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  1. Gepard Shield competition - Selection of the winners

    This one looks good. @Balfear so i give my vote for this one. +1 @fTakano entires are so good too.
  2. FluxCP Address is required

    Fixed it my own. ty
  3. Extended Vending System [1.9] cleanup & fix

    The git hash is already specified for no Error patch. if you get any error. it means that you are not using the git hash provided. so you need to patch it manually =)
  4. FluxCP Address is required

    I don't know if this is super dumb question.. but i get error that address is required for each LoginServer Section. i already Configures the /servers.php here is my Config: DB Config: 'Hostname' => '', 'Username' => 'ragnarok_db_user', 'Password' => 'ragnarok_db_pass', 'Database' => 'rathena_db', 'Persistent' => true, Log Config: 'Hostname' => '', 'Username' => 'ragnarok_db_user', 'Password' => 'ragnarok_db_pass', 'Database' => 'rathena_log', LoginServer: 'Hostname' => '', 'Port' => 6900, 'UseMD5' => false, 'NoCase' => true, // rA account case-sensitivity; Default: Case-INsensitive (true). 'GroupID' => 0, // Default account group ID during registration. //'Database' => 'ragnarok' CharServer and Map-Server 'CharServer' => array( 'Address' => '', 'Port' => 6121 ), 'MapServer' => array( 'Address' => '', 'Port' => 5121 ), Critical Error: An error was encountered during the lifetime of the application. This could be due to a variety of problems, such as a bug in the application. However, normally it is caused by misconfiguration. Exception Details: Error: Flux_Error Message: Address is required for each LoginServer section in your servers configuration. File: C:\xampp\htdocs\flux\lib\Flux.php:236 File Line Function/Method C:\xampp\htdocs\flux\lib\Flux.php 374 Flux::raise() C:\xampp\htdocs\flux\lib\Flux.php 121 Flux::parseServersConfigFile() C:\xampp\htdocs\flux\index.php 68 Flux::initialize() Exception Trace As String #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\flux\lib\Flux.php(374): Flux::raise('Address is requ...') #1 C:\xampp\htdocs\flux\lib\Flux.php(121): Flux::parseServersConfigFile('config/servers....') #2 C:\xampp\htdocs\flux\index.php(68): Flux::initialize(Array) #3 {main}
  5. Extended Vending System [1.9] cleanup & fix

    UPDATE: Extended Vending 1.9.6 1. fix - checking currency from customer cart to inventory. 2. fix - vending_items sql update vending_id to not unique. 3. compatible to latest git full src/map CPP Git hash: b48f0e8896e318e1f3cc75aee4bfeace957d7f19 Version 1.9.6 (02-11-2018).diff
  6. Bro. is your rAmod in Ragnahosting is latest?

  7. Announcement when getting freebies

    the 0X8A2BE2 is the color. its in hex color rgb. if you want it yellow. just remove it and leave it bc_all;
  8. Announcement when getting freebies

    its working perfectly. you should check if the line one is TAB or SPACE.. to announce the player name.. use strcharinfo(0) example announce strcharinfo(0)+" just got his freebies!.",bc_all,0x8A2BE2;
  9. Announcement when getting freebies

    prontera,150,184,4 script Freebies 790,{ OnInit: waitingroom "Freebies",0; if(#sorry == 1) goto L_1; mes "You will receive Some Present as a reward for joining the server"; mes "We're gladly thankful for your support in the future too."; next; if(checkweight(2504,1) == 0 ) goto L_OverWeight; getitem2 14533,10,1,0,0,0,0,0,0;// (Custom Items getitem2 501,100,1,0,0,0,0,0,0;// (Custom Items getitem2 7227,2,1,0,0,0,0,0,0; // (Custom Items getitem2 969,10,1,0,0,0,0,0,0; // (Custom Items getitem2 602,20,1,0,0,0,0,0,0; // (Custom Items getitem2 601,50,1,0,0,0,0,0,0; // (Custom Items announce "[YOUR MESSAGE]",bc_all,0x8A2BE2; emotion e_thx; set #sorry,1; close; L_OverWeight: mes "Sorry, you are over weight"; emotion e_omg; close; L_1: mes "You had already received before the gift."; emotion e_bzz; close; } just after the getitem2. edit it
  10. map_mapname2mapid not found

    if([email protected] > 0){ npctalk "Punching Bag : I've taken " + ([email protected]/5) + " DPS in last 5 seconds."; setunitdata .gid[[email protected]],UMOB_HP,.mhp[[email protected]]; specialeffect EF_HEAL; //setmapflag( "Punching Bag",mf_monster_noteleport ); } you tried to setmapflag on a monster.
  11. Item Script (Every 10 Base Level)

    { bonus bAspdRate,BaseLevel/10; bonus bMaxHP,(-40*(BaseLevel/10));},{},{}
  12. Magic Damage Lifesteal

    Hi, is there anyone that can add bonus2 bMagicHPDrainRate,x,n;(Magic Type Skills) like bonus2 bHPDrainRate,x,n; (For Physical Only) I Actually add 100% chance to lifesteal on my server. however Mages or Magic Type Characters can't lifesteal using the bonus2 bHPDrainRate,x,n;. hoping that someone could help me on this. Thank you
  13. Item Scipt Problem

    { bonus2 bRegenPercentHP,5,1000; bonus bAbsorbDmgMaxHP,2; },{},{}
  14. Weekly item sale npc

    set .Currency$,"Zeny";
  15. Extended Vending System [1.9] cleanup & fix

    Okay so i fixed my own problem.. @mhielo12 also maybe yours. the problem on the diff is on the Vending.c the thing about it says we don't have enough items because its looking on our cart.. not on our inventory.. =) replace all the cart.u.items_inventory -> inventory.u.items_inventory there are 4 cart.u.items_inventory on the diff. so you will see them easily.