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  1. Im using rAmod. So my rathena is 5 months ago since update. Diffed without Disable encrypted packet. [info]: clif_parse: Disconnecting session #3 with unknown packet version (p:0x793b,l:19).
  2. [info]: clif_parse: Disconnecting session #3 with unknown packet version (p:0x0368,l:19). Using 2013-08-14 Ragexe.
  3. There's this bug in PvP. A sinx is cloaking and then when he sonic blow a player, in the player's view, it is 5 or more cell away from him. In fact, he's just 1 cell away from the target. Do you guys get me ? What could be the problem ?
  4. What he means is that when a normal player hack a gm or an account with a group id of 1 or higher, it will prompt the hacker a password and if not matched, it will be give a group id of 25 which has no commands.
  5. it should be under src/map/battle.c
  6. how did you make the cash shop button appear? O.O i have already done everything im using 2012 04 10 client rev 17339 Dude use 2012-04-10 Ragexe not 2012-04-10 Ragexe RE
  7. Dont tab in the line of #define PACKETVER, just use space. also are you using latest rAthena version? if not, update first then re edit all. Gonna try this one. 17224. LOOOL update your svn, I suggest making a test server to test all the updates. Cuz sometimes linking your main server to the latest rA svn is bad. dunno why, but this is what I do Sure ! Thanks. Gonna do it now. Last question, how to take away the "you rathena is running on root privileges" your*
  8. Dont tab in the line of #define PACKETVER, just use space. also are you using latest rAthena version? if not, update first then re edit all. Gonna try this one. 17224. LOOOL
  9. Ya, in the mmo.h. I've done already this. #ifndef PACKETVER #define PACKETVER 20120410 //#define PACKETVER 20130320 //#define PACKETVER 20111116 #endif
  10. Ya, done. And in the packet_db I edit this packet_db_ver: 30 //packet_db_ver: default #ifndef PACKETVER #define PACKETVER 20120410 //#define PACKETVER 20130320 //#define PACKETVER 20111116 #endif Let me try this. Recompiled. Start server. Still, nothing happens when clicking the cash shop.
  11. Still, nothing happens when I click it. //2012-04-10aRagexeRE packet_ver: 30 0x0844,2 0x08c9,2 0x01FD,15,repairitem,2 0x089C,26,friendslistadd,2 0x0885,5,hommenu,2:4 0x0961,36,storagepassword,0 0x0288,-1,cashshopbuy,4:8 0x091C,26,partyinvite2,2 0x094B,19,wanttoconnection,2:6:10:14:18 0x0369,7,actionrequest,2:6 0x083C,10,useskilltoid,2:4:6 0x0439,8,useitem,2:4 0x0945,-1,itemlistwindowselected,2:4:8 0x0815,-1,reqopenbuyingstore,2:4:8:9:89 0x0817,2,reqclosebuyingstore,0 0x0360,6,reqclickbuyingstore,2 0x0811,-1,reqtradebuyingstore,2:4:8:12 0x0819,-1,searchstoreinfo,2:4:5:9:13:14:15 0x0835,2,searchstoreinfonextpage,0 0x0838,12,searchstoreinfolistitemclick,2:6:10 0x0437,5,walktoxy,2 0x0886,6,ticksend,2 0x0871,5,changedir,2:4 0x0938,6,takeitem,2 0x0891,6,dropitem,2:4 0x086C,8,movetokafra,2:4 0x08A6,8,movefromkafra,2:4 0x0438,10,useskilltopos,2:4:6:8 0x0366,90,useskilltoposinfo,2:4:6:8:10 0x0889,6,getcharnamerequest,2 0x0884,6,solvecharname,2 0x08E5,41,bookingregreq,2:4 //Added to prevent disconnections 0x08E6,4 0x08E7,10,bookingsearchreq,2 0x08E8,-1 0x08E9,2,bookingdelreq,2 0x08EA,4 0x08EB,39,bookingupdatereq,2 0x08EC,73 0x08ED,43 0x08EE,6 0x08EF,6,bookingignorereq,2 0x08F0,6 0x08F1,6,bookingjoinpartyreq,2 0x08F2,36 0x08F3,-1 0x08F4,6 0x08F5,-1,bookingsummonmember,2:4 0x08F6,22 0x08F7,3 0x08F8,7 0x08F9,6 0x08FA,6 0x08FB,6,bookingcanceljoinparty,2 0x0907,5,moveitem,2:4 0x0908,5 0x08D7,28,battlegroundreg,2:4 //Added to prevent disconnections 0x08CF,10 //Amulet spirits 0x0977,14 //Monster HP Bar 0x0916,26,guildinvite2,2 0x0844,2,cashshopopen,0 0x084a,2,cashshopclose,0 0x08c9,4,cashshopitemlist,0 0x0848,-1,cashshopbuy,0
  12. So as the title says, I have a problem regarding the cash shop. When I used 2012 04 10 and click on the cash shop the client crashes and there's a packet_db error so I put the error in my packet_db. After fixing the client crash, when I click on the cash shop, nothing happens. Can someone help me ? I'm using 2012 04 10 Ragexe
  13. - Mariel

    We're back!

    Good to be back. I always rA everyday to see if it's up.
  14. Before using the said script, Im using the script that comes from SVN. Same error Btw thanks. My resnametable.txt is the problem...
  15. I'm using this code that I saw here on rAthena http://pastebin.com/gViiHsNV then after entering the dungeon, my ragnarok crash. It says that #00 [email protected] - Failed 0.00 #01 [email protected] - Failed 0.00 Any way to fix this ? Btw, when I warp to [email protected], it doesn't crash.