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  1. Hello! Anyone knows how to remove the error message? Without erasing it on conf/map_msg_por.conf.
  2. Hello community, How can I make the plants from Biocannibalize skill to be resummoned (kill the previous one and relocate the new one) without having to kill the plant to place another one. I think we need to change it here, but I don't know what exactly to touch. case AM_CANNIBALIZE: { int summons[5] = { MOBID_G_MANDRAGORA, MOBID_G_HYDRA, MOBID_G_FLORA, MOBID_G_PARASITE, MOBID_G_GEOGRAPHER }; int class_ = skill_id==AM_SPHEREMINE?MOBID_MARINE_SPHERE:summons[skill_lv-1]; enum mob_ai ai = (skill_id == AM_SPHEREMINE) ? AI_SPHERE : AI_FLORA; struct mob_data *md; // Correct info, don't change any of this! [celest] md = mob_once_spawn_sub(src, src->m, x, y, status_get_name(src), class_, "", SZ_SMALL, ai); if (md) { md->master_id = src->id; md->special_state.ai = ai; if( md->deletetimer != INVALID_TIMER ) delete_timer(md->deletetimer, mob_timer_delete); md->deletetimer = add_timer (gettick() + skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv), mob_timer_delete, md->bl.id, 0); mob_spawn (md); //Now it is ready for spawning. } } break; Anyone could help?
  3. Hello guys! How can I make an item to be protected from Steal skill? For example a special drop to avoid any exploits. Regards
  4. Hello community, I spent more than 24 hours trying to change the client icon but I couldn't. I tried in two ways: 1. Diffing the client before changing the icon with ResHacker and 2. Changing the icon with ResHacker before diffing the client and still cannot make it work. The client just gets screwed. I followed these steps with other client versions (that I don't need) just to discard options, and they work perfectly fine. Apparently, is the 2018-06-20 version which is making trouble. I also tried with 2018-06-21 and still the same. When I try to diff the exe after changing the icon, these errors appears and many many more. Anyone can help? .
  5. Olá @Gladius Você sabe como remover a mensagem de erro?
  6. Hello community! I'm looking for a script that can reset status points by 10 only. For example, to only reset 10 points from either Str, Agi, Vit, Dex, Int or Luk and return equivalent status points. Is it possible?
  7. Hello there! I applied this patch and everything seems to work perfectly fine, however, when I want to make a random group to apply different values, it would just apply the first one of each group (RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_GROUND_USER in this case), for example: RDMOPTG_Crimson_Weapon_3,1,RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_GROUND_USER,5,0,10 RDMOPTG_Crimson_Weapon_3,1,RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_NOTHING_TARGET,5,0,10 RDMOPTG_Crimson_Weapon_3,1,RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_WATER_TARGET,5,0,10 RDMOPTG_Crimson_Weapon_3,1,RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_FIRE_USER,5,0,10 For this specific group, it is intended that one of these four values would apply randomly to an specific weapon, but, after applying the patch, the first in these lines will only apply. The other three effects are not being taken into consideration when dropping the weapon. Does someone have any idea what might be causing this or any work-around?
  8. Hello guys! I've been trying to get the topic's title result but I have failed in all my attempts. I want the skill to reduce the caster's HP to half upon activation, and then I will continue adding new skill effects, but I can't get to the first result. This is how I go so far: case AC_SACRIFICEPOWER: { int hp = sstatus->max_hp; hp = hp*50/100; status_zap(src, hp, 0); } break; But, it is not working as intended. Is not halving my HP at all... Just reducing it for x rate... or even killing my character when full HP. Any ideas?
  9. Hi @Functor, I'm wondering how do you know where and what to edit exactly. I'm trying to edit the radius of the skill MG_FROSTDIVER to 5x5. For future references, what should I look for on hex to edit the radius of any skill? Regards!
  10. Hi guys! Is it possible to add a timer for a clif_speciallefect on src or client-side? I want to give a skill an effect like Berserk/Frenzy of Lord Knight and effect to be active as long as SC_STATUS is active too. When the skill effect deactivates also the visual effect. Skill Examples: Energy Coat, Frenzy, Mental Strength, etc... How can I do that?
  11. Hello @Haziel! Based on your explanation, I made the skill effect be shown upon using the skill, however, when the SC effect is over, the special effect remains on until I relog or change map. How do I make the effect last until SC has ended?
  12. Hi community, After following each of the steps of this guide: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Adding_new_skills, and re-checking each step to make sure I'm not missing anything, I can't get to the result of upgrading skill level at all. The skill just grays out when I click on "Apply" to effect changes, as shown below: It is important to mention that, whenever I use @useskill 8444 1 "Nickname", the skill effect actually triggers, however, I can't lvup the skill on the skill tree. I'd very happy if you guys could give me a hand on this. I'm really tired of searching for a solution here. rAthena version: I'm using the latest rAthena version on git. Client version: 2018-06-20d (I've tried with 2018-06-21 and other 2018 versions already.) Src Files skill.cpp skill.hpp status.hpp status.cpp DB Files skill_tree.txt skill_db.yml Lua Files skilldescript.lub skillinfolist.lub skillid.lub skilltreview.lub
  13. Hello! Is there any command to check IP or MAC in src to avoid giving for example, x stats to dual logins? Thanks.
  14. Hello guys! How can I do to make Bowling Bash stun the target with a chance, when being knocked back against a wall? case KN_BOWLINGBASH: case MS_BOWLINGBASH: { int min_x,max_x,min_y,max_y,i,c,dir,tx,ty; // Chain effect and check range gets reduction by recursive depth, as this can reach 0, we don't use blowcount c = (skill_lv-(flag&0xFFF)+1)/2; // Determine the Bowling Bash area depending on configuration if (battle_config.bowling_bash_area == 0) { // Gutter line system min_x = ((src->x)-c) - ((src->x)-c)%40; if(min_x < 0) min_x = 0; max_x = min_x + 39; min_y = ((src->y)-c) - ((src->y)-c)%40; if(min_y < 0) min_y = 0; max_y = min_y + 39; } else if (battle_config.bowling_bash_area == 1) { // Gutter line system without demi gutter bug min_x = src->x - (src->x)%40; max_x = min_x + 39; min_y = src->y - (src->y)%40; max_y = min_y + 39; } else { // Area around caster min_x = src->x - battle_config.bowling_bash_area; max_x = src->x + battle_config.bowling_bash_area; min_y = src->y - battle_config.bowling_bash_area; max_y = src->y + battle_config.bowling_bash_area; } // Initialization, break checks, direction if((flag&0xFFF) > 0) { // Ignore monsters outside area if(bl->x < min_x || bl->x > max_x || bl->y < min_y || bl->y > max_y) break; // Ignore monsters already in list if(idb_exists(bowling_db, bl->id)) break; // Random direction dir = rnd()%8; } else { // Create an empty list of already hit targets db_clear(bowling_db); // Direction is walkpath dir = (unit_getdir(src)+4)%8; } // Add current target to the list of already hit targets idb_put(bowling_db, bl->id, bl); // Keep moving target in direction square by square tx = bl->x; ty = bl->y; for(i=0;i<c;i++) { // Target coordinates (get changed even if knockback fails) tx -= dirx[dir]; ty -= diry[dir]; // If target cell is a wall then break if(map_getcell(bl->m,tx,ty,CELL_CHKWALL)) break; skill_blown(src,bl,1,dir,BLOWN_NONE); int count; // Splash around target cell, but only cells inside area; we first have to check the area is not negative if((max(min_x,tx-1) <= min(max_x,tx+1)) && (max(min_y,ty-1) <= min(max_y,ty+1)) && (count = map_foreachinallarea(skill_area_sub, bl->m, max(min_x,tx-1), max(min_y,ty-1), min(max_x,tx+1), min(max_y,ty+1), splash_target(src), src, skill_id, skill_lv, tick, flag|BCT_ENEMY, skill_area_sub_count))) { // Recursive call map_foreachinallarea(skill_area_sub, bl->m, max(min_x,tx-1), max(min_y,ty-1), min(max_x,tx+1), min(max_y,ty+1), splash_target(src), src, skill_id, skill_lv, tick, (flag|BCT_ENEMY)+1, skill_castend_damage_id); // Self-collision if(bl->x >= min_x && bl->x <= max_x && bl->y >= min_y && bl->y <= max_y) skill_attack(BF_WEAPON,src,src,bl,skill_id,skill_lv,tick,(flag&0xFFF)>0?SD_ANIMATION|count:count); break; } } #ifndef RENEWAL // Original hit or chain hit depending on flag skill_attack(BF_WEAPON,src,src,bl,skill_id,skill_lv,tick,(flag&0xFFF)>0?SD_ANIMATION:0); #endif } break;
  15. Hello community! I have a question, since I just spent a couple of hours solving it but no success. Based on this skill src, where or how do I make ONLY the caster receive the movement speed bonus instead of the whole party? sc_start(src,bl,SC_SPEEDUP1,100,30,3000); case PR_MAGNIFICAT: if( sd == NULL || sd->status.party_id == 0 || (flag & 1) ) clif_skill_nodamage(bl, bl, skill_id, skill_lv, sc_start(src,bl,type,100,skill_lv,skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv))); else if( sd ) party_foreachsamemap(skill_area_sub, sd, skill_get_splash(skill_id, skill_lv), src, skill_id, skill_lv, tick, flag|BCT_PARTY|1, skill_castend_nodamage_id); break; Thanks!
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