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  1. This does not mute the player but you can use this https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/f350de1e3149b6a60fddf88268443e611c2b4412/conf/battle/client.conf#L14
  2. this is source modification. so i'll be moving it there
  3. you should atleast throw your stylist script on a code box.
  4. my bad. it's searchstores with 's' i edited the comment
  5. - script whosell -1,{ OnWhoSellACMD: searchstores 99,1; end; OnInit: bindatcmd "whosell",strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnWhoSellACMD"; end; }
  6. prontera,166,190,4 script Pre-Register Rewards 510,{ if( !#Freebiesa313 && getcharid(3) < 2000275 ){//<<<< THIS ONE TOO set #Freebiesa313,1; mes "Welcome to Arrival RO. Please Take your rewards."; getitembound 12411,2,Bound_Account; getitembound 12264,2,Bound_Account; getitembound 50002,1,Bound_Account; } else { mes "You either have claimed your reward or didn't participate in Pre register Event"; } close; }
  7. getitembound 12411,2,Bound_Account; getitembound 12264,2,Bound_Account; getitembound 50002,1,Bound_Account;
  8. Using logical operator AND (&&) instead of OR (||) for this code. AND && Operator OR || Operator: if (countitem(7060) < 1 && Zeny < 3000) if both are true. it will do the bracket of the IF statement. if any is false. it will skip the bracket
  9. I would recommend to use find on all files the successrefitem and add the code after it.. a little note is that if the player use WEAPON REFINE of whitesmith. the announce won't show up since that would be source side
  10. 4 possible problem.. 1. the most common sense is it was really unknown account and was not on your db.. 2. your server gepard_shield.conf is off, but your client side is enabled. or vice versa, gepard_shield.conf is on but client side is disabled. 3. client doesn't have all the files related to gepard such as mss32.dll, msvcp and msvcr sent by functor.. 4. maybe it was not functor you contact?
  11. its just the same.. custommap.gat to your desired name mymap.gat
  12. yes it will affect the @warp command and /where Example you want to change the name of prontera map 1. copy the prontera.gat 2. rename prontera.gat to your desired name example mymap.gat 3. add the mymap.gat on your map_cache.dat 4. add mymap on conf/maps_athena.conf and db/map_index.txt 5. simply add the following line to your resnametable on grf folder. mymap.gnd#prontera.gnd# mymap.gat#prontera.gat# mymap.rsw#prontera.rsw# 유저인터페이스\map\mymap.bmp#유저인터페이스\map\prontera.bmp# all you need is to restart the server now and your client.
  13. There's a pre-configured browedit for you.. we mostly use 586 and 620. as for your goal where you just want to rename the map name.. you could easily do it using resnametable.txt on your data grf.
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