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  1. Hi! I would like to ask for the help of the scripters here about the title. Basically, I'm looking for a code where it will auto kick players inside the castles that are in a guild that currently holding at least 1 agit. Is this possible?
  2. Still no fix for this issue until now. I have raised it in github but was closed because it cannot be fixed they said. Not sure why, but it would be good if we fix this issue.
  3. Hi! By default, when we change job to Baby jobs, our sizes become small (I'm not referring to the sprite size), upon search here in rAthena, there is no guide or topic that says how to change it to medium size (just like any normal jobs), there is also no setting in the conf folder. I would just like to request for a possible source code modification to achieve this kind of feature in-game? Regards, Thank you!
  4. Hi! I would like to ask for help on how can I retain the existing random option stats of an item even after a success enchantment in the official Hidden Enchant script? Currently with the native script, when I enchant my items with an existing stats from random option, the stats disappears after a successful enchantment. Thanks for the help...
  5. Hi! I'd like to ask some help on how can we properly add a cooldown(fixed, not reducable by any) to Bowling Bash specifically if a player is inside a gvg map. This is to for us to rebalance things out without greatly affecting the PVM aspect of the skills. Thank you for the help!
  6. I'm looking for the renewal prontera that was released years ago. It was replaced by kRO to the default Prontera now, is there someone who has the files of the renewal prontera before? Thanks in advance!
  7. So I have this sprite that is supposed to be in the back of the character, however when I rotate my camera, It switches its position into the front of the character... Where can I edit this? Tried editing using tb layer priority file, by adding a small number to make it in the back, but it's not working Back view (correct one) Other views Where, can I possibly fix this issue?
  8. I was able to know the proper way of adding #commands to a GM level. You just have to modify the group.conf just like this to enable the # version of that command. questskill: [true, true] @Brynner Thank you for your help!
  9. Here's my charhelp.txt, I changed the number from 60 to 10 and restarted the server. So here's an actual screenshot of our test server. I was able to use @quest, but when I use the #questskill to other people, it turns into chat.
  10. That's what I have thought also, but apparently it's not. If you have the @warp command, it does not mean you can use the #warp command for the players. As tested in our current server. The question still remains, how to enable #commands to a certain GM level?
  11. Yes. If a GM with level 10 uses a #commands, it's just act just like a normal chat and not as a command. The GM can use @warp to itself but not #warp for other player, and other #command counterparts. The GM Level 100 can use the #commands with no problem, but lower GM Levels cannot. I'm wondering where/how in the server config can I enable this?
  12. Hi! How can we enable the #commands for a certain GM level?
  13. I would like to thank everyone who answered above. However, I'm still having the same problem. More information Problem Custom pets added in the database can be successfully summoned but leaves the egg in the inventory with red markings (like a broken item) and returns to normal state (black) once you return the pet again. Item_DB 64018,P_Woodie_Egg,Woodie Egg,7,20,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,{},{},{} 64019,Woodie_Cookie,Woodie Cookie,0,20,,40,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,,,,,,{ itemheal rand(25,35),0; },{},{} 64020,Woodie_Candy,Woodie Candy,2,2500,,50,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,,,,,,{ pet 3556; },{},{} Pet DB - Mob: WOODIE TameItem: Woodie_Candy EggItem: P_Woodie_Egg FoodItem: Woodie_Cookie Fullness: 3 IntimacyFed: 10 CaptureRate: 2000 SpecialPerformance: false AllowAutoFeed: true Screenshot in-game: Additional notes: Original pets does not have any problem, their eggs disappears every time I hatch them I used @makegg and @hatch command when summoning the pets I transferred the item ID to much lower number such such as 4000-6000 but no avail What seems to be the problem here? I really want to add custom pets in our game however this bug won't let us add pets.
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