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  1. So I just installed VPS and when using SDE to connect to servers database I get a few errors, could someone help? Here's the error log
  2. So I'm using Visual Studio, unfortunately there's no defined number of Permissions for PC_PERM_MAX. It looks like it automatically identify all of them. and These are the only 2 mentions of PC_PERM_MAX.
  3. This is mine I have 2 extra due to having custom permissions. Should still work though since none of them are duplicated. Could it be anything else by chance? It almost seems like you can't have extra permissions?
  4. So I just updated my server to the newest git version. I have a few custom group permissions, but I can't seem to fix this error. Here's the pc_groups.hpp file info And the error in terminal... Any help appreciated thank you.
  5. When using the patch maker, is there a way to add the password to each grf or the key file so we can make a patch from encrypted grf and make the patch also encrypted using a password/key? Also is there a way to make a setting to allow "patch maker" put the new grf into a specific folder?
  6. This seems nice, hopefully they can get all the basic features of the client in there. Hope it'll be Gepard Compatible aswell.
  7. Is this still in development? Also how close are they to 1:1 the real client?
  8. Would someone please update this to work on currant rathena please?
  9. So going through the groups.conf I see the closest I can get is "can_trade: false" but don't see a way to stop them from sending items/zeny through mail, stop them from buying/selling from vendors, trading to players while still allowing them to use storage and can buy and sell to NPC. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Sorry for ressurecting this post. I'm also in need of this patch, if you don't mind could you post the patch please?
  11. Yeah I got it now lol. it was a little confusing at first is all. Thanks though!
  12. I wasn't understanding the placement of the script NPCs and it was putting hundreds of NPCs into each cell.
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