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  1. hi community, I have sprites from other mobs from other games, but in .ina and .an formats is it possible to convert to act and spr to apply in Ragnarok?
  2. hi community, I've looked at several topics, videos, even other forums, but I haven't found a solution to my problem. I have already edited the following files: \ data \ luafiles514 \ lua files \ datainfo \ jobname.lub line: [jobtbl.JT_faros] = "faros", \ data \ luafiles514 \ lua files \ datainfo \ npcidentity.lub line: JT_faros = 3850, rathena-master\db\re\mob_db.txt line: 3850,faros,faros,Lightning Guardian,142,194962,1,10386,7790,1,3505,1317,166,12,142,69,86,49,132,55,10,12,1,6,63,0x2003095,170,76,384,288,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,7345,1500,13030,1,12623,5,6223,1,6471,1,6469,200,13421,100,0,0,0,0,4358,1 client server: \data\sprite\ó½ºÅÍ all the sprites are there. But this error persists, is there something wrong?
  3. hello community, the item_bonus of this item is a little confusing for me, I would like to understand how it works and specifically modify it on the refining part. 18574,Lord_of_Death,Lord of Death,4,20,,1000,,10,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,256,,70,1,742,{ bonus bMdef,5; [email protected] = getrefine(); bonus2 bAddClass,Class_Boss,([email protected]>[email protected]+5:10); bonus2 bMagicAddClass,Class_Boss,([email protected]>[email protected]+5:10); bonus2 bSubClass,Class_Normal,-5; },{},{} the damage bonus per refining starts from refining +5, I want to change it to start from +9 is it. @ r> 5? or. @ r + 5: 10?
  4. hello community, I have this item here and I'm having problems with the refine. { [email protected] = getrefine(); bonus bInt,10; bonus bUnbreakableWeapon; bonus bUseSPrate,100; bonus bMdef,20; bonus3 bSPVanishRate,1000,3+([email protected]>8?3:0),BF_WEAPON|BF_MAGIC|BF_MISC; bonus3 bHPVanishRate,1000,2,BF_WEAPON|BF_MAGIC|BF_MISC; } wanted the second part to work only from the +9 refine. first part without refine: bonus3 bSPVanishRate, 1000.3 (without refine) and bHPVanishRate, 1000.1 (without refine) from refine +9 bonus3 bSPVanishRate, 1000.2 (complete 5%) and bHPVanishRate, 1000.1 (complete 2%)
  5. I'm using a custom web cp, does everyone have this unequip char option?
  6. hello community, I would like an single NPC farm map with the same mobs as the lhz_dun03 map (without the mvp) the first would be the @warp new_1-1 (without pvp active). the second would be @warp event_new (with pvp active) the map with active pvp would have twice the chance of dropping item ID 6131 drop rate without pvp map = 10% drop rate with pvp map = 20% no respawn time and 2 mobs each
  7. is it necessary for the "server" to be turned off or just the accounts that will be affected by the removal of the item? I could shut down the server and put only high groups (90+) to connect, thus deleting the IDs desired by the NPC. I think it would be practical for an NPC to directly delete equipped items, inventory, storage, storage guild, alt W items, etc.
  8. I have difficulty deleting in SQL, some items do not disappear and the buggy remain there ... do you have any suggestions to help me? not to delete from the database, only from specific accounts.
  9. great initiative, I hope it goes ahead and that other people collaborate for the BR community. But unfortunately it is with 404 error
  10. hello community, as the title says, I would like an NPC (functional, I've tested others but none of them worked) to delete items. with the option to delete an item quantity per ID from all accounts and another option to delete only one specific account / char. Sometimes some items are buggy either sprite or something missing and I can only log into the account by deleting the character and this delays a lot
  11. but how do i activate this with a specific item? I want to activate this change with item ID 6140 for example how I can put this script on a specific item in item_db?
  12. Hi, @Emistry this script I did not understand well ... it is to activate the vip or another type of VIP? in reality I would like to have for example 2 types of VIPS, a simple and a super one for example. But as I don't know if it's possible, I asked for this script to change the group without being a VIP up one level. The default for VIP is group 6, so I wanted a script to temporarily switch to group 7 that I would create hello community, I would like a script for some item to activate and change the current group, for example group account is 0 when activating the item to change to group 7 for a certain time. 7 days for example and item ID 6140
  13. hello community, I have this example line in my item_db: 7551, Ticket02, Ticket VIP 14 days, 0.50,, 70 ,,,,, 0xFFFFFFFF, 63.2 ,,,,,, {vip_time (60 * 24 * 14); }, {}, {} but I would like that instead of switching to VIP switching to a specific group, for example group level 7 for a certain time.
  14. hello community, could anyone restrict the access of this NPC to "free" players up to hair style 29, hair color 80 and clothing color 180? if the account is VIP have access to all colors and styles of the NPC script: https://pastebin.com/GVv3pGBv
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