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  1. Will see what I can come up with when we update to a 2018 client. Thank you, Stolao!
  2. I've done that (just did it again to be sure nothing new was changed since the last time I attempted it), to no avail. The monster can be spawned, but cannot be targeted and displays as a Poring as before. I'm sure there's gotta be a way to do it using the LUA coding; I'm just not experienced enough to figure it out myself, sadly.
  3. Stalk on! :3 I noticed the LUA stuff and tried getting it to work a year ago with the June 2017 client, but couldn't get past the 3999 limit without custom monsters displaying as Porings. Hrm.
  4. jTynne


    BUMP / Re-Introduction: Hi, my name is still Justin! I'm now 30 and have two Masters degrees, and teach full-time. I left the RO scene about two years ago to focus on wrapping up my undergrad and also focus on my graduate studies in music. Now that I'm finished with school (for the foreseeable immediate future, at least), I'm back in RO-land doing hoodrat shit with my friends. If any oldbies are still around these parts, hello! And any new faces I've yet to meet, hello!
  5. Howdy, This is something that I've wanted to see for a number of years. Those of us who have created hundreds of custom monsters eventually run into the same issue once we run out of available IDs: We're limited to using IDs under 3999 for custom monsters, otherwise they will display as a Poring, or overwrite an official monster. Outside of Xray or Aesir, has anyone developed a working method to extend the monster view IDs beyond the default 1001-3999? I know that several years ago NEMO had a patch for this, however, it didn't work and thus was removed from the repository, and to my knowledge, no one ever picked it up and got it working, or, created a viable alternative. If anyone could point me toward a working means to get this feature working with the game client, I'd be most appreciative, or know someone who could be commissioned to perform this task. Many thanks in advance.
  6. No donation required; The files are out there. If you feel like sending cash, feel free, but it's not required.
  7. Thank you for making this into a reality, @Temtaime
  8. With the latest, all I get is : msaa not supported And then it loads Amatsu's trees and I can't do anything in the window. o.o
  9. C'est moi. People pay me to sing loudly.
  10. Incredible progress, @Temtaime! I've pledged $5/mo to you on Patreon. It's not much, but I may increase in the future. If you're interested in seeing this project succeed, I encourage you to also pledge to Temtaime's Patreon account. This is the first client project that has actually been produced that didn't close before a public release was made available ever that I'm aware of. This is huge. Congrats, Temtaime! I look forward to seeing how your project develops moving forward. If there's any manner I may be of assistance in the future, do let me know. I am, however, experiencing difficulty getting the client to run: "msaa not supported"
  11. jTynne


    Does anyone still have the old IncreaseNpcIDs patch?
  12. Make certain you're running rAthena in RE mode and change your packet version in the /src/config/packets.h file https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/src/config/packets.h #ifndef PACKETVER #define PACKETVER 20151104 #endif Change the 20151104 to your client version (20170614 is the version for Rytech's latest client release here on the forum). Recompile your server and it should work. I just had to go through these steps myself to get it working on my server.
  13. Interesting. Also running into the same issue. Running latest rAthena and I've also modified my lub files to show the advanced Doram skills. Following. Edit: Nvm, I see this requires 2016+ clients to use.