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  1. IsabelaFernandez

    CeresCP Vote for points request

  2. IsabelaFernandez

    CeresCP Vote for points request

    Hello community, I would like the files + script needed for the operation of the "Vote for points" of the CeresCP, I looked in the forum but did not find and the others that I found are outdated and do not work thanks.
  3. IsabelaFernandez

    hourly rewards

    Hello community, This script is set up for every hour earn 10 points. I would like every 3 hours to earn 30 points of 10, so it would look like this: 1h = 10 points 2h = 20 points 3h = 30 points 4h = 10 points 5h = 10 points 6h = 30 points and in this sequence would continue ... I would also like someone to confirm me if I leave and enter the game the count time is reset? If so, I wish he would not recount and continue where he left off. thanks for listening
  4. IsabelaFernandez

    NPC Presence with shop

    Hi community, I would like to create a simple presence NPC to be able to register the presence every 12h and gain 30 points of presence for each vote, being thus every 24h (1 day) being possible to acquire a maximum of 60 points of presence ... and in the even NPC have a shop with configurable items with those points. Thanks for listening.
  5. IsabelaFernandez

    Anti Free Kill

    best scripter! Thank you very much, it worked exactly as I wanted it to.
  6. IsabelaFernandez

    Anti Free Kill

    Hello friends, I would like a simple script to avoid the free kill. If a player kills the same more than 30 times without dying, a global message would appear with the nicknames and both would go to jail for 1 hour.
  7. IsabelaFernandez

    New VIP category

    thank you friends, I'll try and share the result with you guys
  8. IsabelaFernandez

    damage of Pre-re in Re by means of a script

    Hi, I think so. but you will have to manually make ALL changes one by one you want to get at the desired damage, good luck friend. \rathena-master\src\config\renewal see options and add // or remove to enable / disable specific changes
  9. IsabelaFernandez

    New VIP category

    At any moment I asked someone to do it for me, if you did not interpret well, the problem is not mine! I just asked "IF" is it possible to make such a modification Rude and unnecessary comment. Next time use the translator and comment in English, thanks
  10. IsabelaFernandez

    Support NPC up GUILD

    Hello community, I would like to add maximum lvl and all the skills in the guild when creating it. thanks. script ~~>:
  11. IsabelaFernandez

    New VIP category

    Hello community, I would like to know if it is possible to create 2 groups of VIP, the default is 5, I would like to create an equal with more advantages, for example group 6 (Super VIP). and that the source recognize it as VIP too. thanks.
  12. IsabelaFernandez

    megaphone script

    It worked perfect! how do I get the nick of the player who sent the message before the phrase?
  13. IsabelaFernandez

    anti-cheating script

    Hello community, I would like to add a constraint to a custom command: ( being forbidden to activate this command if it is equipped with the item (ID 4263 + 1755) it already has this restriction, however, to spam or change of equipment the command it is possible to circumvent the restriction, I would somehow not be able to cheat the restriction of item
  14. IsabelaFernandez

    megaphone script

    I am not able to use the @torpedo command for VIP players only with GM / ADM accounts
  15. IsabelaFernandez


    Hello community, I would like to edit so that players (FREE) spam messages / commands, receives mute as punishment. And the players (VIP) were immune to the mute by spam. Thank you all