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  1. check pm inbox 😎

  2. FelipeMartins

    Compiling error HELP!

    I was trying to implement it: this error happens
  3. FelipeMartins

    Help with @arealoot implementation

    Good night guys, i was looking for a way to use this function, but i found a plugin from Hercules. Help me to implement it in rAthena. thank you! PS: I can pay fot it guys. /* ============================================= @arealoot Converted by: Dastgir Original Made by: Streusel ================================================ v1.0 Initial Release Autoloots item in x by x Range */ #include "common/hercules.h" #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include "common/HPMi.h" #include "common/mmo.h" #include "common/socket.h" #include "common/malloc.h" #include "common/nullpo.h" #include "common/mapindex.h" #include "common/strlib.h" #include "common/utils.h" #include "common/cbasetypes.h" #include "common/timer.h" #include "common/showmsg.h" #include "common/conf.h" #include "common/db.h" #include "common/sql.h" #include "map/atcommand.h" #include "map/battle.h" #include "map/clif.h" #include "map/map.h" #include "map/pc.h" #include "map/skill.h" #include "map/itemdb.h" #include "common/HPMDataCheck.h" HPExport struct hplugin_info pinfo = { "@arealoot", // Plugin name SERVER_TYPE_MAP, // Which server types this plugin works with? "1.0", // Plugin version HPM_VERSION, // HPM Version (don't change, macro is automatically updated) }; int arealoot_range = 3; //x BY x Range struct area_p_data { bool arealoot; bool in_process; }; struct area_p_data* adb_search(struct map_session_data* sd){ struct area_p_data *data; if( !(data = getFromMSD(sd,0)) ) { CREATE(data,struct area_p_data,1); addToMSD(sd,data,0,true); } return data; } /*========================================== * @arealoot *------------------------------------------*/ ACMD(arealoot) { struct area_p_data *data; data = adb_search(sd); if (data->arealoot) { data->arealoot = false; clif->message(fd, "Arealoot is now off."); return true; } data->arealoot = true; clif->message(fd, "Arealoot is now on."); return true; } int arealoot_item(struct map_session_data *sd,struct flooritem_data *fitem){ struct area_p_data *data; data = adb_search(sd); if (data->arealoot && data->in_process==false){ data->in_process = true; map->foreachinrange(skill->greed, &fitem->bl, arealoot_range, BL_ITEM, &sd->bl); hookStop(); data->in_process = false; return 1; } return 1; } void arealoot_range_setting(const char *val) { int value = atoi(val); if (value < 1 || value > 10){ ShowError("'arealoot_range' is set to %d,(Min:1,Max:10)", value); return; } //1 to 9 Range. arealoot_range = value; ShowDebug("Arealoot_Range set to %d",arealoot_range); } /* run when server starts */ HPExport void plugin_init (void) { addAtcommand("arealoot",arealoot); addHookPre("pc->takeitem",arealoot_item); } HPExport void server_online (void) { ShowInfo ("'%s' Plugin by Dastgir/Hercules. Version '%s'\n",pinfo.name,pinfo.version); } HPExport void server_preinit (void) { addBattleConf("arealoot_range",arealoot_range_setting); }
  4. FelipeMartins

    How to change this description

    thank you so much!!!!
  5. FelipeMartins

    How to change this description

    witch programs can I use?
  6. FelipeMartins

    How to change this description

    I was looking for it in msgstringtable.txt, but i couldn't find it. anyone can help me please? thank you!
  7. FelipeMartins

    Improving Pick up items

    can you help me?
  8. FelipeMartins

    Improving Pick up items

    You can see here, is natural. It’s not a skill. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0ACHMcoaY4
  9. FelipeMartins

    Hexed 2016-03-16

    ja procurou em outros emuladores? outras comunidades tem git e arquivamento de hexeds. tem que ver se esse ja foi disponibilizado, por que ter suporte ao mesmo nao quer dizer que o mesmo tenha sido feito e esteja disponivel.
  10. FelipeMartins

    @arealoot PLEASE HELP :D

    Guys i am looking for it, if anyone get it, pelase let me know! thank you!
  11. FelipeMartins

    @arealoot Updated/Working?

    i am looking too! if you get it, let me know please. thank you
  12. FelipeMartins


    its not compiling any one can help us? guys help me !!!
  13. FelipeMartins

    Improving Pick up items

    its not working
  14. FelipeMartins

    R> Area loot

    I want it too, if you get it, please send me! thank you!
  15. FelipeMartins

    Improving Pick up items

    Example: example.mp4