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  1. You have to make the pet's intimacy to loyal first.
  2. Check for armor item type on L hand.
  3. search for : getmapxy at the end of the code line, you will see 0 or 1. change it to BL_PC or BL_NPC respectively.
  4. You cannot do player bound variables if you dont attach players. It is better to check for the current day using gettime then update every time player uses that npc. More examples are best found in annieruru's blogspot.
  5. Use global variable. Example: $var or read script command in doc folder
  6. Recheck the answer above. I edited it.
  7. Yes it is possible. I haven't personally tried this method but you could.
  8. // I only use R hand check since L hand may equip with shield. // And too lazy to add more checks. prontera,160,160,0 script Click Me 123,{ [email protected] = 501; // TCG ID here. [email protected] = 5; // TCG Amount here. if ( countitem([email protected]) < [email protected] ) { mes "I need 5 "+getitemname([email protected])+" to proceed."; close; } [email protected] = getequipid(EQI_HAND_R); if ( [email protected] || !getequipisequiped(EQI_HAND_R) ) { mes "Please equip your weapon."; close; } if ( !getequipisenableref(EQI_HAND_R) ) { mes "This item is not refinable."; close; } if ( getequipweaponlv(EQI_HAND_R) > 4 ) { mes "I only refine Lv 1 - 4 weapons."; close; } if ( getequiprefinerycnt(EQI_HAND_R) >= 10 ) { // Added +10 check mes "This item is already +10"; close; } delitem [email protected], [email protected]; while ( getequiprefinerycnt(EQI_HAND_R) < 10 ) { successrefitem EQI_HAND_R; } end; } Not tested. But should work. Edit : Added +10 item check
  9. Follow the format properly. There should be no comma at the end. PS: You need to wait for response. You dont need to bump this topic.
  10. Sorry, I thought you wanted an NPC to be a MOB. I didnt fully realize what you ask. If you are asking how to make a player-looking mob, yes it is possible. 1. Create a mob in mob_db. (You should know how to add custom mob) 2. Change the mob's looks into a player using db/mob_avail.txt // Mob Availability and Alias Database // // Structure of Database: // MobID,SpriteID{,Equipment} // // 01. MobID Mob ID to change. // 02. SpriteID Mob ID which will be sent to the client instead of MobID. // If 0, the mob becomes unavailable for use. // 03. Equipment Item ID of pet equipment (must be available for pet counterpart, or this will cause problems). // // To disguise a mob as a player: // MobID,SpriteID,Sex,Hair_Style,Hair_Color,Weapon,Shield,Head_Top,Head_Middle,Head_Bottom,Option,Dye_Color // // SpriteID is a job class value. // Weapon and Shield uses Item ID, while Head uses View ID. // Option for carts only works if you compiled your server for a packet version before 2012-02-01 Or the easiest way is use lhz mobs.. they pretty much looks like a player already.
  11. I checked the You can see the thing you are looking for. It is now under `Flag`.
  12. Maybe creating a new issue here will let the devs know about this and/or if this is an issue to be reviewed.
  13. I am not mistaken, Land Protector only ignores ground skills. If deperado is not a ground skill, it shouldn't be ignored.
  14. I see the problem is all npc becomes poring. I didnt really checked the image. and yes I've encountered this before also. This is caused by mistakes you did somewhere in lua. I suggest reverting everything then double check if you are editing the right files with the right formats. Sometimes the last lines wont require commas at the end and such.
  15. have you checked this branch?