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  1. Estou tentando consertar esse script à algum tempo, mas ainda não obtive sucesso!!! Se alguém conseguir me ajudar com este pequeno bug, porém irritante, agradeço!!! Formula do Ranking: Tabela SQL: A pontuação do ranking do jogador só atualizará quando o jogador que conquistou as kills relogar!!!
  2. Example: Empty, and the server name, wanted to change only the word Empty on the login screen
  3. The time I put in for a character to be excluded was 24 hours, standard emulator! But in the msg of exclusion appears 12 months, does anyone know how to solve? Example: char_athena.conf: // Amount of time in seconds by which the character deletion is delayed. // Default: 86400 (24 hours) // NOTE: Requires client 2010-08-03aragexeRE or newer. char_del_delay: 86400
  4. Resolved: if (ismounting()){ setmounting(); }
  5. Example: When the NPC teleports the player to a map, he will automatically lose the mount. setmounting(0); Does not work
  6. Example: If using the buff increase agility + sleipnir boots, it does not add up, it activates only the speed of the greater effect, that is, the effect that gives more speed! Would it be possible to leave the speed effects summing up?
  7. I saw this project on some servers, but I do not know if it is a free project, or paid, would anyone have it? Example:
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