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  1. Please help! I don't know the specific forum for my issue. How to remove the drop of the black mushroom and red mushroom from Plant Cultivation of Biochemist? TIA!
  2. How to put blacklist array on this sir patskie? if i want to blacklist a certain card on the draw.
  3. By the way, Ms. AnnieRuru, how can I fix this blue message on the box? The blue message on the Please select 3 cards. See attached file.
  4. Oh my god! This is so perfect! AnnieRuru, thank you so much for your help. ^_^
  5. Thank you for this Ms. AnnieRuru!, if you don't mind me asking, is there a way that I can blacklist a specific card? Like if I want to remove poring card on the list I will put 4001 something like that.
  6. Hi! Scripters, Please help me on this, I want to disable or blacklist the mini boss card and boss card on this card trader script. TIA and Keep Safe! Script Below: prontera,151,163,6 script Sample 100,{ getinventorylist; for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < @inventorylist_count; [email protected]++) { if (getiteminfo(@inventorylist_id[[email protected]], 2) == 6) { [email protected]$ = [email protected]$ + getitemname(@inventorylist_id[[email protected]]) + ":"; [email protected][getarraysize([email protected])] = @inventorylist_id[[email protected]]; [email protected][getarraysize([email protected])] = @inventorylist_amount[[email protected]]; } } [email protected] = 0; mes "Please select 3 cards..."; while ([email protected] < 3) { if (getarraysize([email protected])) { mes "> 1x " + getitemname([email protected][[email protected]]); [email protected]++; } [email protected] = select([email protected]$) - 1; [email protected][getarraysize([email protected])] = [email protected][[email protected]]; cleararray [email protected][[email protected]], ([email protected][[email protected]] < 1 ? 0 : ([email protected][[email protected]]-1)), 1; if ([email protected][[email protected]]) [email protected]$ = replacestr([email protected]$, getitemname([email protected][[email protected]]), ""); [email protected]++; } [email protected] = getarraysize([email protected]); mes "> 1x " + getitemname([email protected][[email protected]]); next; mes "Are you sure you want to trade these cards?"; if (select("~ Yes:~ No") & 2) end; for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++) delitem [email protected][[email protected]], 1; getitem rand(4001,4407), 1; close; }
  7. DrakeSky

    Cash Shop

    Hi! Scripters, If I may ask, how to separate CASH POINTS NPC TO KAFRA POINTS NPC. Ex: I have 5000 Kafra Points (which is free cash, the one we get from hourly) then I have 2000 Cash Points (which is the credit points, the one we get from donations). I want an NPC that can use only Cash Points and NPC that can only use Kafra Points. Because every time I use cashshop I can use Cash Points and Kafra points. Thank you in advance. Keep safe ^_^
  8. Where can I get/download latest Pre-renewal and Renewal Sprite/Collection/Item folder?
  9. If I use langtype 0 client doesn't open at all.
  10. Didn't enable bind ip at first then error starts then tried to enable to but still receiving the error. This one happens only on 2012 client don't know why. Never had this issue on 2015 client.
  11. It is uncomment already keep on receiving this error I don't know why. This is my clientinfo.xml. I use clientinfo.xml on aRagexe and use sclientinfo.xml on aRagexeRE <?xml version="1.0" encoding="euc-kr" ?> <clientinfo> <servicetype>korea</servicetype> <servertype>primary</servertype> <connection> <display>Ragnarok</display> <balloon>the balloon</balloon> <desc>description</desc> <address></address> <port>6900</port> <version>30</version> <langtype>1</langtype> <registrationweb>flux.domain.com</registrationweb> <aid> <admin>2000000</admin> <admin>2000001</admin> <admin>2000002</admin> </aid> <loading> <image>loadingscreen01.jpg</image> </loading> </connection> </clientinfo>
  12. Im receiving this error (check image) and having a hardtime to fix it. I'm creating an offline server. Im using latest rAthena and 20120410 client and my OS is Windows 10. Everytime I try to login it will disconnect then that is the error that i received. Everything is good in my conf folder. Even the src define_pre.hpp is good. I think the problem is with in my connection. Tried using 2015 client everything is ok. But the reason why I want to switch to 2012 client is because there is a problem with the arrow animation on the 2015 client. Please help me. TIA
  13. What is the exact 2018 client should I use for Pre-Renewal settings? Where can I download it and the nemo patcher for it? Thanks in advance Sir Poring King
  14. I see. Thank you for recommending on renewal side.
  15. Oh forgot to include that, Anyway, for pre-renewal what is the most stable one?
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