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  1. the account and per character is not working i set it on per account 0 set $skillmatchgame_based, 0; // Timer Interval [ Account Based - 0 / Character Based - 1 ] but after creating new character can still play
  2. yes @reloadbattleconf can u tell me more
  3. 'IP_BLOCKING' => true, //Set false the blocking system is Account per Site not Both Account and IP per Site even set on true after creating new account you can vote again
  4. // Adjustment for the natural rate of resistance from status changes. // If 50, status defense is halved, and you need twice as much stats to block // them (eg: 200 vit to completely block stun) pc_status_def_rate: 75 mob_status_def_rate: 100 event i put it on 75 on pc status def rate got immune on stun event not 150 vit 134 vit - immune
  5. Paano ma tanggal ng ganbantein ang pneuma? kasi sa safetywall nagana pero sa pneuma hnd help. thx
  6. can someone help me how to fix this my char server crash on my map server error (socket #7 error 111: Connection refused)
  7. ask ko lang po pag nag edp ako walang buff sa icon sa right side and wala dif sa damage paano po maayos ang EDP pre-rrenewal trans server salamat
  8. prontera,117,78,0 script restricted_manner -1,{ OnInit: setarray [email protected]_word$,"tangina","[email protected]@","[email protected]@","tanga","[email protected]@","[email protected]","bobo","bob0"; set [email protected]_b, getarraysize( [email protected]_word$ ); for( ; [email protected] < [email protected]_b; set [email protected], [email protected]+1 ) defpattern 1, "([^:]+):.*\\s"+ [email protected]_word$[[email protected]] +".$", "warning"; activatepset 1; end; warning: set @warning, @warning+1; if ( @warning == 3 ) { set @warning, 0; deltimer strnpcinfo(0) +"::OnDelay"; atcommand "@mute 5 "+ strcharinfo(0); } else { deltimer strnpcinfo(0) +"::OnDelay"; addtimer 300000, strnpcinfo(0) +"::OnDelay"; message strcharinfo(0), "Be careful with your language... Warning "+ @warning +"/3"; } end; OnDelay: set @warning, 3; end; } ang problema po kapang remove ung npc by - script restricted_manner -1,{ hindi po gumana ung script kapang tinangal mo na ung > prontera,117,78,0