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  1. Yes you can do it that way. it's just that. you need to patch everytime you want to add a sealed item[New Sealed Item].. add it on item_trade.txt.. Beelzebub is the example but it seems like you will be sealing other items(equips/useable/misc).. I'll try to make a source of this and probably sell it here. Since this is a good idea. ^_~ Maintaining an Equip Random Option or Card would be good since you will sell it. *seal and *unseal script command might be a good idea.
  2. Lmao. probably some script(OnPCKillEvent:).
  3. i don't quite understand what you want. 1. If you want the player that wants to enter pvp to disable the announce when he enters. OR 2. if you want the player to disable the announce when someone enters pvp so he wont see it. 1. is possible through script. 2. is yes possible with script using addrid(0); then use if(), but this won't trigger to players that are currently talking to NPC's. and this is not really recommended. My recommendation is tweak a little on clif.cpp ^_~
  4. This need a source edit. wherein the item will have crafted name "SEALED" on it or they can make another Attribute(not-broken, broken, sealed) well lot of things can do it.. You can go to source request and ask if someone can make it for free. if i would make this one. i wont be doing it for free. ^_~
  5. You must read it line per line. word per word. you will successfully add your own custom item. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Custom-Items
  6. its possible. but you will need a lot of source, and database editing.. ^_~ I think no one will do it for free though.
  7. When do you want it to trigger though?. as right now. it will trigger everytime you dies. wherever you are.. you can simply make it like this so it will only announce on certain maps. example is prt_fild08. OnPCDieEvent: if(strcharinfo(3)==prt_fild08) announce "You are dead!!!!!!",4; end;
  8. View File Cell_PVP Updated CELL_PVP. Git Hash: d80e111 Changes: Added cell_pvpnoparty. Added cell_noguild Removed Deathmatch. Removed Autobuff Script. Some Credits from: -Napster -Ize Submitter Haruka Mayumi Submitted 07/15/2019 Category Source Modifications Video Content Author Napster, Ize, Haruka Mayumi  
  9. You need source modification for setcell. you can download the mod and apply it to your rA source. Sample Script : - script CELL_PVP -1,{ OnInit: setcell "prontera",150,180,160,170,cell_pvp,1; end; } cell_pvp.diff
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Updated CELL_PVP. Git Hash: d80e111 Changes: Added cell_pvpnoparty. Added cell_noguild Removed Deathmatch. Removed Autobuff Script. Some Credits from: -Napster -Ize


  11. Are you using this latest? https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo/tree/master please do upload your client Note : You can use /cashshop to toggle the button
  12. It's "SET SHOP BUTTON".
  13. prontera,155,180,5 script Daily Supply 94,{ mes "[ Daily Supplier ]"; if(#DSUPPLY==gettime(DT_YYYYMMDD)){ mes "You already received your supply today."; end; } mes "Here's your daily Supply!"; explode([email protected]$,.items$[gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK)],"|"); for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<getarraysize([email protected]$);[email protected]+=2) getitem atoi([email protected]$[[email protected]]),atoi([email protected]$[[email protected]+1]); explode([email protected]$,.bounditems$[gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK)],"|"); for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<getarraysize([email protected]$);[email protected]+=2) getitembound atoi([email protected]$[[email protected]]),atoi([email protected]$[[email protected]+1]),Bound_Account; set #DSUPPLY,gettime(DT_YYYYMMDD); end; OnHour00: waitingroom callsub(OnCheckDay)+" Supply",0; end; end; OnCheckDay: switch(gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK)){ case 0: return "Sunday"; case 1: return "Monday"; case 2: return "Tuesday"; case 3: return "Wednesday"; case 4: return "Thursday"; case 5: return "Friday"; case 6: return "Saturday"; default: return "ERROR!"; break; } return; OnInit: waitingroom callsub(OnCheckDay)+" Supply",0; //You can use Copy | (Vertical Bar) to separate items // Item ID, Amount{,Item ID,Amount}... setarray .items$[0], "501|5|502|10|503|15|504|20", //Sunday "601|5|602|3", //Monday "501|1", //Tuesday "502|1", //Wednesday "503|1", //Thursday "504|1", //Friday "505|1"; //Saturday setarray .bounditems$, "501|5|502|10|503|15|504|20", //Sunday "601|5|602|3", //Monday "505|1", //Tuesday "504|1", //Wednesday "506|1", //Thursday "502|1", //Friday "501|1"; //Saturday end; } Don't Forget to press Answer and Up Vote ^_~