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  1. So I've had an idea rattling around in my head for a while, based on Diablo 2. You know how magic/rare/etc items dropped and had to be Identified, at which point they'd get prefixes and suffixes? I was thinking, why not use cards to do the same in RO? Rough concept of the implementation: These new magic items would drop as a new misc item (so as to not trip over the existing identify system). A new usable item is used on it, giving you (for example) a Falchion with a variable number of cards (say, 1-4) from a set list (not from inventory) preslotted. The cards chosen come from a list supplied in the script function, which could potentially include cards that don't match the slot as long as that doesn't break anything (related: does that break anything?). Obviously I don't need the full card list in there, just enough of the structure that I can figure out how to expand it from there. A feature that'd be nice would be variable per-card rarity, so a Poring card is more likely to show up than a Baphomet (arbitrarily chosen) One other detail: I'd like each equipment slot to pull from a different list - so weapons would use a different card list from headgear, etc. Thank you in advance to whoever does this, and in the off chance another server wants to use it too, go right ahead; this is more for a personal project than anything. Edit to Add: If it's easier to attach the "identify" function to a new NPC rather than an item, that's also fine.
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