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  1. After Asura Strike Animation

    Oh thanks, I made it work in 2013-08-07. removed the sliding effect. May i know how did you managed it? Through hexing or source? sorry for the late reply. It was based on source code.
  2. Modifying @warp command

    Hi all, How to modify @warp for normal players wherein they are not allowed to put coordinates. Example: @warp prontera 150 150 - They are just being warped randomly Even they have specific coordinates that they want to go they will be warped randomly Regards!
  3. Already removed them in my clientinfo. it's on the char server. I think resetting the server will do it. but let me try it ty!
  4. I already shutdown the map and char server
  5. Hi, I have tried creating a multiple map and char server with single login server and it was successful. Somehow after creating account#2 and removing it because it was just for testing purposes its not removed in the server selection. See attached After creating such multiple map and char. I just want them to be removed in the current setup but can't seem to remove it. How to do it? Just want to retain Iris only. Regards!
  6. Multilanguage Client

    you could try to use other server grf that has multi lang , i tried to use one and it worked with me on client 2012 Example of it? Are there other ways? i just simply did copy the server grf, and made a 2012 client then used it and it worked. this is only for items and UI btw Which server are you talking?
  7. Multilanguage Client

    you could try to use other server grf that has multi lang , i tried to use one and it worked with me on client 2012 Example of it? Are there other ways?
  8. Multilanguage Client

    Q> How to Enable multi-language client? Or is there a way to support multiple language client? Like English/Arabic/Indonesia? Regards! Would I use the select service?
  9. Abnormal damage display

    Hi, Experiencing abnormal damage display in GvG Mapflag enabled maps. But for PVP mapflag or normal mapflag. Just normal damage is being displayed. What could be the reason for this? Regards! up
  10. R> Floating Rates Based on Player Count

    I'll this. Thanks! I'll feedback later. Happy New Year!
  11. R> Floating Rates Based on Player Count

    Can you add ischeckvending for your script? rather can you modify it? Thanks!
  12. Hi, Requesting for a script that will use the mechanics of floating rates via player count excluding vending. I can somehow get the script by getusers(1) but can't check the isvending --------------------------------------- *getusers(<type>) This function will return a number of users on a map or the whole server. What it returns is specified by Type. Type can be one of the following values, which control what will be returned: 0 - Count of all characters on the map of the invoking character. 1 - Count of all characters in the entire server. 8 - Count of all characters on the map of the NPC the script is running in. ---------------------------------------
  13. 2013-08-07 Nemo Patches

    Hi folks, I applied basic nemo patches in the client but somehow experiencing some errors. The errors I have encountered: When using slot_card = item 12786 after moving the character it will experience crash/error When logging in to the server and when the player is still online (E.G. Auto Vend) it will have an error. If the map server is closed or login server is closed and account group is 0, trying to login it will have an error. What could be the patch that make this error? Regards!
  14. Q> Position Bug

    Hi, How often does position bugs appear in client? This is where the other player's perspective view doesn't update until you use @refresh or click/attack him. What could be the causes of it? Can it be server-lag? Client hexing? Source-related? -- Is it possible to make the client automatic refresh or send simultaneous update location in the client whenever a player cloaks so that it will be real time to other player? Appreciate feedback. Thanks!