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  1. Add this: announce "There are "+getmapusers("quiz_01")+" players on the map",8; after the OnPcLogoutEvent ( before the if ). Log double account and see what number appears on the announce after loggin out. If it's 1, then it's weird. As an alternative you can create a timer, that checks every 1 minute if there is only one player in the map, then you don't have to use OnLougoutEvent. ( Event start would initnpctimer, and OnTimer60000: would reset the timer if the event is still going on ).
  2. I think your [email protected]$ isn't being setted, as it is as temporary variable, show the whole code.
  3. Was it realeased? I see all the features on wiki, but no download @Edit Sorry, my bad. https://rathena.org/board/topic/105258-ergo-patcher/
  4. And to correct your if, use if(isequipped(38089) && isequipped(38089)) {
  5. Totally unpratical, seriously, too much hardwork while playing hahaha And let go of the capital letters please.
  6. Anywhere within all the other defs. And being TXT or SQL doesn't matter, every time you change something on your source code, you need to recompile again. Recompile is the action of creating the executables ( login-server.exe, map-server.exe, char-server.exe ), if you don't recompile, you will run the exe with the outdated code.
  7. It needs to be in the right location, there is the place for the defs. The funcs can be almost anywhere. By reloading everything, what do you mean? You need to recompile your build.
  8. Don't forget the def's BUILDIN_DEF(playBGM,"s"), BUILDIN_DEF(playBGMall,"s?????"),
  9. Well, in my server, I just made reloadscript skip all files within mobs directory, if you want to do it just with MvPs, I guess you would separate all MvP spawns in a single file. And.. well, actually I transformed all my mob spawns into a database table, it was a pain not being able to dynamically create natural spawns :v But nevermind, as I said before, you can close this topic haha, thanks.
  10. This looks ugly as hell haha I'm aware of come arounds, it's just not practical.
  11. addrid should have optional argument for map, the reason is obvious. Currently you are limited to attach players from player/npc map.
  12. Moriarty


    haShield does work with last rA o.O Harmony doesn't, and you shouldn't use it, as it is abandoned since a long time ago.
  13. If something is unrecognized, it doesn't exists. Very simple, no?
  14. Moriarty


    not, it's not the same with rA. Actually there is no reason why someone would use eA, as it is waaay too old, and full of exploits. About your question, sorry, I'm don't know.
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