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  1. I don't see a clean way to force to end a specific npc instance. The easiest way seems to add a check after every 'next' and co.
  2. How about The random options are randomly given when purchasing in the script btw. Mark the shop number as random option shop in // ----------------------------------------------------------- // List of Shop ID using random option system. // ----------------------------------------------------------- Shop_Random_Option(1,2); // shop 1 and 2 are using random option system. Set the option given randomly for each slot in function get_option_id { // opt slot 1 [email protected][0] = F_Rand( RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_NOTHING_TARGET, RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_POISON_TARGET, RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_UNDEAD_TARGET, RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_DARKNESS_TARGET, RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_TELEKINESIS_TARGET, RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_SAINT_TARGET, RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_FIRE_TARGET, RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_WIND_TARGET, RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_WATER_TARGET, RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_GROUND_TARGET ); // opt slot 2 [email protected][1] = F_Rand( RDMOPT_RACE_DAMAGE_NOTHING, RDMOPT_RACE_DAMAGE_UNDEAD, RDMOPT_RACE_DAMAGE_INSECT, RDMOPT_RACE_DAMAGE_HUMAN, RDMOPT_RACE_DAMAGE_DRAGON, RDMOPT_RACE_DAMAGE_ANGEL, RDMOPT_RACE_DAMAGE_PLANT, RDMOPT_RACE_DAMAGE_DEVIL, RDMOPT_RACE_DAMAGE_ANIMAL, RDMOPT_RACE_DAMAGE_FISHS ); // opt slot 3 // [email protected][2] = // opt slot 4 // [email protected][3] = setarray getarg(0), [email protected][0], [email protected][1], [email protected][2], [email protected][3]; return; } and set the value for each option ID in // return a random value depending of the option ID function get_option_value { [email protected]_of_optid = getarraysize( getarg(1) ); for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]_of_optid; [email protected]++ ) { [email protected] = getelementofarray( getarg(1), [email protected] ); switch([email protected]) { case RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_NOTHING_TARGET: case RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_POISON_TARGET: case RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_UNDEAD_TARGET: case RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_DARKNESS_TARGET: case RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_TELEKINESIS_TARGET: case RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_SAINT_TARGET: case RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_FIRE_TARGET: case RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_WIND_TARGET: case RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_WATER_TARGET: case RDMOPT_DAMAGE_PROPERTY_GROUND_TARGET: [email protected] = rand(1,20); break; case RDMOPT_RACE_DAMAGE_NOTHING: case RDMOPT_RACE_DAMAGE_UNDEAD: case RDMOPT_RACE_DAMAGE_INSECT: case RDMOPT_RACE_DAMAGE_HUMAN: case RDMOPT_RACE_DAMAGE_DRAGON: case RDMOPT_RACE_DAMAGE_ANGEL: case RDMOPT_RACE_DAMAGE_PLANT: case RDMOPT_RACE_DAMAGE_DEVIL: case RDMOPT_RACE_DAMAGE_ANIMAL: case RDMOPT_RACE_DAMAGE_FISHS: [email protected] = rand(1,20); break; } set getelementofarray( getarg(0), [email protected] ), [email protected]; } return; }
  3. delequip could do the work too *delequip <equipment slot>{,<char_id>}; This command will destroy whatever is currently equipped in the invoking character's specified equipment slot. For a full list of possible equipment slots see 'getequipid'. This command will return 1 if an item was deleted and 0 otherwise. if (getequipid(EQI_ARMOR) == 2304 && getequiprefinerycnt(EQI_ARMOR) == 7) delequip EQI_ARMOR;
  4. getmapxy has been updated You need to update the script depending of your emulator date
  5. You were right Next time open an issue on GitHub thanks !
  6. The title matches the description at least. izlude,100,100,0 script I need a script that will 56,{ disablenpc "lock the castle doors I wish"; end; } ordeal_1-1,100,150,0 warp lock the castle doors I wish 1,1,ordeal_1-1,128,150
  7. No, I don't think the basic item description displayed by the client can be changed server side.
  8. Are you sure you identify the item properly (use a magnifier for now) ?
  9. Note that the script doesn't identify properly the items with random option. How about identifyall command instead? prontera,147,174,5 script Identifier::identifier 402,{ [email protected] = 100; [email protected] = identifyall(false); if ([email protected]) { message strcharinfo(0), "No identified items."; end; } [email protected]_cost = [email protected] * [email protected]; if (Zeny < [email protected]_cost) { message strcharinfo(0), "You need " + [email protected]_cost + " Zeny to identify the " + [email protected] + " items."; end; } identifyall(true); Zeny -= [email protected]_cost; specialeffect2 154; message strcharinfo(0), "Identify " + [email protected] + " items for " + [email protected]_cost + " Zeny."; end; } paramk,102,60,6 duplicate(identifier) Identifier 402 The system is slightly different than the previous script though, this one doesn't identify the items one by one.
  10. No. WTH is this nonsense.. the answer is literally in the link.
  11. Re-update your server it has been fixed in To resume mapserv crashed when getmapxy command attempted to retrieve the map of floating npc.