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  1. It's been a while since my last reply. However, I tried moving the item to item id 9k and below, I even put it to item id 4000. Problem still persist.
  2. Yep. Still the same. I got the egg using a pet taming. Also, this is a custom pet. Other original pets are working properly this only persist on custom pets, which is properly working from taming, getting eggs and summoning. It's just that summoning custom pet leave red eggs in my inventory. Am I missing something?
  3. I've experiencing this problem in my server. Whenever I hatch my egg using incubator, the egg does not disappear in my inventory and becomes red (like a broken weapon or armor). You cannot delete or transfer it. It will become okay again once you return to egg your pet. How to fix this? PS. I've search in the forum regarding this, and there's no concrete answer.
  4. We bought your script and Is there a way where we can track the monster kills? like an NPC with counter in it? Thanks!
  5. At first, we planned it just like that, one login with different server connection. However, due to difference in customization of both server, we decided to split the servers client. So, is there a way for a Thor Patcher to have an option of 2 clients? Thank you for your response!
  6. We are planning to have 2 Servers, 1 Lowrate and 1 Midrate. How do we code the config file of the Thor Patcher? Currently I'm using the custom button function that runs the .exe, however, when you click the button, the client will run, but the Patcher remains open. If I use the normal start button, I can only add 1 client.
  7. Hmmm. I was able to enable it on the conf files, and also in the pet_db. However, it does not show up in the Pet window, what do I need to do?
  8. There's a autofeed feature in rathena conf files for pets, however, How to use this? It is enabled but I have no idea how to use this in-game.
  9. Hi! We would like to implement a 1st job War of Emperium, and I just want to ask on how can we put a different emperium monster to "prt_gcas01" which is our 1st job woe castle. Looking in the WoE Controller NPC, I saw this part of the script that summons the emperium with the ID 1288 else if (strnpcinfo(2) == "prtg_cas01") { setarray [email protected][0],197,197; } else if (strnpcinfo(2) == "prtg_cas02") { setarray [email protected][0],157,174; } else if (strnpcinfo(2) == "prtg_cas03") { setarray [email protected][0],16,220; } else if (strnpcinfo(2) == "prtg_cas04") { setarray [email protected][0],291,14; } else if (strnpcinfo(2) == "prtg_cas05") { setarray [email protected][0],266,266; } // Add custom Guild Castles here. else { end; } if (!mobcount(strnpcinfo(2),"Agit#"+strnpcinfo(2)+"::OnAgitBreak")) { monster strnpcinfo(2),[email protected][0],[email protected][1],"Emperium",1288,1,"Agit#"+strnpcinfo(2)+"::OnAgitBreak"; } end; Question: How can I put a condition that if the agit is prt_gcas01, the custom emperium will spawn? Thanks!
  10. Basically, upon login, there will be a 1 hr timer on your character. Then if you played 1 hr, you will talk to the Attendance Checker to verify your attendance, by giving you this set_attendance_requirement(); it's @sader1992's Attendance MOD that gives you ability to customize how you can claim. Then after verification, you can now get attendance from attendance window. My query is how can I save timer when the player logs out.
  11. Hi! I'm using Sader's Attendance Mod, I just want to ask, if how can I modify this code so that when a player got disconnected, he/she can still continue the timer after login? Is there a way to do it? Currently, my script work this way 1. Player will login, and wait for 1hr. 2. They need to talk to the Attendance Checker to verify their attendance 3. After verification, they can now claim their daily reward. - script DailyLogin -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: if(Baselevel < 75) { dispbottom "You must be level 75 before you qualify for Daily Attendance."; end; } if(get_attendance_requirement()){ dispbottom "You already got the attendance today."; end; } if(#DailyReward > gettimetick(2)) { dispbottom .n$+": You can't currently recieve the Daily Reward, you still have to wait "+callfunc("Time2Str",#DailyReward); dispbottom .n$+": After this, visit the Attendance NPC in Prontera."; end; } set #DailyReward,0; dispbottom .n$+": Stay active for "+( (.rew_login%3600 == 0)?.rew_login/3600+" Hour(s)":.rew_login/60+" Minute(s)")+" to receive the Daily Reward."; dispbottom .n$+": Then talk to the Attendance NPC in Prontera."; attachnpctimer; initnpctimer; end; OnTimer60000: // Every Minute stopnpctimer; set @daily,@daily + 60; if(@daily == .rew_login) { set @daily,0; if(.rew_type == 2) set @DailyReward,DT_DAYOFMONTH; else set @DailyReward,Daily + 1; dispbottom .n$+": You can now recieve your Daily Reward. Please visit the Attendance NPC in Prontera.",.bc_self; end; } attachnpctimer; initnpctimer; end; OnInit: set .n$,"[Attendance]"; set .rew_time,72000; // Timer until next Reward in seconds // How long does someone have to stay online to recieve the reward in seconds // Default: 3600 = 1 Hour // Minimum: 60 = 1 Minute, because the Timer checks every Minute set .rew_login,3600; // Reward Type: // 1 = Continues Reward // 2 = Depending on day set .rew_type,1; end; } vip_lounge,71,124,6 script Attendance Checker 888,{ if(Baselevel < 75) { dispbottom "You must be at least level 75 to get your daily attendance bonus."; end; } if(get_attendance_requirement()){ mes "You already got the attendance today."; end; } mes .n$; mes "Welcome, "+strcharinfo(0)+"!"; if([email protected]) { mes "I'm sorry, but you can't recieve your Daily Reward yet. You still have to wait for "+callfunc("Time2Str",(getvariableofnpc(.rew_login,"DailyLogin")[email protected])+gettimetick(2)); next; mes "Talk to me when the timer is finished."; close; } mes "Your attendance has been verified. Click at the arrow button below your Alt+V."; set_attendance_requirement(); set #DailyReward,gettimetick(2) + .rew_time; if(getvariableofnpc(.rew_type,"DailyLogin") == 1) set Daily,@DailyReward; set @DailyReward,0; next; mes "Press Alt+V and click Attendance Check"; next; mes "Then click the prize of the day. Your item will be sent via RODex."; next; mes "Check your RODex mail to get your item."; close; } prontera,147,175,6 duplicate(Attendance Checker) Attendance Checker#prt 888
  12. I'd like to revive this topic. It seems that there's no disable option for this in the pet.conf file... I'd like to know how to do this also. Thanks!