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  1. Yommy


    Then just use like sleep2 5000; end; ?? I'm sure the server cannot tell the client to close a window
  2. It seems like the usual occurance with major projects like this. Awesome build up of excitement. If you really are losing interest, then shove it onto github. if you are not losing interest, shove it on github anyway. either way, there is some people who would help. it seems many people are capable to creating a map viewer, but it never proceeds further than this stage Yommy ... i was very excited for this project, and really hope something more comes out of it
  3. Yommy


    Hi Tiera <3 just some small requests for you 1) newlogin is not saving the username, when open patcher again, username box is empty even when i tell it to save. 2) as we spoke in skype, client should be started with md5(pass), to avoid password being in tasklist, and stop it sending plain text over internet. dont worry, rathena will update to support this method, since only your patcher supports it
  4. k3dt, do athena a favour, and dont make the RE clients, these are for the sakray server. instead you should force athena to use the main server client, ragexe.exe <3
  5. change the item script. 4077,Phen_Card,Phen Card,6,20,,10,,,,,,,,,136,,,,,{ bonus bNoCastCancel,0; bonus bCastrate,25; },{},{} bonus bNoCastCancel,n; Prevents casting from being interrupted when hit (does not work in GvG | n is meaningless) bonus bNoCastCancel2,n; Prevents casting from being interrupted when hit (works even in GvG | n is meaningless)
  6. Yommy

    Ctrl + V

    hmm, i was moving a movie to external hdd The.Others.2001.720p.BluRay.DTS.x264.YIFY.mp4
  7. it should be capable of running athena, for testing etc, but i would not run a public server on this hardware i have a RasPi too, but i didnt think about running athena on it
  8. really, bmp is raw pixels. you cannot get any better than that o_O
  9. ctrl + prt scrn this will save as bmp
  10. i remember in really really old clients, standing behind objects gave them some transparency. then there was RCX which added this feature too. [media=] [/media]it would be awesome if you could figure this out and make it a diff love you long time <3
  11. Yommy

    PIN Code

    pincodes are sooo 2011
  12. since many will know, gravity started to protect the ragnarok client with Themida since 2012-07-24aRagexeRE if anyone is able to unpack the clients back to normal, it would help alot Thank you Yom
  13. i started doing these a few months ago, but its a huge boring task thank you alot <3
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