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  1. Set your shop in // Script Core //============================================================ - script quest_shop -1,{ Call the shop in // Shop NPCs -- supplying no argument displays entire menu. // callfunc "qshop"{,<shop ID>{,<shop ID>{,...}}}; //============================================================ prontera,164,203,6 script Quest Shop#1 998,{ callfunc "qshop"; } // call all shop prontera,164,203,6 script Quest Shop#1 998,{ callfunc "qshop",1; } // call shop number 1 prontera,164,203,6 script Quest Shop#1 998,{ callfunc "qshop",1,2; } // call shop number 1 and 2
  2. Capuche

    warp party in instance

    warpparty command? *warpparty "<to_mapname>",<x>,<y>,<party_id>,{"<from_mapname>",<range x>,<range y>}; Warps a party to specified map and coordinate given the party ID, which you can get with getcharid(1). You can also request another party id given a member's name with getcharid(1,<player_name>). You can use the following "map names" for special warping behavior: Random: All party members are randomly warped in their current map (as if they all used a fly wing) SavePointAll: All party members are warped to their respective save point. SavePoint: All party members are warped to the save point of the currently attached player (will fail if there's no player attached). Leader: All party members are warped to the leader's position. The leader must be online and in the current map-server for this to work. If you specify a from_mapname, 'warpparty' will only affect those on that map. The <range x> and <range y> optional values allow for a randomization with the player's warp point. The values will randomly add or subtract from the given <x> and <y> coordinates.
  3. Project will expire in 6 months and 8 days

    Walkthrough Conversion of Episode 16.1 * Main quest and the 2 instances Ritual of Blessing (pre-requis) and Room of Consciousness (daily quest) * Sidequests around the families, the kitchen, underground prison and old prontera * Enchants NPCs (enchant abusive robe and co.) > 17000 lines of npc script
  4. Capuche

    refining the wrong item :(

    The EQI constants have been refactored in The EQI value have been changed. Follow the sample in
  5. Capuche

    Limit click on the NPCs

    @Poring King I'm a sensitive person and your edition just hurts me. Don't do this again. You have initialized the variable everytime the player interacts with the npc, breaking the interaction limit
  6. Capuche

    Enable Skill in Map Add the skills in db/(pre-)re/skill_nocast_db.txt and set the mapflag restricted instead of noskill
  7. Capuche

    Party Recall

    function script F_PartyReCall { if (getcharid(1) > 0 && getpartyleader(getcharid(1),2) == getcharid(0)) warpparty "Leader",0,0,getcharid(1),strcharinfo(3),2,2; return; }
  8. Capuche

    Getmapxy for mob?

    getunitdata is used to get special data related to the unit, including mapid x and y. *getunitdata <GID>,<arrayname>; ... UMOB_MAPID UMOB_X UMOB_Y
  9. Capuche

    request script

    @AnnieRuru I believe that the player can't finish the quest if the owner raise .questsize value
  10. Capuche

    Auto resu when killed by mvp within 5 seconds

    Since the script ends if there is no unit attached for sleep2 - no need to check if the player is attached.
  11. Capuche

    HD refining script please
  12. Capuche

    Help me about dialog box for conversation

    Client date?
  13. Capuche

    warp script command any alternative? committed on 2 Oct 2016 You should consider to update your repo using git - we don't support svn anymore.
  14. Capuche

    Get id of the target when using a skill

    * There is currently no script command to retrieve the current target of the unit. * <target id> is the GID of the target.
  15. Capuche

    Cards A-Z

    Please use the updated script that can be found in the main repo.