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  1. If I am right, the item_db VIEW ID column should be WEAPON ID not the view id of the weapon. The rest is correct. View: For normal items, defines a replacement view-sprite for the item (eg: Making apples look like apple juice). The special case are weapons and ammo where this value indicates the weapon-class of the item. For weapons, the types are: 0: bare fist 1: Daggers 2: One-handed swords 3: Two-handed swords 4: One-handed spears 5: Two-handed spears 6: One-handed axes 7: Two-handed axes 8: Maces 9: Unused 10: Staves 11: Bows 12: Knuckles 13: Musical Instruments 14: Whips 15: Books 16: Katars 17: Revolvers 18: Rifles 19: Gatling guns 20: Shotguns 21: Grenade launchers 22: Fuuma Shurikens 23: Two-handed staves 24: Max Type 25: Dual-wield Daggers 26: Dual-wield Swords 27: Dual-wield Axes 28: Dagger + Sword 29: Dagger + Axe 30: Sword + Axe
  2. Change getitem 22654,1; to getitem 22654,(@stopped == 1) ? 2:1;
  3. Hardcoded. Use HexEditor (or any program which does the same job that you want). Look for the job name and change it there.
  4. *identifyall({<type>{,<account_id>}}); Returns the count of unidentified items in the player inventory. If <type> is true the command will identify all the unidentified items as well (default). If <type> is false the command only returns the count of unidentified items.
  5. // ----------------------------------------------------------- // Quest items -- do NOT use a reward item more than once! // Add(<shop ID>,<reward ID>,<reward amount>, // <Zeny cost>,<point cost>, // <required item ID>,<required item amount>{,...}); // ----------------------------------------------------------- // ----------------------------------------------------------- // Points variable -- optional quest requirement. // setarray .Points$[0],"<variable name>","<display name>"; // ----------------------------------------------------------- setarray .Points$[0], "#CASHPOINTS", "Cash Points";
  6. Should be used as robe. not headgear.
  7. are you running windows 10? If yes, check the packetver of your server files. Change it to the client date. Happened to me the first time I installed rathena on my laptop.
  8. VP accounts are by default group_id 5 (if I am not mistaken) found in login table. Not tested. - script VIP_Checker -1,{ OnCheck: if(!([email protected] = query_sql(SELECT `account_id` FROM `login` WHERE `group_id` = '5'", [email protected]))) { dispbottom "No data found."; end; } dispbottom "VIP Account ID list :"; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++ ) dispbottom ([email protected]+1) +". Account ID : "+ [email protected][[email protected]]; dispbottom "Total of "[email protected] +" Active VIP account(s)."; end; OnInit: bindatcmd "checkvip", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnCheck", 60, 60; // @checkvip to list active vip accounts }
  9. *getlook(<type>{,<char_id>}) This function will return the number for the current character look value specified by type. See 'setlook' for valid look types. This can be used to make a certain script behave differently for characters dressed in black. @var = getlook(LOCATION); Try using setlook instead of changelook
  10. store the original looks to a temporary character var then set it again when player finishes fishing
  11. Hi, I was wondering if there are any available 'furniture sprites' here? Something like tables, chairs, or something alike. TIA
  12. I understand you need copies of the map. But I hope you also understand how instance script works. It is basically the thing you'll need to work with... As I told you, everything you'll need to know is found on the script sample and if you want to expand more knowledge, check your doc/script_commands.txt and proceed to instancing part.. If you still don't understand, try posting on script request section in the forum and wait for someone who might be able to give you what you need instead of learning how to make a proper instance script.. EDIT: While I was lurking at rathena's git. I found this : https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/5112 Not sure if already stable or ready for use but you can try it yourself.
  13. There should be an error. Its a waste of time to guess the problem.
  14. If you only read the script carefully, you should be able to do make as much duplicates as you want without duplicating the whole script. // Shop NPCs -- supplying no argument displays entire menu. // callfunc "qshop"{,<shop ID>{,<shop ID>{,...}}}; //============================================================ prt_in,32,114,5 script Tier 1 Quest#1 998,{ callfunc "qshop"; } If you want the npc to load only SHOP ID 1, you should do something like : map,x,y,f script Tier 1 Quest#1 998,{ callfunc "qshop", 1; } // Shows SHOP ID 1 only Then for more examples: map,x,y,f script Tier 2 Quest#1 998,{ callfunc "qshop", 1, 2; } // Shows SHOP ID 1 and 2 map,x,y,f script Tier 3 Quest#1 998,{ callfunc "qshop", 1, 3; } // Shows SHOP ID 1 and 3 ..... And so on...
  15. getmapxy(@mapname$,@mapx,@mapy,0) -> getmapxy(@mapname$,@mapx,@mapy,BL_PC)
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