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  1. Have downloaded IE 11 but somehow the problem is from the 32-bit application something.
  2. Alright thanks. I have tried to make it work but can't am I missing something? Should I download IE 11 or Edge?
  3. Will this work on Windows 7? or in 32 bit servers?
  4. It says missing. Just upload the sql files on your schema/db.
  5. I cannot connect to char-server it says disconnected even the packetver is correct. I'm using 20200304 both client and server using ./configure --enable-packetver=20200304 Am I missing something?

    Hi, I'm looking for dugeon illusion and part of rock ridge, agradesco, who can help me

  7. Hi, I failed to find a person in the 3rd party services for scripting service so I'm trying to find it here via support section for the following: Rock Ridge NPC's (Complete) - Includes DB Banquet of Heroes (Complete) Illusion Dungeons Anyone who have it or selling it? Please do contact me. Thanks! Apologies but unable to find in the 3rd party service and resorted here in the support section!
  8. Hi, how to script the link hover for fluxcp wherein the menu bar shows different menu if account is already login. Let's say. Menu 1: (Account not logout) - Registration : downloads : vote and stuffs Menu 2: - Registration becomes Database : downloads : vote and stuffs
  9. Anyone who have the said NPC's? Willing to put a coffee. Message me! I tried using third party services but wasnt able to find one.
  10. R/B> @joinbg command that: Automatically broadcast that battleground will start @joinbg will automatically join you to the said BG The number of players are dependent on how many joins the @joinbg Regards!
  11. Hi, I have this script but somehow it appears to have a error in the console with regards to zeny. Is there a problem if I set the script below? set Zeny, zeny + .@variable; If you can notice the Zeny and zeny are different in terms of letters. Is the script case-sensitive? converter check.txt
  12. Hi, I'm trying to filter out the count for Gx Rolling Cutter when using Back slide but can't seem to find it in battle.c or skill.c. Not sure if its only me but I've tested it with the latest update of rA and fresh copy. Whenever I use rolling cutter and back slide the count is removed. It goes back to 1. So I was trying to find it via src if there was changes done but no where to be found. Tried filtering TF_Backsliding if its linked to rolling.
  13. Works fine @Cyro! Just a little modif! Thanks. didn't thought i will find it via @pk search lol!
  14. Only monster will not be able to hit you. Which is correct. I tried to @killable but after using the command at a PK Server or environment. Still player can hit the player even it says its not killable anymore.
  15. Battleignore is for all attacks including mobs. The @pk or @pvp should only remove the attacks from players making them non-PKable players.
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