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  1. I guess this is a client side diff. Im pretty sure there was a change HP bar size or something when diffing your client.
  2. - script asdahjhla -1,{ OnPCKillEvent: if ( inarray(.map$, strcharinfo(3)) != -1 ) { if ( rand(100) <= .chance ) { getitem 501, 10; #CASHPOINTS += 1; // I forgot to add this dispbottom "You earned 1 Cash Point. Total : "+ #CASHPOINTS; } } end; OnInit: .chance = 50; // chance to get something setarray .map$, "prontera", "payon"; // map list }
  3. Mabuhay

    @mall script

    - script at_mall_cmd -1,{ OnMallWarp: warp "map",x,y; end; OnInit: bindatcmd "mall", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnMallWarp"; }
  4. You will have to wait for the Topic Author to update it.
  5. diff your client to remove rodex button?
  6. //return; // remove this part end; OnInit
  7. *getusers(<type>) This function will return a number of users on a map or the whole server. What it returns is specified by Type. Type can be one of the following values, which control what will be returned: 0 - Count of all characters on the map of the invoking character. 1 - Count of all characters in the entire server. 8 - Count of all characters on the map of the NPC the script is running in. Usage : prontera,150,180,0 script njhaksdn 123,{ end; OnInit: while (1) { waitingroom "Players Online : "+ getmapusers(1), 0; sleep 5000; // updates every 5 sec delwaitingroom; } }
  8. Yes, you have to add them as per how the script does it. Please mark my post as best answer so that other ppl who are encountering the same issue would find this easier. Thanks
  9. This can easily be done thru scripting. Use this as reference :
  10. try removing the dot (.) on the folder name. It might be causing the emulator to read it as file extension therefore it halts at that part.
  11. *getequipuniqueid(<equipment slot>{,<char_id>}) This function returns the unique ID (as a string) of the item equipped in the equipment slot specified on the invoking character. If nothing is equipped there, it returns an empty string. See 'getequipid' for a full list of valid equipment slots. But I'm not sure how do you retrieve GID from items besides equipments.. or if it is possible.
  12. Not tested but do let me know : in pc.cpp
  13. You should do whatever interest you to do. Whether you start a server or not is not a question. The real problem is can you keep it running? Factors to include is time, cost, and skills. If you don't want to have the time to learn how to run a server and or the skill, it will cost you a lot. If you have the time and skill but you dont want to spend, well, that's another issue.. The point is that you should be committed and invested to it. You should be able to have time, money, and skills invested and 100% committed on a server. Otherwise, it will all be a waste which seemed to be your case. You have to change your mentality, if not, there's no point running a server you're not even interested in working with. Ps: there are a lot of private servers already running. I have not heard a single one who got fined or whatnot. But if there were, well, they got very unlucky.
  14. Check for armor item type on L hand.
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