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  1. Extract them from a GRF with GRF Editor.
  2. Thanks for the feedback so far. When it comes to the leaves on top of the water, I popped ingame to take a look, and this is what I got from some of the largest ones: It blurs a bit more than what you'd see in Browedit, but still slightly pixelly. It might bother some people more than others, but OK with this as is- It doesn't really stand out to me, and I don't think most players would mind that much either. At least, not to the point where I'd feel I should put the time into making a new, higher resolution texture...
  3. Whatup rA. Here's something I've been working intermittently for the past few weeks, it's a massive overhaul of a town map I originally made back in 2012 (Please do not bump that thread back to the front page) that I was fairly proud of, but looks sorta old and outdated now. This is probably the most custom model and texture work I've ever done on a map so far, but while a lot of those assets were made brand new for this map, there's also a lot of custom stuff I've re-used from stuff I worked on in 2019. Ever since I figured out how to retexture things (and it took years, because believe it or not, I'm kind of dumb), I've kinda gone crazy and done a lot of it. Just counting new assets I made specifically for this map, there's 48 new models and 80 new textures. With that said, this map isn't just a revamp of the old one with slightly nicer models and textures. The town is much bigger and more modern. I always wanted it to be that way, but I couldn't really accomplish that with the assets available in 2012, and even if I did have those assets, I probably wasn't skilled enough back then to make them look good. I think the town's lost a little bit of its 'country' feel, and some landmarks have been changed- Most notably, the old graveyard with stone caskets in the northwest end is now a little marketplace with docks, and a few manor-style homes have been replaced with colorful apartment buildings and warehouses, but real world cities grow and change a lot over time, so I'm OK with this. I don't have any interior maps finished yet, and the original Aquitaine had quite a few fields and extra quest-related maps in the surrounding forests and marshlands, so I'll have to update those too, eventually. I'm not 100% satisfied with this map either, and cut a few corners just so I wouldn't be working on it for the next month: I'd like to eventually retexture Malaya's car models into something that looks more realistic and less like a theme park ride, and I'd like to try making some better, more modern looking boats, too. I also got lazy with the marquee sign for the cinema and didn't add any movie titles or show times. I'll probably change that in the future. First screenshot is the old map, everything else is the new one.
  4. Group model edit doesn't, as far as I know, work between maps. If you're copy-pasting from one map to another, you'll want to use the global height edit mode's duplicate function, and then clear the lightmap on the map you paste to, or else you'll get a sanity error. I strongly recommend you save the map before you do this, because global height edit's duplication tends to crash Brow at least 50% of the time I use it.
  5. If you looked in that folder and don't have any Juno, Einbroch or Einbech textures, then your GRF is missing a lot of stuff. I assumed you were looking for ground textures, but if it's buildings you want, you should look into these two directories instead: Models: Interior Textures: Most Einbroch stuff is labeled st_whatever, and most Juno stuff is labeled sage_whatever.
  6. All the ground textures for most of RO's overworld and the older dungeons associated with those places are located in a single directory, rather than having their own folders, which eventually became the standard every time the game updates nowadays. You can find the textures for all those places in this folder:
  7. That's really clever and charming. Definitely one of the cooler map ideas I've seen in years on this forum.
  8. Sup rA. Here's a town map I put together a while ago, it's a fresh coat of paint on an old map made by someone else a really long time ago. You might've seen the old version a few servers, or if you look for it as part of Denny's map pack in the downloads section. This version is a lot better.
  9. I love SCPs. This is pretty cool, but I think you should have made the ambient light darker. I think it'd have a better effect if it didn't look as well-lit as it does now. Changing the name of the mob that attacks you to SCP-087-1 would be more accurate, too.
  10. This looks really great, and it's awesome to see the final product after seeing previews while you were still working on it. The retextured objects are all high quality and nothing looks strange or out of place. I think this is a better Japan-themed area than all the actual Amatsu maps we got in game, and this is the type of map I wish we could see a lot more of on this forum. The time you put into it really paid off.
  11. The blue lines moving past the train are pretty neat. What effect is that?
  12. You can use hexed versions of newer models to make them work in 586, then you don't need to use 620 at all. I've compiled hexed versions of the newer models in this package here: Download Credit to Tokei for making these. I just reuploaded it.
  13. Nowhere, at the moment. I'm setting up a website where I can showcase/sell them, but it's a work in progress. I never intended for most of the maps I make to ever be released or shown outside of the small server I run with a small group of friends, so it's taking me some time to decide how they'll be package together and making sure they GRFs I put them in contain all the correct textures/models/etc. Please be patient.