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  1. Mina-chan

    Olympic PVP Map (Amphitheatre)

    Modifications preview Nº 1! (Maybe it's still hard to notice ^^;)
  2. Mina-chan

    Olympic PVP Map (Amphitheatre)

    ahah don't worry at all, thanks! And you're welcome! ^^
  3. OMG I just saw this in your siggy! You've saved my life ;w;
  4. Mina-chan

    Olympic PVP Map (Amphitheatre)

    uhmm I think I'll sell it (for a reasonable price). But I have a more basic version of this, where the middle area is exactly the same. I'm thinking if I could share that, but I'm still not sure.
  5. Hi! Some months ago, I was working on a map that someone commissioned. They weren't very clear if the map had to have a classical theme or a nordic theme because they wanted something nordic and valkyries, but also a colosseum, so I decided for a slightly mixed aesthetics, but as I progressed it ended up looking more classical. However, when it was really close to completion, the commissioner poofed forever, so I was left with the almost complete map. But now I've decided to complete it and make it better, and maybe even make 2 extra versions of it that I have in mind. The current design consists of this: A "Gate of Life" to the south (where the "gladiators" enter into the scene), green GAT on the stairs separate from the middle for the public (although they wouldn't be able to see others fighting in the middle because of the distance), and a Goddess blessing the winner to the front, giving a sacred reward or maybe even ascending to the realm of the gods (ahah I think that in a way you could almost interpret it as a ritual battle like the Aztec ones ^^; ). However, in the new version it will have more flags, a place for the king/queen or empress/emperor to sit down under the goddess's statue, and I figured out how to make a "devastated" version of this map as well. I think I'll also rename it to Colosseum, or Amphitheatron. Here are some previews of the current map still without changes What do you think of this map as it looks now? If you have any constructive idea or suggestion, please let me know! TOP VIEW AND MIDDLE GATE OF LIFE STATUES (2 retextured) DECORATIONS MAP Thanks in advance for your input!
  6. Mina-chan

    Texture Glitches on Custom Maps

    Hi! I think that the bmp error is simply the minimap missing. Here is an example of my custom grf structure: If you use Map Cache, are you adding them with the Grf Button? You should make a new GRF and avoid using the "+File" Button, use the "Grf..." one instead. For a new grf, you can base it on my folder above ;3 then add it to DATA.INI in this manner (example): If I'm correct, I think you should never anything to rdata.grf, and nothing to data.grf that isn't official. Also, you may be having a glitch with the graphic cards. In the Setup, avoid using "DirectX" options, and choose your graphic card instead. I think that's it x3
  7. Mina-chan

    [Showcase] Hakurei Shrine

    Map and map info have been updated~
  8. Mina-chan

    [Showcase] Halloween Zone

    Wooow, this looks so good ;w; I love spooky stuff! How did you make the 3d version that appears in Sketchfab? /fsh
  9. Mina-chan

    [Showcase] Yavin1b

    It looks quite good! It has so many details, custom things and places to walk by x3
  10. Woow! It looks pretty good!! You can see the effort put into it x3
  11. Mina-chan

    [Showcase] Arlandria v2

    Ohhh! It looks quite good, all the versions It deserves more likes!
  12. Mina-chan

    Map Graphics Bug

    First, I'm very sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much, you've helped me a lot! ; w ; I needed to confirm that it was a problem with those video cards. The problem disappears when Direct3D options are avoided ^^
  13. Mina-chan

    Green GAT allowing Holy Water anywhere [SOLVED!]

    Yuss, I'll save this just in case, thanks!
  14. Mina-chan

    Green GAT allowing Holy Water anywhere [SOLVED!]

    Ooohhh! You're right, I was just mistakenly only adding the "gat" from the map that I put in my "data" folder. But if I include my custom grf file that has my map (the 3 files that you mention in the "data" folder of my grf) and all my other custom stuff, it works correctly! THANK YOU SO MUCH! EDIT: OH! And as I thought, the function of the Yellow GAT is to let you make Holy Water at any level outside of water. This will also be quite useful for my maps and my next project, so something good came out from all this overlooking x3 (And yes, I think I and many others have overlooked adding the grf itself ^^; However, does this work if you use the plugin that comes with the client instead of weemapcache? Also, I wonder if this may have had anything to do with this strange graphic bug that I had o.o I could solve this by choosing my graphics cad insteaf of "Direct X" in the ro server setup, but other people entering my map have been seeing this problem in my map and didn't know how to solve it... is it possible that not adding the GRF properly may have caused this?)
  15. Mina-chan

    Green GAT allowing Holy Water anywhere [SOLVED!]

    Oh! But I still want certain cells to let you make Holy Water, since my map has rivers, lakes, and so on. I think this would eliminate any possibility for this, am I right?