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  1. Try doing this: skill_strip_equip(src,bl, where[rnd()%5], 10000, skill_lv, skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv)); EDIT: Tested and working. Thanks for your help ~ too damn to realize hahaha
  2. Not working ~ pc_unequipitem only have 3 syntax Btw. Thanks ~
  3. Hi ~ rAthena. I just need some help How can i edit the skill Tarot Card instead of breaking the item it will only unequip it? case 3: // 1000 damage, random armor destroyed { status_fix_damage(src, bl, 1000, 0, skill_id); clif_damage(src,bl,tick,0,0,1000,0,DMG_NORMAL,0); if( !status_isdead(bl) ) { int where[] = { EQP_ARMOR, EQP_SHIELD, EQP_HELM, EQP_SHOES, EQP_GARMENT }; skill_break_equip(src,bl, where[rnd()%5], 10000, BCT_ENEMY); } } break; Thanks ~
  4. Thanks! New link for? dude please share the slider
  5. generate 1st and 3rd keys again. thanks for the info dude.
  6. what is this means? why my 1st and 3rd keys are the same?
  7. what are the features of 2013-08-07 client? and where can I download those files?
  8. Hello nah. I'm just cameback and I want to develop a server again but unfortunately I'm outdated on rathena. I'm planning for a pre-re server what is the best client? still 2012-04-10a? thanks
  9. is this working in any client? like 2012? thanks
  10. I have a problem scripting custom instance i don't know what is the error here because There is no error on Map-Server It seem its just like an normal dungeon because when i try to /where it show only [email protected] i know that if i /where it will show [email protected] Thanks Click Here
  11. make your clientinfo on a dll so they can't connect if they don't have the DLL
  12. if you have a legitimate account on eamod you can fix this.
  13. is there any command on sql that you can delete all account's that didn't login for 1 week? ex. i didn't online my account for 1 week and 2 days my account will automatically delete when i execute the command on sql. but if i didn't online my account for 4 days my will not be deleted. thanks
  14. 1st register. then go to your mysql work bench login. then goto your database go to login database then edit your group_id to 99.
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