grf.
  5. I don't understand why you need the complete code when there's the query for it already. Emperium Breaker: mes "Top 10 Emperium Breaker"; if(!([email protected] = query_sql("SELECT B.`name`,B.`guild_id`,A.`count` FROM `breaker_ladder` AS A LEFT JOIN `char` AS B ON A.`char_id` = B.`char_id` ORDER BY `count` DESC LIMIT 10", [email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]))) { mes "No data found."; close; } for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++ ) { mes ([email protected]+1) +". "+ [email protected]$[[email protected]] +" ~ "+(getguildname([email protected][[email protected]]) == "null" ? "None":getguildname([email protected][[email protected]]))+" ~ "+ [email protected][[email protected]] +" breaks."; } for the WoT Ranking. i'll leave this to you so you can learn how to left join. EDIT: FYI you actually don't need to create a breaker_ladder sql.. just use a character variable such as "set EmpBreak,EmBreak+1;" then simply join the char_reg_num with char table. although it has certain delay
  6. int color = 0xC6A518; clif_messagecolor(&sd->bl, color, atcmd_output, true, SELF);
  7. if(!getcharid(2)){ mes "You are not part of any guild."; end; }
  8. It's working perfectly fine on my side.. you should edit the compare string with your maps.. As you said it was " strcharinfo(3) == "06guild_08 " but you are referring to "06_".. also it's dead branch edit not bloody branch.
  9. It's nice to use function for this but with just 2 comparable string.. you can just use the compare function like this 604,Branch_Of_Dead_Tree,Dead Branch,2,50,,50,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,,,,,,{ if( compare(strcharinfo(3),"dbroom") || compare(strcharinfo(3),"06guild_")) { delitem 604,1; monster "this",-1,-1,"--ja--",-1,1,""; } else dispbottom "This item cannot be used within this are. please use the db room!"; },{},{}
  10. Just a little reminder.. you cannot downgrade a vps once you upgrade it not like cloud servers which are much flexible but a bit costly.
  11. if( getrefine()>=8 ){ bonus2 bAddRace,RC_Player,8; bonus2 bAddRace,RC_DemiHuman,8; }
  12. sorry it's not free.
  13. because annieruru KoE doesn't set the king of emperium as ally.. it just makes the monster 1288(emperium) not targetable if your guild is the current king of emperium.. i don't even use the source modification for it. Emperium Sanctuary KOE
  14. bonus bStr,readparam(bStr)*20/100; bonus bAgi,readparam(bAgi)*20/100; bonus bVit,readparam(bVit)*20/100; bonus bInt,readparam(bInt)*20/100; bonus bDex,readparam(bDex)*20/100; bonus bLuk,readparam(bLuk)*20/100; Convert the problem to an equation using the percentage formula: (Percent * NUM = M) / 100 = Answer Percent is 20, NUM is readparam(bStr), so the equation is 20% * 100%(let's say your Str is 100) = M So in the equation: 20 * 100 = (M becomes 2000) / 100 = Answer Answer = 20 So 20% of 100 is 20 This one is easy if rAthena can use float but the sad thing is.. The script only accept integers.. Easiest way is readparam(bStr)*0.20 wherein 0.20 is float.
  15. As I can see on your code.. you are adjusting exp instead of drop rate.. you should refer to this line when you want to adjust the drop rate.
  16. You should just use the achievement settings.. Add an achievement to kill 100 porings.. then they can toggle the Poring Slayer title whenever they want
  17. it doesn't return anything it will just make the players do the NPC Event specified on the foreach.. You don't actually need this diff since there's getareaunits to get their name or game id's *getunits(<type>{,<array_variable>[<first value>]}) *getmapunits(<type>,<"map name">{,<array_variable>[<first value>]}) *getareaunits(<type>,<"map name">,<x1>,<y1>,<x2>,<y2>{,<array_variable>[<first value>]}) The 'getunits' command will return the number of <type> objects active on the server. The 'getmapunits' command will return the number of <type> objects active on the specified <"map name">. The 'getareaunits' command will return the number of <type> objects actively located within the specified area where <x1>, <y1>, <x2>, <y2> form the area. Type is the type of object to search for: BL_PC - Character objects BL_MOB - Monster objects BL_PET - Pet objects BL_HOM - Homunculus objects BL_MER - Mercenary objects BL_NPC - NPC objects BL_ELEM - Elemental objects If <array_variable> is provided: - An int variable will return the list of GID. - A string variable will return the list of names. then finally use sc_start and specialeffect2 to buff them.
  18. @nasaankaalex revert the patch.
  19. prontera,150,182,4 script Healer 10173,5,5,{ OnTouch: while( [email protected] < .sc_size ){ sc_end .sc_status[[email protected]]; set [email protected],[email protected] + 1; } sc_start SC_BLESSING,.buff_duration,10; sc_start SC_INCREASEAGI,.buff_duration,10; percentheal 100,100; while( getbrokenid(1) ) // repair getbrokenid(1); repairall; // atcommand "@repairall"; end; OnInit: set .buff_duration,600000; setarray .sc_status, SC_STONE,SC_FREEZE,SC_STUN,SC_SLEEP,SC_POISON,SC_CURSE,SC_SILENCE,SC_CONFUSION,SC_BLIND,SC_BLEEDING, SC_QUAGMIRE,SC_AETERNA,SC_HALLUCINATION,SC_SLOWDOWN,SC_BERSERK,SC_CHANGEUNDEAD, SC_STRIPWEAPON,SC_STRIPSHIELD,SC_STRIPARMOR,SC_STRIPHELM; set .sc_size,getarraysize( .sc_status ); waitingroom "Free Heal",0; end; }
  20. *checkoption(<option number>{,<char_id>}) *checkoption1(<option number>{,<char_id>}) *checkoption2(<option number>{,<char_id>}) *setoption <option number>{,<flag>{,<char_id>}}; The 'setoption' series of functions check for a so-called option that is set on the invoking character. 'Options' are used to store status conditions and a lot of other non-permanent character data of the yes-no kind. For most common cases, it is better to use 'checkcart','checkfalcon','checkriding' and other similar functions, but there are some options which you cannot get at this way. They return 1 if the option is set and 0 if the option is not set. Option numbers valid for the first (option) version of this command are: 0x1 - Sight in effect. 0x2 - Hide in effect. 0x4 - Cloaking in effect. 0x8 - Cart number 1 present. 0x10 - Falcon present. 0x20 - Peco Peco present. 0x40 - GM Perfect Hide in effect. 0x80 - Cart number 2 present. 0x100 - Cart number 3 present. 0x200 - Cart number 4 present. 0x400 - Cart number 5 present. 0x800 - Orc head present. 0x1000 - The character is wearing a wedding sprite. 0x2000 - Ruwach is in effect. 0x4000 - Chasewalk in effect. 0x8000 - Flying or Xmas suit. 0x10000 - Sighttrasher. 0x100000 - Warg present. 0x200000 - The character is riding a warg. Grandcross is an AoE skill will most likely fail if it doesn't have stats not like sight thrasher.. you need target skills
  21. prontera,155,170,3 script Tamadora 10110,3,3,{ end; OnTouch_: if(gettime(DT_HOUR) < 7) end; // 7AM Onwards if(!.Active){ initnpctimer; .Active = 1; .CFail = 0; } end; OnTimer1000: getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],BL_NPC); [email protected] = getareaunits(BL_PC,[email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]+.Cells,[email protected]+.Cells,[email protected]); if([email protected]){ if(++.CFail>=.Fail){ stopnpctimer; .Active = 0; end; } initnpctimer; end; } if(.CurrentCD >= .Countdown){ [email protected] = rand(getarraysize(.ItemDrop)); makeitem .ItemDrop[[email protected]],.ItemAmt[[email protected]],[email protected]$,rand([email protected],[email protected]+.Cells),rand([email protected],[email protected]+.Cells); } if(.Countdown-.CurrentCD <= 0) .CurrentCD = 0; if(.CurrentCD%3==0){ for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<[email protected];[email protected]++){ [email protected] = rand(getarraysize(.SkillID)); unitskilluseid getnpcid(0),.SkillID[[email protected]],.SkillLV[[email protected]],[email protected][[email protected]],-1; } showscript "~ < "+(.Countdown-.CurrentCD++)+" > ~",getnpcid(0),AREA; sleep 1000; } showscript "~ < "+(.Countdown-.CurrentCD++)+" > ~",getnpcid(0),AREA; npcwalkto rand(.XY[0],.XY[2]),rand(.XY[1],.XY[3]); initnpctimer; end; OnInit: .Countdown = 120; //seconds .Fail = 3; //3 seconds .Cells = 5; //3 Cells Away npcspeed 150; setarray .XY[0],150,175,160,165; setarray .ItemDrop[0],7929; setarray .ItemAmt[0],1; setarray .SkillID[0],489,16,29,30,34; setarray .SkillLV[0],15,20,10,10,10; end; }
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