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  1. I plan on making new ones eventually.
  2. Well I appreciate your opinion. Have a nice day!
  3. I told you I wasn't trying to sound mean...it's just my opinion...just because someone doesn't like your work and they give an honest opinion doesn't mean you need to get butt hurt over it and try to bash someone else's work. It's called being mature about something. Once again I'm not trying to be or sound mean...but a lot of other people are apparently in the same boat as I am...I give it 1/10. It's just to plain/bland/simple. I give you credit for making it. But it's not different, people like fancy and hard work, not something simple like this.
  4. @janacechan Lol, U MAD BRO? He's upset because of me giving an honest opinion on his Thor skin. http://rathena.org/board/topic/79036-thor-patcher-skin-please-rate-and-comment/
  5. I'm not saying you did...I'm saying that's how much I might pay for it, lol.
  6. Not to sound mean...but it looks like one of those ones you pay $2 for someone to make you. The format is just like everyone elses...try to be different.
  7. Thanks for the good rating. I'm sorry you feel that way about the buttons. But I appreciate the critique.
  8. I appreciate the good rating and advice. But there's not a lot of fonts that everyone already has abused whether it's on YouTube videos, websites, pictures etc etc etc. But I will keep my eyes open for good looking fonts.
  9. Then maybe this thread should be closed so there is no further discussion.
  10. I'm going to add my 2 cents in on this whole thing. Regardless the problem is the fact that what ever way we go about this, we're still missing a gap of stuff that needs to be added. I say we should start doing what's right for not the servers sake but for the servers players sake and update using iRO for NOW...it can always be changed and in reality it would greatly improve rAthena updates at a much faster pace... Okay so you guys want kRO mechanics? Well while we're waiting weeks and weeks on end for those to be implemented...we could already have a stable system(iRO)...and then upgrade to a much MORE stable system(kRO). In all honesty the people who are saying "kRO" is being greedy....think about your players enjoyment over your own shelfish wants.
  11. It's okay....here are the things I don't like. 1.The wind blowing out of the left/right boxes near the top is rather tacky and makes them look bad. 2.Too much gold and in certain places WAY to bright. 3.The layout isn't horrible....but it's not great either. 4.The town picture in the bottom right goes against everything this design stands for... 5. Last but not least.....I preferably don't like the two characters on the bottom...especially how they stick out past the boxes limits. Makes the design look very unclean. These are just my opinions. 3/10 Sorry bud.
  12. I'm not trying to kick myself in the arse on this one...but Ancyker, unless you hold a true copyright on it, I think anyone can continue with that name for a project....correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. Apparently we can edit them to our liking like he did....I'm gonna look more into that...I don't like the snot ball.
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