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  1. I hope you don't have to remake it, it takes so long to make one map o_o try what I told the next person here :3
  2. oh I never got used to moving between f1 and f4 so often, I end up crashing at some point ^^; so I just enter brow 620 for that, as it very rarely crashes when adding the walls.
  3. ooh it's you, Zerelino! Actually, I had more problems with the hex editing when I was still using only pre-renewal things x3..
  4. oh! I've tried to avoid that as much as possible, because it resets the quadtree by force, so there are often models missing into outer space if you do that ><. And to solve that, you have to generate quadtree again in 586 and it's reverted back. If browedit 586 can solve it first it's much better! But also, adding height to the water has made me avoid it most of the time, it's much simpler than meddling with the file, as it tends to cause problems with the models. Another option is saving in Browedit 2, as it cleans the map much much better :3 but always on a backup, sinsce there's a small chance of breaking the map after doing some things for some reason. After saving in Brow 2, it may be possible to open it again in Brow 586. Also, your configuration files have to be the same in Brow 586 and 620 so they both read the same grf files. Are you in Borf's Discord by the way? There's a support section there that has helped me a lot! I can send you an invite if you aren't x3
  5. Hii! you have to use browedit 586, as it saves the quadtree properly! Just in case, remake it in Generate-Quadtree If that doesn't work, you may have to raise the water lever to -20 or higher (higher is below 0, such as -50, and lower is possitive numbers, for some reason), and the ground and models accordingly (with F2 + ctrl A + page up and the models with F11 and choosing the whole map). If it's not the quadtree but a problem with the shadow textures, you can export lighmap (without walls!), and import it again. Somehow it fixes this kind of problem :3 Good luck!
  6. I found it by chance! It's in "malaya"
  7. Uhm I'm not sure, but I've seen it somewhere o.o ... do you have the map with the model available? I know a trick to find what a model is fast :3 you can do this: 1. Copy the model with F2, and paste it on a new map. It can be 20 x 20 or something small. The map should only have this model (Also making new maps in Browedit 1 works fine!) 2. Open the rsw file of the map that you just made with the model, with notepad or notepad ++ 3. You can now see what the model is called and even its folder in the grf, in the first lines of the file :3
  8. It looks beautiful, congrazzles~!
  9. Ohh ty @sader1992! I didn't know what that was for xp
  10. It looks very good! and with the size, you can have expectators watching the battle x3
  11. Hii! Some time ago I finally finished the second version that I had promised of this map in the section of Projects and Concepts in Progress: This is also my second map ever finished x3 The first version was made in September of 2018, but one of these is a slightly revisited version of that older one, and the second one has certain parts of the public area changed :3 Note: I'm using some of the screenies from that post to avoid uploading unnecessarily, since the map looks the same essentially ☆★☆Previews☆★☆ Path to the Gods ver. This is the first version with some fixes. This area looks more "simple" than the second one, as the idea is that this place is "sacred", unlike the second one. Path to Glory ver. This is the second version. This is more like a true colosseum, with banners and even an ornated place from where the royalty or rulers can oversee the battle below. - The areas for the public are walkable, in case someone wants to add NPCs as spectators or wants to use those areas otherwise. - The fighting areas of both versions are almost exactly the same except for one tiny detail, but the difference is mostly aesthetic. - Oh and I really enjoyed working on this map! I took so long to showcase it because I was working on other maps, projects and irl, and I wanted it to be perfect, and because I had said that it was going to have these two versions. - There will definitely be a third version of this map that will vary much, much more from these two (and it will definitely not take one year to appear x.x). I hope you like it!
  12. OMG, it looks really really good Tio Akima!! * A *