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  1. Mob IDLE Modification

    I don't see effective way to do that by NPC script. You need to change the behaviour of aggressive monster moving through unitwalk in src. This modification is required for wave mode instance so it will be implemented one day or another anyway.
  2. Instruments don't get wATK from DEX?

    Please open an issue on github, as reminder and in case someone have more infos.
  3. Issue with Stolao's Mining [4.43]

    for(set [email protected],6; [email protected] < getargcount() - 6 && [email protected]; set [email protected], [email protected] + 2 ){ if ((getarg([email protected] + 1,0) + MineMaster * ([email protected] - 5) / 7) > rand(10000)) { getitem getarg([email protected],7049),1; set [email protected],1; } }
  4. Disable @storage

    Try mapflag notrade
  5. Temporary Item Array

    izlude,128,124,0 script dumb menu A 4_F_01,{ mes "what do you want to do"; while (true) { next; if (select( "^FF0000Add an item^000000", "Close" ) == 2) end; mes "Input Item ID :"; input [email protected]_item; if (getitemname([email protected]_item) == "null") { mes "Invalid item ID " + [email protected]_item; continue; } mes "Input Amount :"; input [email protected]_amount; if ([email protected]_amount == 0) { mes "Invalid amount."; continue; } [email protected]_id[ [email protected] ] = [email protected]_item; [email protected][ [email protected] ] = [email protected]_amount; [email protected]++; mes "Item list :"; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++ ) mes ([email protected]+1) + "/ x" + [email protected][[email protected]] + " ^ff0000" + getitemname([email protected]_id[[email protected]]) + "^000000"; } }
  6. Issue with Stolao's Mining [4.43]

    The rates should be in descending order. Invert your item 1 and 2.
  7. Setting a variable is basic in NPC script. I can't help you if you don't help yourself.
  8. emotion is not showing

    emotion [email protected], playerattached(); ?
  9. NPC only read first array listed

    You have x2 lhz_dun03 map in your list. Note that some MVP already have a label (MVP in lhz_dun03 and lhz_dun04 for example). OnNPCKillEvent: This special label triggers when a player kills a monster without label.
  10. callshop npc quest

    I don't knwo what you want to do however npcshopadditem "quest_shop",$V_item1[[email protected]],$V_custo1[[email protected]]; // $V_item1[[email protected]] and $V_custo1[[email protected]] undefined //* all assertions shoud be true -> use the logical operator AND //* the amount of item should be >= if((countitem(7539)== 10) || (countitem(7063)==100) || (countitem(982)==2)){
  11. Duplicate NPC but not the ITEMS

    Call the corresponding shop ID in your npcs // Shop NPCs -- supplying no argument displays entire menu. // callfunc "qshop"{,<shop ID>{,<shop ID>{,...}}}; //============================================================ prontera,164,167,4 script Quest Gears#h1 998,{ callfunc "qshop2",1; } // call shop 1 prontera,164,168,4 script Quest Gears#h2 998,{ callfunc "qshop2",2; } // call shop 2 // ----------------------------------------------------------- // Shop IDs -- to add shops, copy dummy data at bottom of file. // setarray .Shops$[1],"<Shop 1>","<Shop 2>"{,...}; // ----------------------------------------------------------- setarray .Shops$[1],"Headgears","Midgears","Lowergears","Accessory"; // ----------------------------------------------------------- // Quest items -- do NOT use a reward item more than once! // Add(<shop ID>,<reward ID>,<reward amount>, // <Zeny cost>,<point cost>, // <required item ID>,<required item amount>{,...}); // ----------------------------------------------------------- Add(1,26037,1,0,0,1022,300,1068,300,7043,300,969,3000); // shop 1 Add(1,26036,1,0,0,952,300,1037,300,950,300,969,3000); Add(1,26053,1,0,0,951,300,922,300,954,300,969,3000); Add(1,26082,1,0,0,711,300,7006,300,951,300,969,3000); Add(1,26028,1,0,0,7110,300,7097,300,952,300,969,3000); Add(1,5374,1,0,0,1039,300,1044,300,7507,300,969,3000); Add(1,5138,1,0,0,1095,300,7567,300,921,300,969,3000); sleep 10; Add(2,26181,1,0,0,7293,3,7227,50,4140,50,969,1500); // shop 2 Add(2,26095,1,0,0,7291,3,7227,50,4140,50,969,1500); Add(2,26057,1,0,0,7292,3,7227,50,4140,50,969,1500);
  12. Duplicate problem

    May you provide your npc script here?
  13. Duplicate problem

    We didn't change duplicate command. Check your script.
  14. Emote in other NPC This PR change the emoticons constant name to match emoticonlist from client side. Note: the previous emoticons names are now deprecated. Additionnally emotion and unitemote scripts commands are being merged together to the new format -> emotion <emotion number>{,<target>}; Where target use the target Game ID (GID) of the unit (npc, pet, character etc..). * unitemote is now deprecated. emotion [email protected]+57,0,"Gm Dice"; is now : emotion ([email protected]+57), getnpcid(0,"Gm Dice"); You can run to convert your script.
  15. how to fix status point

    Wrong section. Moved to "Database Support".