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  1. This effect came from a script? You could use addrid and make the conditions check to display the effect
  2. There is a comment exactly telling what you needed lul AREA_WOS. The const names are very self explanatory. What you maybe can have doubts: WOS = without self WOC = Without chatroom
  3. As anacondaq pointed, for the game data logic a launcher is your go.
  4. Updates: Launcher New Launcher Client Edit WASD Walking New Interface of Tree of Savior
  5. I can't see too http://prntscr.com/nkvubr
  6. Hey Zell 😄

  7. isi = integer, string, integer
  8. Prob this https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/25aaeec135409c735554f973a5c271c6be5acee6
  9. I do not think its a good idea make map-serv handle this kind of "hard" IA byself. Maybe a new module (login, char, map and the new one, ia_handler) that will only send the packets to map-server after calculated what to do.
  10. No. I had a online server that I used this kind of "gif" with cutins and 50% of players received crash in client. And the gif has only 30 seconds. Imagine a video like that.
  11. Simple answer, you can't.
  12. Mp3 song must be in 128kbps
  13. If you set the prevent logout to 30 seconds will this not affect too when player use a skill or hit a monster? . If the player wants to go to character screen after those action will wait 30 seconds
  14. 1 - Add new map_flag: MF_NORAGEQUIT 2 - Add new value to map_session_data: lastpk 3 - Add new configuration in battle/conf.misc with PK_TIMER (time to set sd->lastpk to 0) 4 - In battle.c when player receive damage from other player in a map with this mapflag set sd->lastpk with source damage char_id. 5 - When player who logout with (sd->lastpk) > 0 && map_id2sd(sd->lastpk) is not null (still online), set for this player who last hitted the player who logout the tsd->killedrid = sd->status.char_id this sd (lets call tsd) and execute npc_event( NPCE_KILLLEVENT, tsd). 6 - Now when player A hit player B, until a ms of time, if player B Log out, the player A garants the execution of label OnPcKillEvent. 7 - Don't forget to put Add_timer in battle.c from same line of 3 step to clean the sd->lastpk of a player (gap between damage. If a player does not hit other in time of a x ms there is no reason to give the kill to the other when logout) let me improve the explication, with pseudo code. I don't remember the funcions name cause I'm on office -- battle.c pc_damage()... // Whatever where log player damage if(sd && tsd) { sd->lasthitter= tsd->status.char_id; add_timer( gettick() + 5000, function_timerToCleanLastHitter, sd->bl.id); // After 5 seconds the function will set sd->lasthitter to 0 } -- pc.c or map.c (dont remember from where OnPcLogOut is called, but the funcion of logout) pcmap_logout() { //before OnPcLogoutevent and other stuff if(sd->lasthitter > 0 && get_mapflag(sd->bl.m, MF_NORAGEQUIT) // Player logout and received hit from a player in last 5 seconds { struct map_session_data* tsd = map_ids2sd( sd->lasthitter ); if(tsd != null) { tsd->killedrid = sd->status.char_id; npce_event( map_id2sd( tsd->lasthitter, NPCE_KILLPC); } } } sorry about english and code. Writing without consulting google translate or source code
  15. Update: New Patcher Design with Update (after the update and click in the arrow will prompt the login screen but I didn't code yet) https://vimeo.com/309808859 New Patcher Design with SplashScreen https://vimeo.com/310022130