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  1. Working on this, it will take some testing. EDIT: Needed line in clientinfos. <enforce_login_address_on_char_and_map>true</enforce_login_address_on_char_and_map> Credits to: Meister
  2. It looks like something isn't installed/reading correctly. Also make sure your data.ini has the proper data.grf in order. 0=Custom.grf, 1=pallete.grf, 2=radata.grf, 3=data.grf. Try checking your Packetever settings. Make sure the numbers are exactly as your server states in the packets.h Anyone having issues that can't get a response right away from here can feel free to message me on Discord.
  3. The patchserver info is required to connect to the server for updates, without it you can't update the GRF files. As for ensuring the client is reading the correct GRF files, you'll need to make the changes inside the data.ini file to allow both GRFs.
  4. It sounds like you may not have the Packetever added in correctly. Double check the version you are using in your emulator and make sure it's the same in the clientinfo.xml's.
  5. I have not tested this yet. I would imagine as long as you can connect to the IP correctly it'll work anywhere.
  6. You're missing the following in your ClientInfo.xml: <patchserver> <type>thor</type> <http>http://website.com/patcher/plist.txt</http> <ftp>http://website.com/patcher/data/</ftp> <grf>custom.grf</grf> <inf>updates.dat</inf>
  7. This initial launch for every new version (or if you clear cache/CTRL+F5 refresh) will take some time to load, but the game runs quite smoothly, I assure you. It does create an offline version on your computer, however; this is where it saves the data for the next time you load. This process will depend on your current internet speeds. I'll test a few more ways to see if I can make it go faster for you.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I just released level 3-5 (Boss) Gryphon. He's a tough one, so try not to rage quit.
  9. Welcome to Poring Adventures! Jump into the world of #VanaheimRO and play as a Poring! Jump your way across various obstacles and battle a multitude of monsters! Gain experience for health and collect powerups to become the ultimate Poring. Evolve from Poring to Mastering and follow your multiple-ring forms throughout the different stages. Give it a try today at https://vanaheimro.com/vanirlabs/poringadventures/ ! Here's a video of the Boss fight for level 3-5 , Gryphon. https://imgur.com/ikVMvdF I've achieved my personal goal in development game, for now. It's now ready for play testing in all levels up to 5-5. (25 levels) You can play it at https://vanaheimro.com/vanirlabs/poringadventures ! If you don't see V 0.5.0 then you need to CTRL+F5 to refresh it. Windows 64 https://vanaheimro.com/vanirlabs/poringadventures Mac 64 https://vanaheimro.com/vanirlabs/poringadventures Please report any bugs or suggestions. New levels in the making! NOTE: CTRL+F5 to refresh page for latest update version. Cheers, Rivers Recent Updates: 0.5.0 -Added new level 5-5 ! -Fixed BGM in Lv 1-3. -Adjustments to Harpy view range. -Fixed death animation when eaten by plants. BUGS: -When a new release is made, you must restart the game, sorry! Please report any bugs. Thanks!
  10. Try to check your config files and that the packet versions are accurate in them. It might be an issue with packetever misconfiguration. If you want to PM me your server details I can run it when I get time this weekend.
  11. You can add me, as for changing application name that's up to the developer. This is hard to identify. I'd recommend making sure the data.ini and set up with your custom.grf first. Also, is there any errors output by the apk?
  12. My apologies for the MediaFire link being down. I reuploaded it now. Thanks for the reports!
  13. View File Majora's Mask (By Usako) I would like to officially post this older piece of art work for everyone to have. Work like this must be spread around! I take no credit for the art work, this is apparently made by an artist by the name Usako in ~2005. Submitter Rivers Submitted 12/24/2020 Category Headgears Video Content Author Usako  
  14. Version 1.0.0


    I would like to officially post this older piece of art work for everyone to have. Work like this must be spread around! I take no credit for the art work, this is apparently made by an artist by the name Usako in ~2005.
  15. Sorry, I forgot to mention that the issue has been resolved. Thanks everyone for your help!
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