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  1. The monsters of yours instance probably have their own label. monster "place",60,100,"Poring",1002,1; // call OnNPCKillEvent on monster dead monster "place",60,100,"Poring",1002,1,"NPCNAME::OnLabel"; // call OnLabel on monster dead (not OnNPCKillEvent)
  2. If you're using a version after change getmapxy( [email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],0 ); to getmapxy( [email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],BL_PC );
  3. .. and search # for the maps without @ in the original name !
  4. Simple note that I merged a version in the main repo while updating eden_iro.txt in
  5. *unitskilluseid <GID>,<skill id>,<skill lvl>{,<target id>,<casttime>}; *unitskilluseid <GID>,"<skill name>",<skill lvl>{,<target id>,<casttime>}; *unitskillusepos <GID>,<skill id>,<skill lvl>,<x>,<y>{,<casttime>}; *unitskillusepos <GID>,"<skill name>",<skill lvl>,<x>,<y>{,<casttime>}; This is the replacement of the older commands, these use the same values for GID as the other unit* commands (See 'GID'). Skill ID is the ID of the skill, skill level is the level of the skill. Cast time is the amount of seconds to add or remove from the skill. Use a positive value to add and negative value to subtract. Using 0 or no value will use the default skill cast time. For the position, the x and y are given in the UnitSkillUsePos. Using 0 or no value will use the default skill cast time. Read the docs !
  6. Copie the auto-spell you want to remove on your combo but put the rates as negative. For example for amon ra card 4236,Amon_Ra_Card,Amon Ra Card,6,20,,10,,,,,,,,64,,,,,{ bonus bAllStats,1; bonus3 bAutoSpellWhenHit,"PR_KYRIE",10,(30+70*(readparam(bInt)>=99)); },{},{} To remove the auto-spell from another item script the rate "(30+70*(readparam(bInt)>=99))" must be negative bonus3 bAutoSpellWhenHit,"PR_KYRIE",10,-(30+70*(readparam(bInt)>=99));
  8. The structure has been changed, MAX_QUEST_DB has been removed and the limit is now ~2m entries (to simplify)
  9. maybe : alberta,97,53,0 script Fabian2 84,{ setarray [email protected]_string_1$[0], "pay_", "moc_", "cmd_"; setarray [email protected]_string_2$[0], "fild", "dun"; setarray [email protected]_string_3$[0], "00", "01", "02"; setarray [email protected]_list_1$[0], "Apple", "Banana", "Orange"; setarray [email protected]_list_2$[0], "Cat", "Dog"; setarray [email protected]_list_3$[0], "Eat the", "Steal the", "Dream of"; [email protected][1] = select( implode([email protected]_list_1$, ":") ) -1; [email protected][2] = select( implode([email protected]_list_2$, ":") ) -1; [email protected][3] = select( implode([email protected]_list_3$, ":") ) -1; mes "Do you really want to go where the " + [email protected]_list_2$[ [email protected][2] ] + " " + [email protected]_list_3$[ [email protected][3] ] + " " + [email protected]_list_1$[ [email protected][1] ] + "?"; next; if (select("No", "Yes") == 1) close; [email protected]_name$ = [email protected]_string_1$[ [email protected][1] ] + [email protected]_string_2$[ [email protected][2] ] + [email protected]_string_3$[ [email protected][3] ]; // a list of available map should be created to prevent console message about unknown map warp [email protected]_name$,0,0; end; }
  10. Maybe you mean that? alberta,97,51,0 script Fabian 84,{ [email protected]$ = "hu_fild05"; // word to split [email protected] = 3; // how many words [email protected] = getstrlen([email protected]$); for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected] += [email protected] ) { if (([email protected] + [email protected]) < [email protected]) [email protected] = [email protected] + [email protected] - 1; else [email protected] = [email protected] - 1; [email protected]$[[email protected]] = substr( [email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected] ); [email protected]++; } // simple shuffle [email protected]_size = [email protected]; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++ ) { [email protected] = rand([email protected]_size); [email protected]_word$ = [email protected]$[[email protected]]; [email protected]$[[email protected]] = [email protected]$[ [email protected]_size-1 ]; [email protected]$[ [email protected]_size-1 ] = [email protected]_word$; [email protected]_size--; } [email protected]$ = implode( [email protected]$, ":" ); for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++ ) { [email protected] = select([email protected]$) - 1; [email protected]_word$ += [email protected]$[[email protected]]; mes "Word: " + [email protected]_word$; } if ([email protected]_word$ == [email protected]$) { mes "Grat!"; warp [email protected]$,0,0; } close; }
  11. Capuche

    Level Cap 185/65

    The last hash only go up to level 175. First you need to get the exp from 175 to 185 if they leaked the exp table somewhere or you can grab the exp playing on KRO, then you need to share the result to the community and only after that you need to update the max level on your emulator using
  12. do you have FB? can we contact you?

  13. Maybe the query of this script need to be updated depending of your server but it will be your homework.
  14. The additional damages given by item produced are hard coded. You can start from here :
  15. you stalk me i stalk back :D!!!1