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  1. On the major skill change patch, kRO removed the characteristic animation from those two skills. The same one that changed Bard/Dancer skills to be 31x31 AoEs. The problem I have is that I absolutely must have those animations put back into the game. I'm using 2020-04-01bRagexe.exe on Pre-Renewal. Was this change done directly on the ragexe? Or can I enable it back using src coding?
  2. So I decided to take another shot at this. Did a clean install of rA on my virtual machine, made sure it worked, switched to Pre-Re and did the pull using git check and then checkout. Using git branch I can tell I'm on the webservice branch. I also see the new files and confs so I know it worked. So now problem #1: when doing ./configure --enable-web-service I get the error: unrecognized option. I don't know what does but I can start the web service using ./web-service. It works. At least it turns on. So apparently I need to edit a lua file on my client to point to the web service. So I went and edited ExternalSettings_kr.lub and added my local address and set the port to 8888(which was the default port on the web service config). Still get the error on login and emblems not working. Nothing shows up on the web service window either, it's obviously not communicating. This is about as far as I can go. I have no idea what's wrong.
  3. I'm using CentOS 7. I'm using ./configure with the argument that was provides but, as I said, it does not recognize the option. Should this work on a default rA installation? All I've used is Yum to install the latest version, nothing more.
  4. I feel there's not enough information about using this new feature. The only reliable information I found on the subject was this link. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/5731 I'm using the latest rA and the return message is that --enable-web-service is not a recognized option. So which is it? Is the web service built into rA? Do I need to download any additonal packages? What do we even gain from this besides gif emblems?
  5. Did you attain 100% resist by using effects from cards or from status points? There are settings in the conf files that let you change at what point the resistances give full immunity. Maybe you tampered with those and don't remember?
  6. I still don't understand exactly how you want to change these effects though.
  7. I don't know how it would be using the new YAML skill_db version but in 3CeAM(which is a much older version of the game) you could control this behavior in skill_db. // 09 Number of hits (when positive, damage is increased by hits, // negative values just show number of hits without increasing total damage) If you do this however, it will make each hit do the damage of a lv10 normal bolt. Meaning you're increasing the skill's damage output by a factor of 10. You'd have to nerf the skill down to 1/10 damage to get the desired result.
  8. What method did you use to test this? What changes have you made recently? Server version? Anything else changes besides AK Card damage?
  9. Drop the database editor and try to edit files directly? They're easy to read and interpret.
  10. Could you try to explain better what it is exactly you wish to do? It's hard to understand.
  11. As developers, admins and game masters, we've all had to deal with bots and exploiters. Over these decades we've come up with many solutions in order to try and fight back this menace. What I'd like to ask today is: which solutions are the most appropriate and all encompassing in modern times? Which ones worked for you? Which ones were useless or failures? Which ones would you say are absolutely essential? For this topic I mean everything. Anti-bot shields, scripts, encryption, obfuscation, literally anything to stop tampering and automation. Furthermore, there's also the issue of account sharing. No matter how much you warn players, they still do it. Any suggestions on encouraging players to keep their credentials private?
  12. It works but has problems of its own. Every piece of equipment will have Renewal DEF attached to it, meaning absurd numbers for pre-renewal setting. A bunch of them will give errors because it goes over 99 which is the cap in pre-renewal, which causes the error. It does load the pre-re data after which overwrites the basic stuff but the renewal only items continue to be broken. What our friend in the post above suggested only silences the error, doesn't actually fix anything. And those are not the only errors, it also gives a bunch of zeny sell exploit errors too. Doing things this way is just not smart or practical. I would consider importing only etc and maybe consumables this way, and any piece of equiment has to be loaded separately.
  13. I've used this guide twice and it always works for me. It's great, but needs a few updates. 1) yum -y install devtoolset-4-gcc-c++ This is outdated and won't work. You need to use this first: sudo yum-config-manager --enable centos-sclo-rh-testing If yum-config-manager returns command not found, you need to yum install that first. And then it will work. 2) Enter the name and switch Type to Linux and Version to Red Hat (64-bit) and click in Next. If the dropdown menu does not have 64 bit versions available, it means one of two thing: Your CPU does not support virtualization, or it does support it but the option is disabled. You need to enable it on the BIOS. Processors made by AMD will always have the option(mine was disabled by default) while on Intel chips sometimes do not. 3) It's always a struggle for me to get internet working on the VM the first time you set it up. A little bit of Google-fu goes a long way but I usually end up having to edit some network files to get it to work. Also apparently not every wireless router allows Bridged Adapter mode to function. 4) This guide DOES WORK for Dynamic IP addresses without problems. The issue is that every time your dynamic IP shifts, you'll have to edit your local server files with the new IP. I've hosted servers with dozens of people connected for weeks this way, just hope there isn't a lightning strike near your home that causes the lights to flicker(and the modem to reset).
  14. I'm working on an anti-bot script for my server. The player has a given time to reply before being flagged as a potential bot. The script works fine while I was making it inside a NPC script. I then moved it to a function and made the NPC call the function, and now the timer doesn't attach to the character. yuno_fild01,125,119,0 script captcha 611,5,5,{ attachnpctimer; initnpctimer; The above part works. However, when I changed it to this: yuno_fild01,125,119,0 script captcha::patrol01 611,5,5,{ callfunc "botpatrol",strcharinfo(0),strnpcinfo(2); } function script botpatrol { attachnpctimer; initnpctimer; At first I thought that I had to pass the RID and NPC names as arguments into the function but that didn't work. Am I missing something here? Also the documentation for initnpctimer is terrible. What the hell is a an "attach flag"? Is it expecting a 1(true)? Or is it expecting a character name? Or the RID number?
  15. Strip/Break equipment --------------------- bonus bUnstripableWeapon; Weapon cannot be taken off via Strip skills bonus bUnstripableArmor; Armor cannot be taken off via Strip skills bonus bUnstripableHelm; Helm cannot be taken off via Strip skills bonus bUnstripableShield; Shield cannot be taken off via Strip skills bonus bUnstripable; All equipment cannot be taken off via strip skills bonus bUnbreakableGarment; Garment cannot be damaged/broken by any means bonus bUnbreakableWeapon; Weapon cannot be damaged/broken by any means bonus bUnbreakableArmor; Armor cannot be damaged/broken by any means bonus bUnbreakableHelm; Helm cannot be damaged/broken by any means bonus bUnbreakableShield; Shield cannot be damaged/broken by any means bonus bUnbreakableShoes; Shoes cannot be damaged/broken by any means bonus bUnbreakable,n; Reduces the break chance of all equipped equipment by n% bonus bBreakWeaponRate,n; Adds a n/100% chance to break enemy's weapon while attacking (stacks with other break chances) bonus bBreakArmorRate,n; Adds a n/100% chance to break enemy's armor while attacking (stacks with other break chances) There are Break and Strip protection bonuses for every piece of equipment. However, you can only add give players the chance of breaking Weapons and Armors, and nothing else. Only through skills can you break them. I'd like to request implementation of: bonus BreakGarmentRate,n; bonus BreakShieldRate,n; bonus BreakHelmRate,n; bonus BreakShoeRate,n;
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