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  1. I will try and update thank you so much for reply sir
  2. Hello Scripters, Is it possible to add NPC Waiting room Window where players can see the status of World Boss dead or alive and time left for next spawn. Worldbossevent2.txt
  3. Hello Everyone, How do i fix this? can any one guide here?
  4. Okay.. Thank you for the reply...
  5. Here is the script can u show me how its done?
  6. its a one script having 1 OnPCDIeEvent & 1 OnPCKillEvent and there is duplicate of npc in same script which are in different town avoid mess in 1 town. If i remove OnPCDieEvent or OnPCkillEvent how script will work?
  7. Didn't understand how there are many script which having same OnPCDieEvent & OnNPCkillevent. can u provide with example in script
  8. What is duplicated? i didn't understand see this . OnPCDieEvent: if(strcharinfo(3) == "guild_vs3") { dispbottom "You will respawn in 3 Seconds."; sleep2 3000; atcommand "@heal"; warp "guild_vs3",0,0; }end; OnPCKillEvent: if( strcharinfo(3) == .MapName$[0] || strcharinfo(3) == .MapName$[1] || strcharinfo(3) == .MapName$[2] ){ if( killedrid != getcharid(2) ){ } } end; } // Duplicates //============================================================ moscovia,213,182,6 duplicate(Deathmatch PvP Warper) DM PvP Warper#mos 823 morocc,170,87,3 duplicate(Deathmatch PvP Warper) DM PvP Warper#moc 823 comodo,180,150,6 duplicate(Deathmatch PvP Warper) DM PvP Warper#com 823 mid_camp,216,280,3 duplicate(Deathmatch PvP Warper) DM PvP Warper#mid 823 prontera,43,210,3 duplicate(Deathmatch PvP Warper) DM PvP Warper#prt2 823
  9. DM PVP Warper is 1 script only. players are using Duplicate NPC from different town to join in PVP.
  10. Hello Scripters, I don't no from where this coming in CMD i checked my all scripts can't find. Every time i reload or server restart i get this in my cmd. Can any 1 guide to fix this?
  11. Hello Scripters how do I fix this? I did max que upto 25 Still this spamming in cmd Can any one guide me to fix this?
  12. It's Poring race script that part may be used for rewards I'll try n update. Thank you so much for the reply...! Done Working..!!
  13. Helloo Scripters, Can some one guide me to fix this? prontera,181,157,4 script Poring Race 24004,{ if( .access_Prace == 0 ) { mes "[Poring Race Staff]"; mes "Poring Race has ended."; close; } mes "[Poring Race Staff]"; mes "Do you want to participate on Poring Race?"; if( select( "Yes","No" ) -1 ) { next; mes "[Poring Race Staff]"; mes "See you again next time!"; close; } if( .access_Prace == 0 ) { next; mes "[Poring Race Staff]"; mes "..."; mes "..."; mes "Cheater!!~~"; close; set .access_Prace, 0; announce "Poring Race is over!",0,0xFFAB54; end; } p_track01,58,41,3 script Bidder#prace0 877,{ function checkevent; mes "[Bidder]"; if( getstrlen( @prace_winner$ ) ) { mes "You have choose ^00bb00"+ @prace_winner$ +"^000000"; close; } else if ( checkevent() || .start ) { mes "There is a race in progress..."; close; } else if( !getvariableofnpc( .access_Prace,"Poring Race" ) ) { mes "There is no race."; close; } mes "Choose the poring you want to bet:"; mes "It will cost "+ .zeny_req +" Zeny."; [email protected] = select( .menu_$ ); if( [email protected] == 7 ) { next; mes "[Bidder]"; mes "Goodbye."; close; } [email protected]$ = .monst_$[ [email protected] -1 ]; if ( checkevent() ) { next; mes "[Bidder]"; mes "..."; mes "..."; mes "Cheater!!~~"; close; } else if( Zeny < .zeny_req ) { next; mes "[Bidder]"; mes "You don't have enough Zeny."; close; } Zeny -= .zeny_req; @prace_winner$ = [email protected]$; .prace_bidders[ .prace_bets ] = getcharid(3); .prace_bets++; next; mes "[Bidder]"; mes "I have "+ .prace_bets +" bets."; initnpctimer; npctalk "I got "+ strcharinfo(0) +" bet!"; close; OnTimer60000: npctalk "I got "+ .prace_bets +" bets. Anyone else?"; end; OnTimer80000: npctalk "The race will start soon. Last chance."; end; OnTimer90000: stopnpctimer; .start = 1; mapannounce "p_track01","Porings, on your marks...",1,0xFFAB54; sleep 2500; for( [email protected] = 3; [email protected] > 0; [email protected] ) { mapannounce "p_track01","..."+ [email protected] +"...",1,0xFFAB54; sleep 1000; } donpcevent strnpcinfo(0) +"::OnStartRace"; sleep 1000; mapannounce "p_track01","Gooo!!!",1,0xFFAB54; end; OnTimer320000: mapwarp "p_track01","prontera",142,170; donpcevent "Poring Race::OnPraceEnd"; .prace_winner$ = ""; .start = .prace_bets = 0; donpcevent strnpcinfo(0) +"::OnReturnRace"; end; OnStartRace: callsub L_label, "OnRace"; OnStopRace: callsub L_label, "OnStop"; OnReturnRace: callsub L_label, "OnReturn"; L_label: donpcevent "Metaling#prace3::"+ getarg(0); donpcevent "Poring#prace1::"+ getarg(0); donpcevent "Poporing#prace6::"+ getarg(0); donpcevent "Angeling#prace2::"+ getarg(0); donpcevent "Santa Poring#prace5::"+ getarg(0); donpcevent "Deviling#prace4::"+ getarg(0); dispbottom "You have won!"; //mapannounce "p_track01"," Congratulations! "+ strcharinfo(0) +" has won!",1,0xFFAB54; announce " Congratulations! "+ strcharinfo(0) +" has won!", bc_all, 0xFFAB54; getitem .item_gained, .item_num_gain; //emotion 21,1; } else { dispbottom "You have lost."; //emotion 28,1; } @prace_winner$ = ""; } } deletearray .prace_bidders; end; OnInit: disablenpc "prace_warp_portal"; // <--- ADD THESE .zeny_req = 3500; .item_gained = 7179; .item_num_gain = 5; setarray .monst_$,"Poring","Angeling","Metaling","Deviling","Santa Poring","Poporing","None"; .menu_$ = implode( .monst_$, ":" ); end; return [email protected]; } } //----------------------------------- // Racer NPC's //----------------------------------- - script pori_race -1,{ OnRace: initnpctimer; end; OnStop: stopnpctimer; end; OnReturn: sleep 1000; while( strnpcinfo(1) != .monst$[ [email protected] ] ) [email protected]++; movenpc strnpcinfo(3), 58, .walk_t[[email protected]]; end; OnTimer1100: getmapxy [email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],BL_NPC, strnpcinfo(3); if( rand(100) < .prace_random ) npcwalkto [email protected], [email protected]; startnpctimer; end; OnInit: deletearray .walk_t; deletearray .monst$; setarray .walk_t, 38, 36, 34, 32, 30, 28; setarray .monst$, "Poring", "Angeling", "Metaling", "Deviling", "Santa Poring", "Poporing"; .prace_random = 70; .prace_random2 = 600; end; } p_track01,58,38,2 duplicate(pori_race) Poring#prace1 1002 p_track01,58,36,2 duplicate(pori_race) Angeling#prace2 1096 p_track01,58,34,2 duplicate(pori_race) Metaling#prace3 1613 p_track01 mapflag nowarp p_track01 mapflag pvp off p_track01 mapflag nosave [Debug]: Function: getstrlen (1 parameter): [Debug]: Data: variable name='@prace_winner$' index=0 [Debug]: Source (NPC): Bidder#prace0 at p_track01 (58,41) [Warning]: script:get_val: cannot access player variable '@prace_winner$', defaulting to ""
  14. See this auto reload Yes I'm using floating rate script should I disable this?
  15. I tried can't proceed after installing GDB not much expert in this
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