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  1. OMG DAVVEN! Honestly I am fangirling because you made maps back in the eA days right? You had a Wix website, RIGHT? If so, you're the whole reason I started mapping! I remember your fairy map, like some kinda fairy novice grounds or fairy village or something, that is if you are Davven from back then. >< Welcome back to the mapping scene!
  2. Oh this is so gorgeous and I was a huge fan of the first one you did! Sage your maps are always stunning!
  3. Sage, Your maps are always amazing! I love how this turned out, I especially love your gorgeous indoors! I can't wait to see the next map you do!
  4. This is gorgeous! I really can't wait to see more work from you!
  5. View File Fairy Novice Grounds Hey Guys! This is a 'Fairy' styled type of map I did a while back. Pretty ideal for novice grounds I suppose! Let me know if you have any issues! Submitter Chemical Crush Submitted 06/24/2018 Category Maps & 3D Resources Video Content Author Chemical Crush  
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Hey Guys! This is a 'Fairy' styled type of map I did a while back. Pretty ideal for novice grounds I suppose! Let me know if you have any issues!
  7. Woah did you replace all these textures yourself or did you just replace the texture files so that BE automatically did it? o.o
  8. I havent made a map in so long.  Its weird to be mapping again e.e;

    1. Kido


      I would love to see a new project of yours o:!

  9. I would first do what Adel said, if that doesn't work try what w0w said but save with 586 last anyways. Any custom map you make should be final saved with 586 to prevent these black spots, sometimes you can save with 620 and not get the black spots but better safe than sorry.
  10. This is cute, the only thing that bothers me is the weird gap you have between the news/events and the actual boarder, like there is a 'hole' or 'gap between the boarder and the actual news/events backdrop.
  11. Tio this is beautifully done! I've always wanted to do this map but never got around to it, looks great.
  12. I get what you mean now, however I meant more of like trees/bushes and stuff of that nature. I'm sure you've played league, obviously, so if you run around the map you see that there are other things going on decoration wise. I can understand leaving the other things as sprites, makes more sense, but I was speaking more on the other decorations.
  13. Seems good so far, however it is still pretty bare in the objects department, but I do notice you say it's not finished so I'll see what it looks like when it's done! I always wanted to do this map back when I mapped but I never got around to it, glad to see someone else is attempting it as well.
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