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  1. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/35702c62c2c0c444a2eaa24df3f6d2cb3364ffae/npc/guild/agit_main.txt#L125 addrid an IF condition then use warp.
  2. Do you have any source modifications that might cause this?..
  3. you probably turn this off from conf/battle/player.conf // Revive dead player while warping? (Note 1) revive_onwarp: yes
  4. data>luafiles514>transparentitem>transparentItem.lub add another line before { 0, 0, 0, 0} { YOURGARMENTID, 255, 255, 25500 }, EDIT: just a note, make sure that you followed the guide for custom garments because it's very different for headgears.
  5. case 3: // THE HIGH PRIESTESS - all buffs removed { if(!status_isimmune(target)) status_change_clear_buffs(target, SCCB_BUFFS | SCCB_CHEM_PROTECT); break; } skill.cpp#L4583
  6. if( rnd() % 100 > skill_lv * 8 || status_isimmune(bl) || skill.cpp#L9224
  7. Exact Client Date? The cause is skill area buffer size.
  8. hmm. i'm not really sure if i understand what you want.. but this is what was on my mind.. and this is the effect of the script https://streamable.com/yrb1be
  9. 501,Red_Potion,Red Potion,0,50,,40,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,,,,,,{ specialeffect2 EF_HEAL3; sc_start2 SC_L_LIFEPOTION,3600000,-3,10; },{},{}
  10. specialeffect2 EF_HEAL3; sc_start2 SC_L_LIFEPOTION,3600000,-3,10;
  11. i'm not sure if this is what you are looking for.. maybe more info? conf/battle/client.conf // Minimum delay between whisper/global/party/guild messages (in ms) // Messages that break this threshold are silently omitted. min_chat_delay: 0
  12. prontera,155,181,5 script Yumi 94,{ [email protected] = getpartyleader(getcharid(1),1); [email protected] = getpartyleader(getcharid(1),2); if(!isloggedin([email protected],[email protected])){ message strcharinfo(0),"Party Leader is Offline"; end; } getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],BL_PC,[email protected]); warp [email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]; end; }
  13. @jourdan first check the date the oldest date on your emulator.. then go to https://github.com/rathena/rathena. click on commits.. then go to oldest date of your emulator
  14. you must install secret's web service for 2020 newer clients for now. https://github.com/secretdataz/athena-web-service
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