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  1. The reason that it isn't working is because of the variables on that code. Here's the simplified code for that. EDIT: This code won't work on maps without loadevent flags - script rmvbuff -1,{ OnPCLoadMapEvent: if(@rmvmap$ == strcharinfo(3)) end; //sc_end sc_spirit; sc_end sc_gospel; sc_end SC_POEMBRAGI; sc_end SC_APPLEIDUN; sc_end SC_ASSNCROS; sc_end SC_WHISTLE; sc_end SC_SERVICE4U; //sc_end 37; // holy weapon //sc_end 38; // holy armor sc_end 187; // increase all stat sc_end 194; // increase hit sc_end 196; // increase flee sc_end 198; // max hp increase sc_end 199; // max sp increase sc_end 200; // attach strength sc_end 202; // increase def sc_end 214; // SC_SCRESIST sc_end 175; // POEMBRAGI sc_end 181; // SERVICE4U specialeffect2 235; @rmvmap$ = strcharinfo(3); end; }
  2. Just look at that older version vs the new version.. it's a lot of improvement.. a really nice map for event instance
  3. You can try reading this post : https://rathena.org/board/topic/119968-bug-double-elemental-sword-on-sin-x/
  4. Use Act Editor to create your Act + Spr files https://rathena.org/board/files/file/3304-act-editor/
  5. Use Embedded GRF.. disable read data folder.. encrypt all your grf. done.
  6. monster .AvailableMaps$[[email protected]],50,69,"World Boss - "+getmonsterinfo(.AvailableMVPs[[email protected]], MOB_NAME),.AvailableMVPs[[email protected]],1,"worldboss::OnWorldBossDeath"; a missing '+' after `World Boss - `
  7. an initnpctimer won't work on function script because that is not NPC. You better use doevent on the function script.
  8. I moved it to the correct section. you even created another post on another WRONG SECTION.. please use report button next time.
  9. No one can help you if you just give them that error.. because the error shows the structure of the new rAthena, but you are using an old one wherein we are not sure how's the structure of your current emulator...
  10. The problem is your option is skipping a space of random options.. E.G: This will only show the Str + 1 because the Option 1 has no data in it. - Option 0: Str + 1 - Option 1: None - Option 2: Dex + 1 Edit: You can check your inventory database to see how the random option looks when skipping.
  11. you don't need to use SC_EXPBOOST. better use bExpAddClass,CLASS_ALL,-90;
  12. I recommend that you use `bonus_script` for the easiest one which doesn't require source modification..
  13. case 3: // THE HIGH PRIESTESS - all buffs removed { struct status_change *tsc = status_get_sc(target); if(!(tsc && tsc->data[SC_DEFENDER]->val1 >= 5)) status_change_clear_buffs(target, SCCB_BUFFS | SCCB_CHEM_PROTECT); break; }
  14. prontera,155,173,5 script Give 94,{ if(getd("$Quest_"+get_unique_id())){ message strcharinfo(0),"Quest already done for this mac."; end; } if(countitem(512) >= 10 && countitem(513) >= 10){ delitem 512,10; delitem 513,10; getitem 501,1; setd "$Quest_"+get_unique_id(),getcharid(0); } else message strcharinfo(0),"Not enough items."; end; }
  15. so i just took a look at the source and it seems there's already a config for it conf/battle/drops.conf item_drop_mvp_mode: 2
  16. You can't make those 100% because the MVP Drops is random unless it's only 1 item.. it shows how much your chance on getting each item randomly.. if you want to get all then you need to source modify it
  17. and here i was thinking to create a patcher since aeomin doesn't update anymore.. and finally see this.. and so far, I think this is more flexible than thor with it's new settings.. love it @L1nkZ
  18. #!/bin/bash run=1 if [ "$run" -eq 1 ]; then if [ $(ps | grep -e login-server | wc -l) -eq 0 ]; then # Login server down ./login-server & > /dev/null fi if [ $(ps | grep -e char-server | wc -l) -eq 0 ]; then # Char server down ./char-server & > /dev/null fi if [ $(ps | grep -e map-server | wc -l) -eq 0 ]; then # Map server down ./map-server & > /dev/null fi sleep 10 ./auto-restarter.sh & fi you can also cut each server in run it on screen.
  19. @Dev Yhams Reading the whole thread would help you..
  20. Delete them at grf/data > luafiles514 > lua files > Signboardlist.lub
  21. Edit the Equip value of the item to 0 from the inventory table..
  22. Console Errors? did you use cartesian coordinate plane when adding it to x and y axis?
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