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  1. Hello, as some know I am leaving the community to grow professionally. I recently closed freelancers with great monetary returns and learning that will help me open my business. It's been 11 years in this community and thanks to the Ragnarok emulators I became a programmer. So that's goodbye, but I don't leave without leaving a new era for those who continue. I'm leaving two of my projects in which I use fake hooks to create new screens, interactions, walk with WASD and other systems. The code is not very clean because I had no idea I was distributing it. I will not teach how to use (but for experiend user's I can support, just ask in this post your doubts), but I appreciate it if someday someone more experienced guides on how to hook. Emulator: https://bitbucket.org/lukasrmattos/ragnaghostz/src/master/ Launcher & Hook Logic https://bitbucket.org/lukasrmattos/rgzlauncher/src/master/ Sample of system in those projects: https://streamable.com/m8291
  2. A little video compilation with some of those system alive https://streamable.com/m8291
  3. Para mexer no banco de dados do servidor te recomendo fortemente a utilizar essa ferramenta: E esquece esse pessoal tóxico aí. Por mais que a sua pergunta seja fácil de encontrar no google, ninguém nasce sabendo (inclusive a como se usar o google, isso é uma arte) sua dúvida não é tão assombrosa assim. Quando eu comecei a mexer com isso se o pessoal fosse assim em 2009 talvez eu tivesse desistido. Vou te ajudar no raciocinio que você poderia ter tomado para achar o que você precisa. Você quer modificar algo que já existe, certo? Então qual a melhor alternativa? Saber como se cria para saber como se modifica. Então apenas buscando no google "rathena add new item". Na primeira página já tem as respostas para sua pergunta: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Custom-Items https://rathena.org/board/topic/83136-adding-custom-items-renewal/ Dessa forma além de você não ter que lidar com certas pessoas e comentários, você ainda resolve rapidamente seu problema sem precisar esperar.
  4. Actually, this is removing instance maps when deleting. If you clone some maps and so delete. When you enter in some instances map are black.
  5. Updated with Mastery Video (+200 masteries) Masteries can completely OP a skill when reaching max level as in sample video
  6. After if (dupmapid < 0) { ShowError("duplicatecreate: Map not found. (%s)\n", mapa); script_pushint(st, 0); return 0; } Add: struct map_data *mapdata = map_getmapdata(dupmapid); int tries = 0; if(x <= 0 || y <= 0) { do { x = rnd()%(mapdata->xs-2)+1; y = rnd()%(mapdata->ys-2)+1; } while(map_getcell(dupmapid,x,y,CELL_CHKNOPASS) || (tries++) < 1000); } if (tries > 1000) { ShowError("duplicatecreate: Impossible to find a valid spot in (%s)\n", mapa); return SCRIPT_CMD_FAILURE; } Didn't test it but should work
  7. I have made a tool to make this. Send me your iteminfo and item db
  8. I think he wants something like this: if( SEX == SEX_MALE ) { setarray [email protected]_name$[1],"Emergency Heal Perm", "Aura Blade Cut", "Jupon Katana", "Jupitel Thunder", "Deadly Poison"," Earth Spike"; setarray [email protected]_style[1],24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29; } [email protected] = select( implode( [email protected]_name$, ":" ) ); [email protected]; delitem 6707,1; setlook 1,[email protected]_style[[email protected]]; {/code]
  9. Added Dressroom Mod. Players can choose and not just see the styles from dressroom https://streamable.com/n1ncz
  10. New Splash https://streamable.com/n58ma Drag Object System https://streamable.com/dnqgz
  11. Items can't have more than one layers. You can in every layer alt + a, and ctrl +shitf +k and so press delete and you will have the sprites merged in one. A tip for life. Before make huge modifications, make a simple one of it and see if it worked, if so, you can continue the job
  12. Breakpoints are your friend
  13. If the skill list isn't in emulator you need to add it by yourself and the server database editor make things easy to this. I wonder if you you dislike the program (and makes no sense, the program is perfect) or don't know how to use.
  14. The query is right. Can you show the register in the table?