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  1. yes, and it worked perfectly, I just thought it would be useful in some way to increase the HP on a given map, but thanks anyway friend
  2. OnPCLoadMapEvent: if(strcharinfo(3) == "pvp_n_1-1") { bonus_script "{ bonus bStr,5; }", 10000, 1; } end; I don't know if it will help, but it was something I found that talked about what you mentioned, does it help? and unfortunately the script did not increase the HP
  3. hello community, i would like a simple script with the bonus: bonus bMaxHPrate, 100; on the maps pvp_n_1-5 and pvp_n_1-3. and when killing any player in that arena, the HP and SP of the player who killed was recovered by 100% I tried to use OnPCLoadMapEvent: but I was not successful, I thank anyone who can help me.
  4. this is true, this video is very old even though it is 2 versions above the video. But is it safe for me to test this protection on my test server? If you know of any other free protection project I would be happy to look for
  5. I found this video and I would like to know if it is reliable to test this Shield on my test server, in order to block the use of programs such as WPE / RPE If you have any other free Anti-Cheat available that you can refer me, thank you.
  6. Hello community, I would like to know if it is possible to reduce the damage of all MvP's by 50% (or any other value) without having to manually edit one by one. For example: rathena-master \ conf \ battle // The HP rate of MVPs. (Note 2) mvp_hp_rate: 100 Are there any settings for the damage?
  7. it worked exactly as i wanted, thank you very much!
  8. hello community, I would like a solution to be avoiding the stack of these potions when using, I would like that when using any of them the other one would be canceled / lost the effect
  9. instead of being just a command for GM, would it be possible to create an NPC to perform this function? the player would enter the other player's nick for the duel that would solve my problem
  10. thanks, I managed to fix it. is it possible to make this script active only by GM? selecting the two players for the duel?
  11. Thanks my friend, work very well
  12. hay una opción en Nemo que elimina el límite de daño visual, desafortunadamente no puedo verlo para mostrarte, pero si lo buscas cuando diff tu parche, encontrarás
  13. thanks, I will test and post the results