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  1. Hi! Thanks for taking some time here and explaining the whole idea, I'll definitely take a loot at it later!! I'll come with a reply after I try.
  2. I know that, but it's not it. The shadows behind the shelf and next to the mirror, I want them to be there. The problem is that exporting and importing the lightmap, those shadows get messed up (like the pics I posted above).
  3. I don't know, I had already tried doing that, but haven't noticed the bug.
  4. Hey, thanks for replying! So, I wanted to remove only the part where I showed in the first post. Is it possible to remove those and keep the others walls shadows? Like these: By exporting and importing I noticed there is a glitch, even without even touching the file in an editor. I export the lightmap, which is like the above, but when I import it's like this: Another example, after importing and before importing: This happens in both 586 and 620 versions of BrowEdit, any idea of how to fix it? Or maybe there is no fix and I can't have shadows on the walls =(
  5. Yea, I thought so. I was hoping there was another way though, but thanks anyway. Exporting, editing and importing does work. EDIT: I was wrong. When I export a lightmap and import it, even after editing, it has a glitch with the walls shadows, they are bugged. Tried in both 586 and 620 versions of BrowEdit. I really don't know what to do anymore.
  6. Hi! I'm running into something that I can't seem to work around this time, to explain it, check the picture below: I wanted to cast shadows at these objects, but I wanted them to stop at the edge, not going further where the yellow arrows points. I wanted the shadows to stop by the red line. Any ideas? Thanks!
  7. Thanks! Downloading this one, I hope it works :3
  8. I didn't test with any other kRO data.grf. Does it really matter the year of the data.grf, apart from the new maps resources? I'm gonna download a 2017 version if that's the problem. I need to use BrowEdit for just a few tweaks in a map or two, and they are old maps. But hey, thanks for testing it out and telling me this data is not working.
  9. Hello! I'm having problems with BrowEdit, actually, I tried all recommended versions but it seems the problem is with my data.grf. I downloaded my client from this post: When I open the BrowEdit it displays a message saying: FS: Error opening grf C:\RO\data.grf But it reads normally the rdata.grf, because it also shows right after: FS: Done reading grf C:\RO\rdata.grf I didn't modify the data.grf nor anything else, I just extracted the files and tried running BrowEdit. I also tried updating first and then run it, but nothing changed. Any ideas? =/
  10. Hello! I'd like to know how I can display the player name during a talk with an NPC, for instance: And it shows: What's up Althezier, all good? Thanks!
  11. Hello! :) I have some general questions and I hope you guys can help me, here we go: I) When I set the server to be Pre-Renewal in the /config, which episode does it load? Is it Episode 11.3, Episode 12 or Episode 13.1? Because as far as I'm concerned, the Renewal system came into play in Episode 13.2, right? II) Taking into consideration that I want to run a Pre-Renewal server, is it still possible to use all the available sprites from the latest updated kRO client (like sprites for NPCs and Mobs), items icons and stuff like that? III) Let's suppose I want to work with new monsters, NPCs, items, do I have to make everything manually or are there tools to makes things easier? I know there are like NPC Scrip Editors, Server Database Editors, Act Editor, but sometimes I just get lost and don't get the full purpose of those tools... IV) Also about question III, if I come to create new mobs, npcs, items, their descriptions, etc... I always have to make them server and client-side, is that correct? When it comes to server side it's easier, but client-side, how am I supposed to work with that? How can I change the client with the modifications I want? I mean, what tools do I have to use? Since I also want to create new spells, and I know I have to implement them in both client and server. I think that's it for now, thanks in advance guys!
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