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  1. Thanks This is much help and resolved my issue!
  2. It reps the item ID number
  3. I checked everywhere I could think of and this is my itemdb lines 35003,Arctic_Wings,Arctic_Wings,4,,,10,,4,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,512,,1,2,,{},{},{} 35004,Black_Chakra,Black Chakra,5,10,10,10,,4,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,1,,1,2,,{},{},{} Seems to be all there and the BMP, spr and act files are all the same name
  4. So I've downloaded and installed them all correctly but for some reason they won't show on my actual character. I've tested on GM sprite and regular sprites but nothing shows.
  5. Oh thank you very much. I'm new to this all still ^^' I will run this and see how it goes. prontera,164,167,2 script Bossnia Staff#1 10006,{ mes "[Riss]"; mes "Hello?"; mes "I found some beautiful places"; mes "while I travelled all over the world."; mes "I am an adventurer."; mes "Haha~"; next; mes "[Riss]"; mes "What? My name is..."; mes "'Bossnia Staff'?? No no..."; mes "Well, my name is not so important."; mes "Sometimes you should be generous."; mes "No time for considering that kind of small stuff"; mes "when you have to concentrate on more important things."; next; mes "[Riss]"; mes "Hum... anyway I want to say... something.."; mes "While I was travelling through some places,"; mes "I found a really fearful place."; next; mes "[Riss]"; mes "Most of the time when you come to a place,"; mes "there is one strong and fearful monster."; mes "Isn't it?"; next; mes "[Riss]"; mes "But... but... in there..."; mes "There are lots of fearful and strong monsters in there..."; mes "That was really frightful."; next; mes "[Riss]"; mes "If I had reacted a bit later... a few seconds..."; mes "I might have been killed."; next; mes "[Riss]"; mes "What?"; mes "You want to go in there?"; mes "Oh~ Boy~ you didn't get me."; mes "In there......."; next; mes "[Riss]"; mes "Uh... you already know?"; mes "Although you know the place, you want to go in..."; mes "Good, I will send you there."; mes "But after you went there, don't hold"; // If the VIP system is enabled, players pay a Reset Stone for 5 entrances (with a choice of warps). // If it's disabled, players pay 5,000z per entrance. if (VIP_SCRIPT) { mes "a grudge against me. It'll cost you 1 Reset Stone for 5 access."; next; mes "[Riss]"; if (bossnia_event > 0) { set [email protected],1; mes "Remaining access: "+bossnia_event; } else if (countitem(6320)) { set [email protected],2; mes "Do you want to go?"; } else { mes "You don't have a ticket now....."; mes "So come to me again with a Reset Stone later."; close; } next; if(select("Enter:Leave") == 2) close; set [email protected], select("First:Second:Third:Fourth"); switch(select("Warp 1:Warp 2:Warp 3:Warp 4")) { case 1: set [email protected],31; set [email protected],208; break; case 2: set [email protected],31; set [email protected],31; break; case 3: set [email protected],208; set [email protected],31; break; case 4: set [email protected],208; set [email protected],208; break; } if ([email protected] == 1) set bossnia_event, bossnia_event-1; else { delitem 6320,1; //Premium_Reset_Stone set bossnia_event,4; } specialeffect2 EF_MAXPOWER; warp "bossnia_0"[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]; close; } else { mes "a grudge against me. Also it costs 5,000 zeny."; next; if (Zeny > 4999) { mes "[Riss]"; mes "Would you really like to take the challenge?"; mes "Ok, just choose the course."; next; set [email protected], select("First:Second:Third:Fourth"); mes "[Riss]"; mes "Take care, boy~"; mes "Don't hold a grudge against me."; close2; set Zeny, Zeny - 5000; warp "bossnia_0"[email protected],rand(202,204),rand(202,204); end; } else { mes "[Riss]"; mes "You don't have enough money..."; mes "Come back when you have at least 5,000 zeny."; close; } } } - script control -1,{ OnInit: OnHour12: if(gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK)==WEDNESDAY) enablenpc "npc"; else disablenpc "npc"; end; } So this is the script I've got, it's a basic Bossnia script. I'm trying to get it to appear only on Wednesdays at 1200 hour and disappear 12 hours later until the next Wednesday. When I put the timer command it either doesn't let me click the NPC or it just doesn't do anything. I think I might be putting it in the wrong place. EDIT: I have resolved the issue. Appears I just forgot to change "npc" in the lines. Thanks for the help!
  6. I'm trying to get this script to only work/appear on Wednesdays. Can someone please help me out with the OnDay: command? //============================================================ // Entrance NPCs //============================================================ OnDayWed: prontera,164,167,2 script
  7. I need help making an NPC appear at xx:xx o'clock and disappear at xx:xx o'clock. Can someone help me with this please? So far it doesn't work at all.... //============================================================ OnMinute10: OnMinute11: OnMinute12: OnMinute13: // Entrance NPCs //============================================================
  8. Thanks for the reply Zeiyan, I've received assistance from another user now. My issue has been resolve! Thank you for your time.
  9. Good day, I'm looking for assistance setting up my private server for my friends and I. I've followed nearly every guide on the internet and still can't seem to get my fluxcp and server online. If anyone with experience can help me I'd appreciate that greatly. My primary language is English. My Discord is Rivers#8970 . Many thanks in advance.
  10. May someone help me resolve this error I keep having? Lua Files\StateIcon\StateIconInfo [string "buf"]:4082: table index is nil I've attached the file from the data.grf. stateiconinfo_f.lub
  11. That is okay, I can wait. Thank you for all the help!
  12. The map is the official city maps. (Prontera, Izlude, Juno, etc etc.) This is my config: { "resolution" : [ 1920, 1080 ], "data" : { "ropath" : "C:/Program Files (x86)/Gravity/browedit/RO/data", "grfs" : [ "C:/Program Files (x86)/Gravity/browedit/RO/data.grf", "C:/Program Files (x86)/Gravity/browedit/RO/rdata.grf" ] }, "moveconsole" : true, "hideconsole" : false, "defaultmap" : "prontera", "skiploadingscreen" : false, "threadedrendering" : true, "backgroundworkers" : true, "fov" : 45, "vsync" : false } EDIT: I changed threadrendering to 'false' but it still didn't work. NOw it just crashed when the map tries to load.
  13. I believe this will work better then. http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l1/157FullMetal/Untitled_zpse186b2c2.png