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  1. i made a custom halter lead by copying it's item script The Original - Id: 12622 AegisName: Boarding_Halter Name: Reins Of Mount Type: Usable Flags: NoConsume: true Jobs: All: true Gunslinger: false Delay: Duration: 3000 Status: All_Riding_Reuse_Limit Trade: Override: 100 NoDrop: true NoTrade: true NoSell: true NoCart: true NoGuildStorage: true NoMail: true NoAuction: true Script: | setmounting(); UnEquipScript: | if (ismounting()) setmounting(); i made 1 for Gunslinger - Id: 33014 AegisName: Motorcycle_Key Name: Motorcycle Key Type: Usable Flags: NoConsume: true Jobs: Gunslinger: true Trade: Override: 100 NoDrop: true NoTrade: true NoSell: true NoCart: true NoGuildStorage: true NoMail: true NoAuction: true Script: | setmounting(); UnEquipScript: | if (ismounting()) setmounting(); the one i made for Gunslinger is working fine when i use it but when im on the mount and tried to use it again the mount wouldn't be release/remove how do i fix it?
  2. Hello everyone, i have this working gacha script of @Capuche I want a little modification on it, npc will announce when a player got the rare item from 1% to 3% chance. i hope this is the right place to post this and hope you guys could help me. Thanks in advance Gatcha.txt tavern,66,37,3 script Gacha 562,{ mes .npc_name$; mes "Hello, do you want to play the Gatcha??"; next; switch( select( "Play !", "More Informations", "Leave" ) ) { case 1: break; case 2: while( getd(".p"+ [email protected] ) ) { mes .npc_name$; mes "Item required: ^FFCC00"+ getitemname( getd(".p"+ [email protected] ) ) +"^000000"; mes "Chance to gain something: ^CC0000"+ getd(".p"+ [email protected] +"[1]" ) +"%^000000"; mes "Possible gains:"; for( [email protected] = 3; [email protected] < getarraysize( getd(".p"+ [email protected] ) ); [email protected] += 3 ) mes "^0000FFx"+ getd(".p"+ [email protected] +"["+ [email protected] +"]" ) +"^000000 "+ getitemname( getd(".p"+ [email protected] +"["+ ([email protected] -1) +"]" ) ) +" (^CC0000"+ getd(".p"+ [email protected] +"["+ ([email protected] +1) +"]" ) +"%^000000)"; [email protected]++; next; } break; case 3: mes .npc_name$; mes "Bye!~"; close; } mes .npc_name$; mes "Which item do you want to use ?"; next; for( [email protected] = 0; getd(".p"+ [email protected] ); [email protected]++ ) { [email protected] = getarraysize( [email protected]$ ); [email protected]$[ [email protected] ] = getitemname( getd(".p"+ [email protected] ) ); [email protected][ [email protected] ] = [email protected]; } [email protected] = [email protected][ select( implode( [email protected]$, ":" ) ) -1 ]; while (1) { if ( countitem( getd(".p"+ [email protected] ) ) < 1 ) { mes .npc_name$; mes "it seems you have ran out of "+ getitemname( getd(".p"+ [email protected] ) ); close; } mes .npc_name$; mes "Here we go..."; delitem getd(".p"+ [email protected] ), 1; if( rand(100) > getd(".p"+ [email protected] +"[1]" ) )// lose mes "You got nothing"; else { [email protected] = rand( getd(".totalchance"+ [email protected] ) ); [email protected] = 1; while ( ( [email protected] = [email protected] - getd( ".p"+ [email protected] +"["+ (1+ 3 * [email protected]) +"]" ) ) >= 0 ) [email protected]++; getitem getd( ".p"+ [email protected] +"["+ (1+ 3*[email protected] -2) +"]" ), getd( ".p"+ [email protected] +"["+( 1+3*[email protected] -1 )+"]" ); mes "You got ^FF00CC"+ getd( ".p"+ [email protected] +"["+( 1+3*[email protected] -1 )+"]" ) +" "+ getitemname( getd( ".p"+ [email protected] +"["+ (1+ 3*[email protected] -2) +"]" ) ) +"^000000"; } mes " "; mes "wanna try again ?"; next; if ( select( "Yes", "No" ) == 2 ) close; } close; OnInit: // (item ID need) (chance), (reward 1) (number of reward 1) (chance to gain), (reward 2) (number of reward 2) (chance to gain)... setarray .p0, 32130,100, 31731,1,1, 20255,1,2, 31320,1,3, 6320,1,14, 32044,1,14, 7776,1,14, 32041,1,80, 32091,1,80, 32092,1,80, 32093,1,80, 32040,10,80; // Mithril Coin setarray .p1, 32131,100, 19827,1,1, 5335,1,1, 32041,1,28, 32091,1,28, 32092,1,28, 32093,1,28, 32040,1,28, 7517,1,70; // Gold Coin while ( getd(".p"+ [email protected] ) ) { for( [email protected] = 4; [email protected] < getarraysize( getd(".p"+ [email protected] ) ); [email protected] += 3 ) setd ".totalchance"+ [email protected], getd(".totalchance"+ [email protected] ) + getd(".p"+ [email protected] +"["+ [email protected] +"]" ); [email protected]++; } .npc_name$ = "[ "+ strnpcinfo(1) +"]"; end; }
  3. im having the same problem.
  4. @Capuche got error with this script hope you can help
  5. i have to try to on my server maintenance by monday. hope things will be fixed. i'll keep you update guys. thanks for the support
  6. no i haven't done anything..
  7. what should i do with the code? sorry newbie here
  8. Hello everyone, i'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but please let me know if i have to move this post to other section. I'm having problem with my phpmyadmin i couldn't access it on the browser as it says "Site can't be reached". I can access the phpmyadmin before and just suddenly turned like this. I've tried to ask OVH's technical support and they couldn't help me with my problem. Hope you can help me with my problem. Thanks in advance and god bless.
  9. ohh sorry for that @Akkarin maybe you can help me with the IP bound or Mac/uniqid bound quest npc? it doesn't have to be gepard function all i want is the player could only make the quest once with his/her IP or per computer (pc).
  10. Hello everyone, Can i request for a simple Quest NPC with Gepard function. Example Quest npc will ask for x10 apple, x10 banana and 1m zeny in exchange of 1 headgear. Then the quest is ip based or mac based like gepard function. once the player finished the quest he/she wouldn't be able to quest it again. In short IP/Mac bound quest. Thanks if advance. Godbless
  11. Hi everyone, i have two request/support to ask. hope you can help me. 1st: I tried to use this Job Dress Changer by @Secrets it's good at first then when i logout my character my client crashed and when i tried to log in i got this missing sprite error. I have already downloaded Hazel's Third Job Costumes & New Classes: Corrected and Dress pack here at rAthena as well. but i still got the error. 2nd: I want to change the zeny to item as requirements. and every Dress Class does have different item requirement. Example: to change to knight dress you need x10 apple, for lord night x10 banana, for rune knight x10 grapes and for rune knight alternate (jro sprite) x10 potato. DressRoom.txt
  12. LewL

    Race to 99 NPC

    Hi i would like to ask how could i disable expanded classes like GS, Ninja, SG and SL on my Race to 99 event. payon,141,227,5 script Race to 99 Reward NPC 99,{ set [email protected], 99; set [email protected], 70; setarray [email protected], // set rewards // 31308, 1, // <ID>, <AMT> 31308, 1; if (BaseLevel < [email protected] || JobLevel < [email protected]) { mes "I'm sorry, but you still need to level a bit more."; close; } else if(getcharid(0) <= 150001){ mes "You must start from Novice level 1 to join the race!"; close; } else if ( LReward ) { // checks if you already get the reward. mes "No more rewards."; close; } else goto GiveReward; GiveReward: mes "Congratulations, you've reached the max level in the server, here's your reward!"; announce strcharinfo(0) + " (" + jobname(Class) + ") reached Max Level!", bc_all; close2; LReward = true; // sets LReward to true which means you already get your item. for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<getarraysize([email protected]);[email protected]+=2) getitem [email protected][[email protected]], [email protected][[email protected]+1]; end; } RACE.txt
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