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  1. Episodes are fully organized within the rAthena files and can be deactivated on demand.
  2. The script only shows the data of existing summoned pet, not the egg. Is there away to extract the data of an egg (unsummoned pet)?
  3. Is there a way to detect the pet data to an NPC when presented an egg? Example (Sample implementation) Player gives the "Pet Egg" to the NPC and the NPC will show the current Pet Status and Stats of the pet inside, then it will bring back (getitem) the egg to the player with the same status? Player gives the "Pet Egg" to the NPC and it will clone the "Pet Egg" with same stats of the current pet inside the egg. I'm looking for ways to access the pet data but I don't know where to access it or to find it.
  4. Well, apparently, there are workaround. But I guess you are in a wrong forum?
  5. The sprite might be missing in your grf. Try extracting their files from kRO client and put it in your GRF.
  6. The Anti-cheat system of GGH detects any modification in your grf. Modifying the grf will violate the TOS of GGH.
  7. You might have to add this command in your groups.conf, maybe it's somehow disabled. It is already in rAthena.
  8. Are you referring to the Death Knight class with Knight as a placeholder sprite?
  9. Add another trigger (using your preferred time) that resets all value to 100. you can do it by just modifying the premade script given by @Emistry
  10. Yes, it should stop the code in that line if it satisfies the condition.
  11. Hi! I would like to ask for the help of the scripters here about the title. Basically, I'm looking for a code where it will auto kick players inside the castles that are in a guild that currently holding at least 1 agit. Is this possible?
  12. Still no fix for this issue until now. I have raised it in github but was closed because it cannot be fixed they said. Not sure why, but it would be good if we fix this issue.
  13. Hi! By default, when we change job to Baby jobs, our sizes become small (I'm not referring to the sprite size), upon search here in rAthena, there is no guide or topic that says how to change it to medium size (just like any normal jobs), there is also no setting in the conf folder. I would just like to request for a possible source code modification to achieve this kind of feature in-game? Regards, Thank you!
  14. Hi! I would like to ask for help on how can I retain the existing random option stats of an item even after a success enchantment in the official Hidden Enchant script? Currently with the native script, when I enchant my items with an existing stats from random option, the stats disappears after a successful enchantment. Thanks for the help...
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