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  1. I can replace a file or add it, the program allows it, even if I don't have the password
  2. Yes, and the program allowed it!
  3. I can still modify the grf even though I don't have the password. Example:
  4. Is it possible to encrypt hexed so that players cannot make any changes to it?
  5. I can still modify the grf even though I don't have the password.
  6. I am looking to encrypt the data.ini to prevent players from making changes to the server, through grf customs.
  7. I am new to configuring maps, I tried to use the browedit tool, but apparently I forgot to put my grf directory before using the command: config.borf.json Now I can not return to the initial configuration, I tried to download the program again, but apparently the configuration was saved in my windows regedit. Can anybody help me?
  8. Alguém teria um guia com os nomes das classes da pasta sprite/Àΰ£Á· Alguns que eu já sei: ´ÑÀÚ Ninja weapon sprites ¸¶¹ý»ç Mage weapon sprites ¸ùÅ© Monk weapon sprites ¿¬±Ý¼ú»ç Alchemist weapon sprites ¿î¿µÀÚ GM Weapon sprites ±â»ç Knight weapon sprites ±Ã¼ö Archer weapon sprites »óÀÎ Merchant weapon sprites °Ç³Ê Gunslinger weapon sprites °Ë»ç Swordsman weapon sprites µµµÏ Thief weapon sprites ·Î±× Rogue weapon sprites ¼¼ÀÌÁö Sage weapon sprites ¼ºÁ÷ÀÚ Acolyte weapon sprites ½´ÆÛ³ëºñ½º Super novice weapon sprites ½ÅÆäÄÚÅ©·ç¼¼ÀÌ´õ Crusader weapon sprites (when mounted on peco) ¾î¼¼½Å Assassin weapon sprites ¹«Èñ Dancer weapon sprites ¹Ùµå Bard weapon sprites Á¦Ã¶°ø Blacksmith weapon sprites À§Àúµå Wizard weapon sprites Å©·ç¼¼ÀÌ´õ Crusader weapon sprites ÆäÄÚÆäÄÚ_±â»ç Knight weapon sprites (when mounted on peco) Ãʺ¸ÀÚ Novice weapon sprites ÇÁ¸®½ºÆ® Priest weapon sprites ÇåÅÍ Hunter weapon sprites Mas queria saber todos. Se possível, se alguém tivesse uma ferramenta para editar quem equipa o quê, agradeço muito! Exemplo: 0x02000000 = Ninja
  9. Exemplo: setarray $WOT$[0],"guild_vs2"; // NOME DO MAPA QUE SERÁ MONITORADO EM TEMPO REAL waitingroom "",0; OnTimer1000: setarray [email protected]$,"["+getmapusers($WOT$[0])+"] Arena PvP"; // MENSAGEM QUE SERÁ EXIBIDA PELA PLACA delwaitingroom; waitingroom [email protected]$[rand(0)],0; initnpctimer; Nessa configuração ele monitora apenas 1 mapa, porém eu queria que ele monitorasse dois mapas, mudando a cada 5 segundos!
  10. Exemplo 1 (Personagem Online): Exemplo 2 (Personagem Offline): ERROR no Emulador: Tabela SQL: SCRIPT: Agradeço a ajuda desde já! EDIT 1 SOLUÇÃO: SQL: SCRIPT: RESET: CONTADOR: BOM PROVEITO!
  11. Example: Empty, and the server name, wanted to change only the word Empty on the login screen
  12. The time I put in for a character to be excluded was 24 hours, standard emulator! But in the msg of exclusion appears 12 months, does anyone know how to solve? Example: char_athena.conf: // Amount of time in seconds by which the character deletion is delayed. // Default: 86400 (24 hours) // NOTE: Requires client 2010-08-03aragexeRE or newer. char_del_delay: 86400
  13. Resolved: if (ismounting()){ setmounting(); }
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