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  1. I'd like to revive this topic. It seems that there's no disable option for this in the pet.conf file... I'd like to know how to do this also. Thanks!
  2. Thank you guys, there's actually a .spr file exist! I extracted it from the data.grf.
  3. Some of our blacksmith/whitesmith are having some .spr error even tho they are using the latest kRO client. What seems to be the problem here? Click here to see the error
  4. I'd like to restrict the transfer of stat enchanted armor to Carts and Storages. What I did is to edit the item_trade.txt for the stat enchant item, which will be socketed to the armor with the use of the Armor Enchant NPC. However, If you compounded it with the armor, it will disable the restriction of the stat orbs. Is there a way to restrict the transfer of the enchanted items? TIA!
  5. Thanks! Found it! Is there a way to reload it without restarting the server?
  6. We changed the max level of the Guild Extension to level 5 from level 10. How do we reset the skills of all the guilds and give them the corresponding skill points also.
  7. Thank you for this. I'm experiencing this problem in carts not storage.
  8. There's this error in our DB, It seems that this error causes our player's cart to disappear. What would be the possible solution on this?
  9. Oh, I see, Thank you again, @Technoken and @Stolao This weekend, I will try again your codes, I haven't had the time to test it properly because of my schedule. I'll let you know the results.
  10. Thank you for this reply, but I tried this code and it seems that the code is not working.
  11. The Thing is, I don't want to warp them out of the map. It's a survival event, and players are allowed to resurrect other players. However, I want to create a script that will active as soon as all the players are dead, the event will be closed and all the dead players will be warped out.
  12. Is there a way where I can script my event where it detects if the players inside the map "guild_vs1" are still alive every x number of seconds?
  13. How can I set the maximum damage reflected by Reflect Shield and Reject Sword? I want to set the maximum damage to equal to the caster's HP. Thanks!
  14. hi there, can you help me Biscuit oneechan :(