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  1. OOOHHH!!! Finally, something to convert RSM2 ; W ; !! THANK YOU!! And for making a new converter! The other one is good, but has got some problems and often it doesn't convert the models x3 But I have a question: is glTF 2 better than fbx and obj? The tools that we currently have (rsm converter and Bromedit) can only import fbx and obj (as a mesh) respectively, to save them as rsm afterwards). *I ask because it would be good to have those formats too, but maybe for later on! RSM2 is way more important right now >w<
  2. Oh, it's better to add the map into a grf (it can be main or custom), and then add that grf itself with mapcache. Because only adding the gat doesn't read the map well. You may even make holy water anywhere if it's not added properly! But you can test, and if it doesn't happen, then it's all fine!
  3. omg! * A * is it going to have the option to add a sky map to any map, like Nemo?
  4. !!! Thank you sooo much!! I'm going to test it now x3 Edit: It's working perfectly fine!
  5. uhmm... I think the problem could be in how the original Korean characters are translated into browedit, when the ro.xml file is modified and then saved but I could be wrong. this is how mine appears. the folder is: ¿öÅÍ it works perfectly fine! but if you notice, this is what appears to those who have a problem with the water texture: it appears as ���� in my case, I allow notepad ++ to read the korean characters, and I have no problem upon saving: I hope this is helpful!
  6. hi Tokei! Thank you so much for this update! it's a pleasant surprise to be able to see the animations of rsm2 models! But now, I found a bug. Under "Extract Resources", some of the rsm2 models don't show the texture to be extracted. Rather, this is what happens: the textures don't appear, and upon choosing the rsm2, this message appears Copied exception:
  7. hii! is there anything similar to this, or a more recent version available for newer clients?
  8. OMG it looks sooooooooo good!! It does look like a Magma Dungeon 3! Instead of what they did of simply having the same floor all over again
  9. It's a quite beautiful, mysterious and nostalgic mappino uwu
  10. Hii! I'm Mina Rabbit, and I've been in Borf's Discord channel for quite some time now, since I made my first map, to learn from everyone and provide help whenever it's possible. After having promised these guides for a long time, I've finally started to make them! The guides will include: Frequently asked questions or doubts that I've seen are common in Borf's server. Things to do and things to avoid when making maps and modifying models in Browedit and Bromedit. Things I've learnt about Browedit, Browedit 2 and Bromedit, that aren't present in any other guide that already exists. For now, I'm going to start with Bromedit, because it's something that has been requested often in these past few months. So far, I've only made a guide for a basic use of Bromedit, which is a program that Borf made for models and model animations. However, the animations part, while usable to an extent, is still difficult to understand, and I won't be able to answer that part properly for now. If I get to understand it well, I'll add it to the guide! So please be patient. Still, please post anything you've learnt and be constructive! If you want the official link to the latest Browedit 2, or if you have any questions, leave them here or in Borf's Discord: https://discord.gg/PUy6DWh Also, please avoid DMing me, ask the questions here or in the server for everyone to read! Thank you! BrowEdit 2 What is BrowEdit 2? Borf simply calls it Browedit, but this is a newer version that he made from scratch. So, it's completely separate from the classic BrowEdit 1 versions (586 and 620) that most of us know. What can I do with it? I. What you can't do and have to pay attention to and consider first: As it is right now, BrowEdit 2 is not capable of making a complete map. BrowEdits 1 have many more tools, that are completely necessary for us in order to finish a map. Particularly, it can't save a map with the Quadtree properly, so you're going to see "Transparent Boxes with missing models and textures" appearing and disappearing randomly all around the map as you walk (please read "Saving a Map Properly" below for more info!). Additionally, it's buggy in certain aspects. Problems known so far are: a. Major Problems: - If you're not careful, slow and patient when adding walls so you add them on the necessary places only, saving the map afterwards can break it, and it will nor be recoverable. (Or simply avoid adding walls at all). - NEVER ADD models to the map using Browedit 2. After a certain (unknown) number of models on the map, Browedit 586 won't be able to read it. Unless you can track back your steps and add/delete until you go back to the number of models the map had, you won't be able to use it. And Browedit 586 save is a MUST for the Quadtree. - Other unknown bugs can also break the map. So, ALWAYS have a backup of your map!! b. Minor Problems: - Moving models around can be very easy or very difficult, depending on what you want to do. Save before moving models around or it can be difficult to bring them back to where they were. - It can't use the "Lightbulbs" of Browedit 586 or 620 properly. If you're going to add interior lights, don't add the lightbulbs before using Browedit 2, or Save a Copy and use Browedit 1's "Import - Export" functions in a smart way. II. But then, WHY EVEN USE BROWEDIT 2? ; A ; Well, this is the good part x3 Actually, if you have a backup of your map before using Browedit 2, you can do very amazing things with it that aren't possible with Browedit 586 or 620, such as: - Browedit 2 can make a very astounding "Sky Lightmap", which simply means the light from the Sun or the Moon. It's very smooth and detailed, as in plenty of the official kRO and jRO maps, and not edged and rough as it occurs with Browedit 1. It doesn't need any "Lightbulb", you need nothing other than the Main Light's angle in the Map Properties, - It can paint or erase Color on the ground. This is something very common in official maps, but it's rare in custom maps, because Browedit 1 didn't have this feature! And if you place a texture on the ground, it will maintain the color, unlike what happens when you do so in Browedit 1. This can also be used to add smooth black edges around the map or areas of the map, for a very neat final presentation. - With it, you can edit and paint the Shadowmap itself (which is the shadows from the "Sky Light"). So, if you want to add a single model, but it doesn't have a lightmap, you don't need to recast it all over the map again, you can just paint it! Likewise,if you removed a model, you can simply erase its shadow, and voilà! - Its manner of placing textures on the ground is very neat, it doesn't look bad or stretched depending on the resolution, and you can "Mirror" or "Flip" parts of the textures that would usually look very distorted if you tried in BrowEdit 1. - Its Height Edit tool is veeery useful to make natural looking and random looking landscapes, and you can even randomize the ground with a single key! This tool will save you a ton of time, even when compared to its equivalent tool in "fast mode" in BrowEdit 1. - It can choose and move Groups of Models or rotate them very fast, and this is very useful to save time if you have certain features on your map. But be careful, as this can also be a "Minor Problem" if you're not careful and didn't save / have a backup ^^; - If you're a fan of the Effect Tool (the Effect #974 that triggers a .lub file that has the map's name), BrowEdit 2 is your friend! x3 It will tell you the number of the effect according to its number in the lub file. - It can edit an effect's size! Which will save you from tons of crashes in BrowEdit 1 (from copying effects from different maps) and headaches. - As long as the map is created perfectly square (40x40, 100x100...), Browedit 586 will be able to make a quadtree properly for it. So you can make a map from scratch with BrowEdit 2, and it will be filled with the black texture already! You only need to make it, and immediately after (before adding models) save with BrowEdit 586, then Accept upon being asked to create a Quadtree. As you can see, it has its pros and cons, but basically, it can be said that BrowEdit 2 is like an "extra tool" that can't do many things that BrowEdit 1 can, but it has additional features that Browedit 1 doesn't have and will make your map look every more beautiful. BromEdit This program was made by Borf. It comes alongside BrowEdit 2, and it's used to modify models and their textures, including the animations themselves. Personally, I prefer it much more over RSM Editor, as you don't need to add textures to rotextures.txt to use it. Rabbit's Bromedit Guide Frequently Asked Questions. Saving a Map Properly Only Browedit 586 (not 620, nor Brow 2) is capable of saving a map properly, as long as it has the proper height. Which means that Models, Textures and their Quadtree/Bounding Boxes have to necessarily be "above 0" in RO map terms. For instance, the water's height should be above 0, such as having a height of -20, -50, -80, -100 and so on, and never 20, 50, 80 and so on. Negative numbers mean above, positive mean below. It's preferable to have a proper height for the map before adding sounds, effects and lightbulbs/light emitters, or you may need to increase them one by one! Personally and from experience, I find it's way better to have a proper height for the map and saving it with BrowEdit 586 at the very end, instead of using the "Hex Edit". The hex edit produces disappearing stuff on the edges, although it can be used in case the Quadtree got bugged and needed a reset, for whatever reason! Model's Polygons /Triangles Faces Limit RO models have a limited amount of triangles they can work with. I'm currently not certain if said number is 1700 or 2000, but I've always tried to make it below 1700. Still, the less faces a model has, the less laggy a map will be, so if you can make a model have 300 sides only, even better! My map is lagging! * panics * There can be a number of reasons why a map becomes slow. This even happens with original maps from the RO developers, specially with towns and some of the relatively new fields and dungeons! >< A map can have 9000 models and not be slow. But it can also have 900 models only and be slow! How is it possible? Well, as mentioned in the previous point, there are models that have too many sides or that are too complex for RO. They can be official models, such as some of the plants from Malangdo. If this lagginess is a problem for you, you should test by removing the models and see which one is causing you more trouble. Sometimes, it's not the map becoming slow, but the camera movements instead (rotation, scrolling up/down). If this is the case, there are likely too many faces or sides of models overlapping one another. The solution is to separate the models a bit. If it's a custom model, make sure that they don't have a "double face" (as in a side produced twice between the vertices in the 3D making program, NOT as in a texture showing from both sides, this is unrelated!), or make a version of said model without the sides, so you can add them side by side one next to the other. But but, me brave! >:3 tell me where can I download BrowEdit 2 NAO. You can find the link in Borf's Browedit Discord: https://discord.gg/BHDkKT8 , and also this same Discord link in Borf's Browedit FB: https://www.facebook.com/browedit/ I don't put the direct link to the download, because it tends to trigger false flag alarms with some antiviruses. So you can visit the channel and be sure that the pinned link is actually Borf's link. The next guide is going to be How to configure Browedit 2 properly. Stay tuned~ >:3
  11. hii! You may usually have to remove one by one, by only using browedit. However, there may be an alternative x3 You could simply make a transparent square model You can use fuchsia color for the transparency: Red: 255 | Green: 0 | Blue: 255, which is the same as RGB color #FF00FF And use this guide to replace the leaves for that specific model: However, if the lights aren't really that many, I recommend you to just remove them normally! If it's an exterior map, you can use Browedit 2 to remake the lights Later I'm going to post a guide for Browedit 2 skylight >:3 but for now, you can join this channel and ask there: https://discord.gg/4yHawf
  12. Hii Diana! I think it may be a compilation problem. if not, it's a configuration problem. please join the Borf's Browedit Discord channel, the very last compiled version is there in the turorials and resources channel. https://discord.gg/BNNHeT have a very nice day! o/
  13. hii! yus, it's possible! only increase the gat with page up, and decrease it with page down. copy with c, paste with v. increase or decrease area with the buttons between zero and backspace (oh it depends on your keyboard but they should be around there) also don't forget to watch Syouji's tutorials on Youtube ;3 you can also join the Browedit Discord if you'd like! https://discord.gg/BNNHeT
  14. Oh it looks quite good and the possibility for that quest is also very interesting
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