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  1. Capuche

    help me pls weapon crimson drop no item option :(

    Are you sure you identify the item properly (use a magnifier for now) ?
  2. Capuche

    [Error]: buildin_delitem2: failed to delete 1 items

    Note that the script doesn't identify properly the items with random option. How about identifyall command instead? prontera,147,174,5 script Identifier::identifier 402,{ [email protected] = 100; [email protected] = identifyall(false); if ([email protected]) { message strcharinfo(0), "No identified items."; end; } [email protected]_cost = [email protected] * [email protected]; if (Zeny < [email protected]_cost) { message strcharinfo(0), "You need " + [email protected]_cost + " Zeny to identify the " + [email protected] + " items."; end; } identifyall(true); Zeny -= [email protected]_cost; specialeffect2 154; message strcharinfo(0), "Identify " + [email protected] + " items for " + [email protected]_cost + " Zeny."; end; } paramk,102,60,6 duplicate(identifier) Identifier 402 The system is slightly different than the previous script though, this one doesn't identify the items one by one.
  3. Capuche

    System vending

    No. WTH is this nonsense.. the answer is literally in the link.
  4. Capuche

    System vending

    Re-update your server it has been fixed in To resume mapserv crashed when getmapxy command attempted to retrieve the map of floating npc.
  5. Capuche

    Whats the difference between these scripts

    Nothing, the two do the same thing.
  6. Capuche

    iRO Bounty Board Debug and Warning

    killedrid isn't saved.. weird
  7. Capuche

    iRO Bounty Board Debug and Warning

    Which messages? Use the code <> to encapsulate the npc script please
  8. Capuche

    SQL Query to show a Player Rank Position

    What about to return the count of line above the player point ?
  9. Capuche

    Euphy quest shop duplicating

    Did you change the setting of your second 'quest_shop' npc? The original script have been designed to call the datas of the shop through callfunc. If you didn't changed the 'Basic shop settings' just add your shop in the original quest_shop and call it with the function.
  10. Capuche

    Noob Question

    Noob answer : I believe you can change it on client diff but I'm not sure
  11. Capuche

    Readparameter total stat

    No script command to retrieve the total parameter value like crazyarashi said, but you can create one /*========================================== * Returns a character's specified total stat. * readparam2 <param>; *------------------------------------------*/ BUILDIN_FUNC(readparam2) { TBL_PC *sd = NULL; int value = 0, param_type = script_getnum(st, 2); if (!script_rid2sd(sd)) { script_pushint(st, -1); return SCRIPT_CMD_FAILURE; } switch( param_type ) { case 0: value = sd->base_status.str; break; case 1: value = sd->base_status.agi; break; case 2: value = sd->base_status.vit; break; case 3: value = sd->base_status.int_; break; case 4: value = sd->base_status.dex; break; case 5: value = sd->base_status.luk; break; default: script_pushint(st, -1); return SCRIPT_CMD_FAILURE; } script_pushint(st,value); return SCRIPT_CMD_SUCCESS; } BUILDIN_DEF(readparam2,"i"), 0 to 5 as parameter to retrieve str agi vit int dex luk
  12. Capuche

    Check if any monster nearby

    Possible but the method would be ugly without source edit.
  13. Capuche

    How to add more shop in quest_shop.txt

    setarray .Shops$[1],"Costumes","Equipments","Accessory","etc"; Where are the names of shops 5, 6, 7 ?
  14. Capuche

    auto heal intancing npc

    PC_NAME is hercules constant strnpcinfo(0) should be used with addtimer instead of strnpcinfo(2) you're searching the instance npc name of non-instance npc too under oninstanceinit mf_loadevent is only set for non-instance map : this script is not running on instance map