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  1. Hii! This is from a guide that I posted somewhere else in rathena, but a newer version of it Adding several texture or model files in group to your Browedit custom texture and model text files list 1. In GRF Editor, go to a texture or model folder. Select the first texture or model in the list, press Ctrl + A to select them all, and then Ctrl + C to make a copy of the list. 2. In Notepad ++, with the Replace function, and "Regular Expressions" turned ON: a. For the Textures Find what: (\w+).bmp Replace with: RO/foldername/$1|foldername\$1.bmp or mytextures/foldername/$1|foldername\$1.bmp (where "mytextures" is the name of your custom main folder that will appear in Browedit) b. For the Models Find what: (\w+).rsm Replace with: RO/foldername/$1|data\model\foldername\$1.rsm or mymodels/foldername/$1|data\model\foldername\$1.rsm (where "mymodels" is the name of your custom main folder that will appear in Browedit) 3. Finally, Simply place them in their corresponding file, be it rotextures.txt, texturescustom.txt, romodels.txt, randommodels.txt, romodels_organized.txt and so on, depending on how your Browedit configuration. NOTE 1: In Browedit 2 it's a bit different, you only have 2 files available and can't add extra ones: rotextures.txt and romodels.txt NOTE 2: It's common to do this, but don't actually use "custom" as a texture/model folder name. Because for some reason Browedit 2 has some trouble reading a folder called "custom" ^^; Browedit 1 doesn't have that problem, this is only for Browedit 2. If you want to use Browedit 2 at some point, you should simply avoid "custom" in order to easily copy the contents from Browedit 1's text file into Browedit 2's text file
  2. It's a very good tutorial! This should also be pinned
  3. Hii Tokei! I found a bug, or rather, a client of mine did! ^^ It turns out a map that they acquired from me had a missing bmp file. To test again, I added the custom map to my data.grf where the files are located, and saved. Then I extracted all of the files from the map with "Export...". But it happened again, specifically ilus_s_124.bmp isn't being extracted. The texture belongs to a rsm file that was previously converted from rsm2. (I don't know if it's related to the bug though) Please take a look, thank you! Edit: If you Export the files from the rsm itself, it works. It only doesn't work if you extract them from the map.
  4. Hii! o/ This was my fourth custom map! Back in December 2018, a client requested a room for events that looked very scary. The map that was originally requested was the "green room" to the north, and I added the southern "endless room" as an extra. But this room originally looked fairly simple. Later on I made a "make up" or update to these rooms, and I added the side decorations, as well as "special effects" (glows and smokes). I also made the southern room look more properly like Endless Tower, hence the name of the map! Additionally, now the northern room looks even more like a cave where really spooky things occurred >:3 The last screenshots belong to the older first version, for comparison purposes. + Map Overview + +Southern Room+ +Northern Room+ +Older Version+ +Glowing Effects Preview+ https://cdn-animation.artstation.com/p/video_sources/000/453/297/endless-effects.mp4
  5. thank you~ >w< Thank you, Adel! Also your sprite works are so beautiful!
  6. This is a preview of some light changes in the next version:
  7. Hii! It's me Mina Rabbit, showcasing a mappino after such a long time! Actually, I made several new maps since my last showcase here, but I've started showcasing the new ones just now >w< I made this map back in 2018 (From around October to December 2018), and it was my third RO map. It was my first commission too, and the request was a "Halloween Prontera" that looked somewhat like Niflheim. So I decided to make it look like a combination of both maps! The result was a very spoopy map. Or as Borf said, it's as if "Prontera and Niflheim had a child" It was the very first time that I used lightbulbs to create coloured lights over the map, so they may not look as good as how I'd make them now ^^;; So, later on I'll add posts of the new version with the new light and models that I've been working on from time to time Map Overview Previews
  8. hii! o/ copying a GAT is limited to a specific size (I think 32 x 32) the best way is to copy the gat with the GAT mode (F6), with C and then P, then move to another map with TAB, and press P to enable the copied area again. but you have to be very precise when you paste it! (I'm unsure if copying a limited size with F2 mode works, I haven't tried it with a limited area yet... but in either case copying with F6 sounds easier because copying with F2 may cause crashes often and become very annoying)
  9. Your GRF shouldn't be above 2 GB in size. You can split the file in 2, and have map in one, materials in another one! Browedit can't read a GRF above 2 gb ><;
  10. hii o/ I remembered this question and I know this is an old thread, but this may be useful for others looking for this in the future Actually, you can change an effect's size easily in browedit 2 you can choose an effect in the "objectedit" mode (F2) all you have to do is change "Effect Parameter 1" (But you should use the very last browedit 2 that can be downloaded in Borf's Discord, or saving the map may break your textures). (The link to the Discord is in https://www.facebook.com/browedit )
  11. How to configure Browedit 2 (this will be inclided in the guide above later on) Before we start, do not open browedit 2 before making this file Step by step 1. Go to browedit 2\assets\configs 2. Make a file called config.customname.json (where custonname is whatever you want!) 3. Copy and paste this into the file: 4. Customize your grf paths! But be careful to use "/" and not "\", and also that the last grf line doesn't have a comma "," at the end. Then, save the file 5. Finally, the first time you open Browedit 2, it will ask you to type a file name. Introduce the file name of your config file, config.customname.json or config.customname, and press Enter. Voilá! It's done \o/ Congratulations! You can use Browedit 2 now. But please, please read the first post. I strongly recommend you to read it entirely! Specially "What you can't do and have to pay attention to and consider first" Also, always make a backup of your map each time before you use Browedit 2! This is mandatory, not a sugggestion ùwu; or your map may break and it will all be sad and horrible.
  12. Hii! They've updated the website with the guides This is the current method we're using to convert a model from rsm2 to rsm I think taking a look at the current steps may help you further advance with the program development >w< https://browedit-fansite.blogspot.com/p/converting-rsm2-into-rsm.html
  13. Oh who knows! I'm not certain of the cause either But what I'm doing for now is, after merging the vertices and assigning the textures that are repeated, I flip the models in Blender in the X and Y axis in the Global Scale mode (the other flip option changes the angle of the model, but not this one). Then in Object Edit mode, I press Ctrl + A and "Scale" to make the new orientation its "default orientation". Finally, when the model is exported , it comes out perfectly! (I'm currently using RSM Converter for this last step, for the "two side" and "shading mode" functions) Actually, someone made a guide of the full conversion process, based on our posts in Borf's Browedit discord, but currently the site isn't working. I'll post the link here when it's available though, it may help you have more insight in what's missing and what could be added >w< but so far, it's been an amazing program!!
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