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  1. This is a project that I made back in 2019. Including the three maps, these were my 5th, 6th and 7th RO maps >w< Shrine of the Vanir This is a city conceived as a Shrine of the Gods of Nature, or Vanir. It's a very big map, with plenty of details and places to visit, walk around and sit to take a break and relax. It's got several custom-made and modified models and textures. My goal was to make a beautiful place that felt magical and awe-inspiring, but different to places such as Splendide, as this city is more focused on stonework. When I designed it, I based plenty of the city by observing ancient Norse symbols that appear in runestones, and the very shape of the city is based on them. Additionally, there are "city blocks" that have shapes of animals when looked from the sky (although this detail is somewhat hidden by the various plant models). Interiors 1 This map is designed to be underground, under the city itself, which is the reason why the entrance is the stairs (In the main city map, there's a small building that serves as the entrance). The design includes areas with their respective themes, so that different NPCs can be added according to them, whether they're Quests, Shops or Event NPCs. Although it's a mid-sized map, it's close to being big, and it's relatively big for an interior map. It's got several details and resting areas, which were made with care. It's also got certain custom-made models and textures that aren't present in the original RO. Finally, it's got several custom effects, as well as sound effects in the proper places. My goal was to make a very peaceful and relaxing place to not only visit NPCs in their respective sections, but to also sit around with your friends or guildmates around the tables or benches, or even AFK peacefully by yourself as much as you want, maybe even next to a waterfall! I wanted to convey a feeling that there were several different activities, either fun or relaxing, that you could do in this somewhat hidden place underground. Interiors 2 It's made up of three rooms: Floor 1, Basement 1, and a Small Room. This map is designed to be partly underground, partly inside the structures of the city, which is why there are stairs leading further underground. Moreover, it's meant to have a door leading to "Interiors 1" In the Main city map, and in Interiors 1, there are doors that correspond to the various entrances of these interior rooms. The rooms are very detailed, and they've got several custom effects, as well as sound effects in several places. My goal was to make a smithy or area for forging weapons, that fit neatly as the interiors of "Shrine of the Vanir". This city is meant to convey a feeling of "not entirely made by humans, but also by the gods", thus these rooms had to convey a special feeling as well. So, as the city has huge plants growing in different places, the branches of Yggdrassil have also grown inside the buildings themselves! And the forge had to be big as if to say: the weapons crafted here are unique. Putting aside the design, ellaboration and custom-made elements of this work, all of the official Ragnarök Online content belongs to Gravity and the creators of kRO, jRO, twRO. +=+=+=+=+ Detailed Previews +=+=+=+=+ City Interiors 1 (Main Underground Area) Interiors 2 Smithy F1, Smithy B1 and Small Room Smithy - F1 Previews Smithy - Basement Since this area has certain "uncommon" effects, I'd like to show a video of them first: Previews Small Room Previews And that's it! for now! I hope you liked these maps ^^ Please let me know what you think!, and thank you ^^ Until the next mappinos~
  2. It's amazing, Sage!! I love the ambience, lights, feel and all of this map Also you've kept those details that make it feel like Juperos, in the symbols and architecture * - *
  3. oh it's very very spooky indeed but my next horror map is even spookier than this one ^^;;;
  4. Of your three new maps, I think this is the most amazing Yuss, keep the showcases up!
  5. It looks quite impressive and also a very interesting design
  6. OOOHH it's soo good that you're back, Sage!! And it looks quite amazing
  7. Hii! This is from a guide that I posted somewhere else in rathena, but a newer version of it Adding several texture or model files in group to your Browedit custom texture and model text files list 1. In GRF Editor, go to a texture or model folder. Select the first texture or model in the list, press Ctrl + A to select them all, and then Ctrl + C to make a copy of the list. 2. In Notepad ++, with the Replace function, and "Regular Expressions" turned ON: a. For the Textures Find what: (\w+).bmp Replace with: RO/foldername/$1|foldername\$1.bmp or mytextures/foldername/$1|foldername\$1.bmp (where "mytextures" is the name of your custom main folder that will appear in Browedit) b. For the Models Find what: (\w+).rsm Replace with: RO/foldername/$1|data\model\foldername\$1.rsm or mymodels/foldername/$1|data\model\foldername\$1.rsm (where "mymodels" is the name of your custom main folder that will appear in Browedit) 3. Finally, Simply place them in their corresponding file, be it rotextures.txt, texturescustom.txt, romodels.txt, randommodels.txt, romodels_organized.txt and so on, depending on how your Browedit configuration. NOTE 1: In Browedit 2 it's a bit different, you only have 2 files available and can't add extra ones: rotextures.txt and romodels.txt NOTE 2: It's common to do this, but don't actually use "custom" as a texture/model folder name. Because for some reason Browedit 2 has some trouble reading a folder called "custom" ^^; Browedit 1 doesn't have that problem, this is only for Browedit 2. If you want to use Browedit 2 at some point, you should simply avoid "custom" in order to easily copy the contents from Browedit 1's text file into Browedit 2's text file
  8. It's a very good tutorial! This should also be pinned
  9. Hii Tokei! I found a bug, or rather, a client of mine did! ^^ It turns out a map that they acquired from me had a missing bmp file. To test again, I added the custom map to my data.grf where the files are located, and saved. Then I extracted all of the files from the map with "Export...". But it happened again, specifically ilus_s_124.bmp isn't being extracted. The texture belongs to a rsm file that was previously converted from rsm2. (I don't know if it's related to the bug though) Please take a look, thank you! Edit: If you Export the files from the rsm itself, it works. It only doesn't work if you extract them from the map.
  10. Hii! o/ This was my fourth custom map! Back in December 2018, a client requested a room for events that looked very scary. The map that was originally requested was the "green room" to the north, and I added the southern "endless room" as an extra. But this room originally looked fairly simple. Later on I made a "make up" or update to these rooms, and I added the side decorations, as well as "special effects" (glows and smokes). I also made the southern room look more properly like Endless Tower, hence the name of the map! Additionally, now the northern room looks even more like a cave where really spooky things occurred >:3 The last screenshots belong to the older first version, for comparison purposes. + Map Overview + +Southern Room+ +Northern Room+ +Older Version+ +Glowing Effects Preview+ https://cdn-animation.artstation.com/p/video_sources/000/453/297/endless-effects.mp4
  11. thank you~ >w< Thank you, Adel! Also your sprite works are so beautiful!
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