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  1. thx , but example i need is i want to call my stylist npc when @style
  2. I want to call an NPC using bindatcommand function. Example NPC 1. when i type @npc1, i can access the NPC1 (Stylist) you can access the NPC Anywhere in the server by a command. But the same time, the NPC also exist in server.
  3. paano po mag random option? new rathena files sample may usable pag inopen tas mamimili costume yung ooptionan
  4. @koe warp baka meron kayo if koe start pde mag @koe?
  5. how to remove this error ? when login
  6. guide for making new custom item at latest trunk 2020 ty cant see on the video how to make item_db.yml
  7. how to use csv2yam.exe? help thx
  8. paano po iconvert tem_db.txt sa yml? and paano gumwa ng custom item using yml kakagamit lng po ng latest trunk salmat nun nag try ako mag lagay d2 item_db_equip.yml at reloaditemdb wla naman pa help po ty
  9. any to fix this issue? can view even uncheck the view equipment and false at group.conf
  10. paano po hnd mag lakad ung character pag nag alt tab ka
  11. is there any script with statue top pvp ladder?
  12. anyone can give me script pvp ladder with stats since my login ? and script with statue top 5
  13. can anyone has pvp ladder with statue ? or my stats K/D/A when my login im using latest rathena
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