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  1. Thank you very much @Mabuhay you always fast and helpful to the whole community, thanks again and congratulations
  2. Hello everyone, I would like instead of the price to be zeny, I wanted item ID 7420 as price to be using the NPC service. Thanks!
  3. I had already made a change in source to accumulate, which was actually quite simple but I do not remember specifically where it was but it was possible and would like some help to apply this change
  4. hello everyone, as the title already says the fixed cast bonus is not stacking, an example would be the Fenrir card (ID 4556) using 2 would give a total of -140% so there would be no fixed cast, however apparently there is only one effect card, I don't know if it's a bug or some configuration
  5. yes, I know this command but couldn't insert it into this script because of the reward
  6. Hello guys, I would like this NPC to deliver the reward with the rentitem command, 7200 (time) for example and, if possible, prevent the reward with another char, only after 24h a single char and not several of the same account. Thank you all
  7. Maybe it would be interesting to let the solution so that future people who have this problem know what to do too.
  8. Olá, case NJ_ISSEN: wd->damage = 40 * sstatus->str + sstatus->hp * 8 * skill_lv / 100; wd->damage2 = 0; Sobre a Memória de Thanatos é outra coisa porque o dano da skill já é baseada nisso e meio que a Memória de thanatos também faz esse papel sem falar que é servidor high então querendo ou não o dano será muito alto. Sugiro que reduza o dano pela battle.cp e boa sorte!
  9. both are exactly as I wanted, I don't have enough words, just thank you very much both of you
  10. Is working, but it has a 100% chance of success, I would like to put a success rate like 40% ~ 50% success to create or fail Thank you my friend!
  11. thanks for your time and the script you created (well done by the way), this NPC is a good base of what i was needing but i wanted to implement the craft system (.craft_rate = x;), is it possible to make this junction in this script?
  12. I always appreciate the knowledge sharing, but thanks anyway! I will research and give feedback on your suggestion, thanks
  13. opened some options, but how do I associate the option with the desired ID? Example: Option 1 = ID 5518 option 2 = ID 5374 thanks for helping
  14. Hello everyone, I would like to add options to this script. Currently it is only used to craft a single item, I would like to add others. prontera,155,181,5 script Sample 757,{ for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .item_id_size; [email protected]++ ){ mes .item_amount[[email protected]]+" x "+getitemname( .item_id[[email protected]] ); if( countitem( .item_id[[email protected]] ) < .item_amount[[email protected]] ) [email protected] = 1; } if( [email protected] ){ mes "Please wait..."; progressbar "FFFFFF",10; for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .item_id_size; [email protected]++ ) delitem .item_id[[email protected]],.item_amount[[email protected]]; if( rand( 100 ) < .craft_rate ){ mes "Gained 1 items."; getnameditem( .craft_gain,strcharinfo(0) ); }else{ mes "Failed"; } } close; OnInit: // craft settings .craft_rate = 50; setarray .item_id,607,608; setarray .item_amount,1,2; .item_id_size = getarraysize( .item_id ); // item gain .craft_gain = 5518; end; } In this part I would like to add the option to choose between ID 5518 (current) and below the item ID 5374 as the desired item to create.