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Scripts that provide games, events, or quests can be found under this category
Examples: Catch the Poring, Hide and Seek, Russian Roulette, Headgear Quests

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  1. Free

    Quest Point System

    O sistema consiste em da 1 quest/missão ao player, o jogador que a fizer ganhará 1 Ponto de Quest, esses pontos o player porá usar para trocar por custons ou algo de seu interesse, as quest são sorteadas de forma aleatória dentre as dificuldades, e os Admins/GMs podem adicionar itens de quest in-game assim como podem editar também.
    Obs:  Mais em baixo deixarei uns videos relacionado ao sistema, o script tem algumas alterações se comparado com os videos mas nada de mais.
    Obs2: Caso alguém encontre algum bug ou queira da sugestões fique a vontade, farei assim que puder.
    The system consists of 1 quest to the player, the player who makes it complete earn 1 Quest Point, and these points you can use to exchange for custom or something of interest to you, the quests are random, and the Admins / GMs can add quest items in-game like this you can edit too.
    Note: Below I will leave some videos related to the system, the script has some changes compared to the videos but nothing major.
    Note2: The translation is not very good, but I believe can understand it, you can make suggestions for me to make the improvement.



  2. Free

    einbech dun 03 mob_db, warpnpc, mobnpc, and mob skill

    just wanna share mob database I made based on Einbech Dungeon 3 - NovaRO: Wiki (novaragnarok.com) Mobskill is not official. 
    video is attached, in .rrf extension file.

    einbech dun 03.rrf



  3. Free

    Caça Toupeiras / Whack-A-Mole

    O script funciona como instância, é um jogo onde o player pode iniciar uma partida sempre que quiser, quanto mais toupeiras ele acertar mais pontos ele acumula, a partida termina quando ele somar o máximo de erros que pode cometer (configurável), o player precisa acertar um mínimo de toupeiras por ciclo, conforme os ciclos aumentam os acertos mínimos também (limitando-se ao máximo de 3), acertar o cachorro contará como erro, os pontos não são acumulativos ou seja, o player entrará par ao rank com o primeiro char que ele fez a partida e será contado por conta, quando ele atingir um valor máximo de pontos na partida que supera o do seu rank anterior ele atualiza, o rank reseta todo o domingo as 12h e converte os pontos para usar na loja da toupeira.
    Cred: Tio Akima (criador do mapa) 
    Cred: Frost (guia add custom npc)
    The script works as an instance, it is a game where the player can start a game whenever he wants, the more moles he hits the more points he accumulates, the game ends when he adds up the maximum mistakes he can make (configurable), the player needs hitting a minimum of moles per cycle, as the cycles increase the minimum hits as well (limited to a maximum of 3), hitting the dog will count as an error, the points are not cumulative ie the player will enter the rank with the first char he made the match and will be counted on account, when he reaches a maximum point value in the match that exceeds that of his previous rank he updates, the rank resets every Sunday at 12pm and converts the points to use in the mole shop .
    NOTE:  Perhaps the translation was not the best, so you can send a suggestion that I will be correcting.
    Cred: Tio Akima (map creator)
    Cred: Frost (guide add custom npc)




  4. $10.00

    Slot Machine - Items / Credits

    Songbird's Repo
    NPC, Scripts, Maps, Sprites, Mobs & More
    Players love Slot Machines! Specially if it is easy to use with a pretty cutin-based interface!
    This is a configurable Slot Machine where you're able to change the Item ID allowing you to use a custom or existing item, like Apples or a Casino exclusive coin bought with Zeny, this NPC allows you to configure the Odds, Payoff, and Winnings so you will always win! It is user-friendly and has a realistic cutin-based animation (575 .bmp files where used to create this).
    WARNING: Bad use of this NPC can break your server's economy, if you don't know about Slot Machine formulas and odds, just configure the item ID ".CoinID" and "$SlotCoinPrice" variables.
    Slot Machine - This script is going to create 8 NPCs in the Comodo Casino, it is recommended to replace the cmd_in02 map with the provided one if you plan to use this location.
    This Slot Machine has 5 images, here is the order from best to worse: Chest Coin, Bell, Yggdrasil, and Apple. Configuration is script-based. Prize is X times the bet (Depending on the multiplier) if the GiveItems feature is disabled. Features for GMs:
    You can configure the Odds, Winnings, and Payoff (An excel document is provided to help you configure this). GM Menu where you can see/erase statistics (Password protected), batch play-test to calculate winning chance or play normally (this doesn't affect common player statistics). General Player statistics (Gives you information about how many games have been lost, how much Zeny has been spent and the quantity of items earned by the users. (You can set Credit - Zeny price relation to calculate this: Default = 0). 2 Prize options: Credit Mode: Give credits like normal Slot Machines, you get X times the bet for combinations. GiveItem Mode: Instead of earning credits, users will earn Items. This option disables the option to bet more than 1 coin per game. Play Test Mode: You can batch-play X number of games to see quick statistics. Features for Players:
    Clean interface and easy to use (cutin-based animation). Users can configure the spin speed so they can play faster. Users can bet X1, X2, or x3 times in a single play. If they play x3 the Jackpot (3 Chests) pays extra (This is configurable too). NPC Information (provided to the players) is updated automatically based in your configuration like winnings and prizes. Sound feedback and effects!  WINNING COMBINATIONS (AND DEFAULT PRIZES):
          x60       x30       x10       x5       x3   A     A        x2   A     B        x1 Where A and B can be any object.
    You can use it in a lot of ways! Here are some examples:
    To get event coins/tickets to be exchanged for other prices. Zeny sink. Poring Coins. Cash Shop Pints (Custom item needed). Costume Hat Ticket exchange. Give coins so players can change them for items in this NPC, let luck decide. And more!  FILE CONTENTS: (167 MB - 3 .rar files)
    1 Excel document to help you decide your winnings and payoff. 1 Script 1 Map (Replace cmd_in02 with this one if you plan to use this NPC here) 6 .wav files (Sound effects) 576 .bmp files (Cutins) 1 sprite (A silver-colored version of the original Slot Machine NPC to match cutin)   BUYING TERMS:
    You are not allowed to redistribute this script in any way, shape, or form. Chargeback scams are not tolerated and will get you punished on rAthena. I still retain all rights to this script. You can modify this script as you like, but to receive support you must tell me what you changed. No Renewal, free updates. Contact Me on Discord: Songbird#3918
    IMPORTANT: If you bought this script before, please contact me trough Discord.

    24 purchases   181 downloads


  5. Free

    Find the GM (hide and seek)

    A simple event. the GM npc will teleport to a random location in the specified map, and the first player to find him will win the round.
    //SETTINGS .rounds = 3; // for how many rounds should the event last? .map$ = "prontera"; // the event where the gm will hide .itemReward = 1; setarray .rewards[0],909,5,716,2; // [itemId, itemAmount, {....}] .zenyReward = 0; .zenyAmount = 1000; .debugMode = 0; .npcName$ = "GM Masta"; .countdown = 3; // the time between event announcements and when the event actually starts. .automatic = 1; // automatic event or does it need a gm to run it manually? .runEvery = 1; // (ignore if manual) run the event ever X hours .offset = 1; // (ignore if manual) sometimes, you might have another event/announcement at the same time as the event announcement. you can set an offset (announce X minutes after event time.)  



  6. Free

    Alon Event

    Alon Event
    Alon is a Tagalog translate from Wave

    Alon Event is another Team Event and consist of 10 party member as a default. Player must be clean all monster in map
    Round 1-4 is easy Wave , Round 5 is Bonus round & Final Round & Round 6-9 is the hard part

    Good for High Rate Server & Mid rate server . Enjoy!

    Do not claim as your own work. Removing my Author in script meaning you claiming my works!



  7. Free

    Mixer / Exchanger

    Its basically a NPC that allows the GMs to add unlimited amount of Exchange Quests. I think that describes it the best, please test it. Player will see whatever was set by the GM, and will be able to do the Exchange.



  8. $25.00

    Claw Game

    Always wanted a fun game where your player could play to use there badge/zeny/cash?
    Instead of just having a npc with choices, make it a mini game with reflexion and strategy!

    Watch the preview youtube video
     How it works
    A board is procedurally created, and the player can move accross the game after paying some fees. When he takes a reward from a monster, the monster becomes the base one and he can continue if he pays again. When he took everything he wanted on the board, he can reset the board and play again!
    It's instance based, so multiple players can play it at the same time.
    Instead of clicking on the npc to move, there's items included that make it easier to move (with battlemode you can move using asdw and q/e to continue/reset). Which is greatly easier/funnier to play.
     What's inside
    -The actual script
    -The data folder for the arrows
    -The help for iteminfo.lua/item_db.txt/map implant/instance_db
    -readme to have more information about the script
    Nearly everything is editable:
    -Monsters spawn
    -View range
    -Ids of items

    For the rewards, each monster will have a reward associated, some monsters can share the same rewards. Each reward can have a different type:
    -One or multiple reward from a array (with or without duplicate)
    -Array of id associated with % (one or multiple reward)
    -All the item of the array given
    -Empty reward

    Read the readme to have more information of what to edit/where to edit.
     Buying Term
    -I still retain all rights to this script.
    -You are not allowed to redistribute this script in any way.
    -You can modify this script as you like
    -Script  by Kreustoo

    4 purchases   28 downloads


  9. Free

    Click The Ninja

    How it works
    Every seconds some ninja will spawn (depending of the number of player on the map), the first to click on them will get a reward and will have to wait before being able to get another reward.
    To launch it, you can go it by hand or Auto start it with OnClockXXXX. The players will join using @ninja.
    You can edit the number of ninja, the timing between spawn, the delay between rewards ect. Follow the !!Modify
    With a small number of ninja spawning, only the fastest will get rewarded, if you spawn a lot of ninja, everybody will get a chance to have one!
    There's more information to help the configuration inside the npc.



  10. $5.00

    Tag Event [Automated/Manual]

    Hello rAthena! I'd like to share one of my events from my server for the community.
    Tag Event
    - Run across Turbo Track without getting tagged.
    - Taggers increase every round!
    - Players have a 60% of getting tagged, (adjustable).
    - Prize is based on amount of players joined in the event, (adjustable).
    - Event runs every four hours, (adjustable).
    - Use @TagEvent to start event!
    // X% of getting tagged set [email protected], 60; //Prize for Winner getitem 969, [email protected]; //Prize for one participant getitem 969, 100; // X Gold per Player in Event for the winner set [email protected], 100; OnClock0300: OnClock0700: OnClock1100: OnClock1500: OnClock1900: OnClock2300:  
    Replace contents in turbo_track.txt with given turbo_track.txt, (removes Solo Turbo Track to make space for the Tag Event)
    server\npc\other\turbo_track.txt File attached below
    Add to scripts_custom.conf
    npc: npc/custom/TagEvent.txt  
    You are not allowed to redistribute this script in any way, shape, or form. Chargeback scams are not tolerated and will get you punished on rAthena. I still retain all rights to this script. You can modify this script as you like, but to receive support you must tell me what you changed. No Renewal, free updates.  

    19 purchases   41 downloads


  11. Free

    Glast Heim Challenge Mode[ Items Only ]

    the content of this files are ONLY the ITEMS not the instance not the mobs just the ITEMS and ENCHANTS, i already made a PR but i'll also post here while it isn't merge



  12. Free

    Nogg Road F3 (Mag_dun03)

    All instructions are on the txt

    things missing:
    * mobs slaves
    * official drop chances
    * enchant system (lapineUI)
    * exp may not be right
    Feels free to dm me on HaureN#3690 or [email protected]

    repo: https://github.com/haurenburu/ragnarok-content/tree/master/rathena/mag_dun03



  13. Free

    Ambernite Game

    a little gift from TakeRo to you.
    the fro players will know you



  14. Free

    Sader's Other Dimension Tree Of Savior

    What Included :
    a small map for the system
    the script
    what you should put in the instance db (you are free to change the id!)
    if you play Tree Of Savior , you might know The Other Dimension.
    The main idea is the player can join The Other Dimension it's a solo instance
    he can join as much as he want , the Goal is to reach the Highest Stage impossible in 20 min or until he die!
    in Tree Of Savior The Other Dimension is one stage monsters and the 2nd stage boss
    endless (i didn't finish it before but the idea is to not finish it!)
    The rewards are sent to the mail at the end of the week
    see the config to edit it (search for OnInit)
    in Tree Of Savior the rewards are coins that you get each week
    you can do that and activate the shop option
    there is 1 array for the items id and 2 array for the counts
    the first count array is for any Participant
    the other count array is if the player was the first in his class and the Participants from his class is more than .MiniParticipants
    you can block classes , or even make the monsters per class (Check Add for more info)
    there is a rank option to check the players's max stage per classes
    there is no drop nor exp in the system!
    i Added 40 stage for testing and as example for you , just remove it all and build your own!
    the stages i added has no balance! add it to what best for your server.
    i suggest making +100 stage , make sure that no player can reach the final stage but
    make it really hard not impossible!!
    if you have problem with the script , you can use the forum post to report it to me, and me or someone else will help you fix it.



  15. $7.00

    Bomb Poring Event

    Bomb Poring Event
    Teleported on one of the 7 map, you have to survive waves of bomb poring. The longer you stay alive, the better are the chance to get a reward.
    5 rounds, each seconds survived give you more % to win that stacks between rounds.
    Each map has a different layout making the strategy to survive different
    9 new type of bomb poring
    Watch how it works here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWW9WoAfuyk
    -Each bomb poring change into the red one to make it more obvious wich one is exploding. Because of how ragnarok is done, you don't see when a monster is casting outside your range
    -Different layout so it'll be less repetitive
    -You can add mutiple reward, but be aware a lot of players will survive the full 60 seconds, that's why I implemented a chance mecanism, letting new players having some chance to win and making the experimented one don't win too much rewards.
    -The red poring can leave an item on the ground, you can remove it or change it, but the idea is that it make the things more dynamic with some player rushing to get the item and mostly... die!
    How to install
    -You'll find one rar containing:
    *9 new colors for bomb poring
    *A new map splitted in 7 mini map
    *The actual script with all the sql request to implant the bomb poring and all the premade information for NPCidentity.lub and jobname.lub
    -Add the monsters and the map on your server
    -Follow the !!Modify!! information in the script, you'll change the position of the warper the reward ect
    Buying Term
    -I still retain all rights to this script.
    -You are not allowed to redistribute this script in any way.
    -You can modify this script as you like
    -I'll share a part of the gain to the mapper Greil
    Script and Sprite recolor by Kreustoo
    Map by Greil
    Last tested on rathena 931155ee33e54239d3459695a13ea229e3f70242

    25 purchases   82 downloads


  16. Free

    Poring Search

    One version of poring search. A lot of poring are spawned but with bad name, only some are well written.
    You go on 3 maps and the real winner is the one that find the last poring. Each time you find one good poring, you get a reward, so, no more "just one winner", multiple winner each event. But each time you kill a wrong one, you're warped out. I suggest to make a custom poring with 1 hp and no looting mecanism and to disable the skills on the map.

    The first map has more real poring than the second map and the last map has only one. You can edit the rewards, the map ect in OnInit.
    Automatically end the event for no possiblity in farming the rewards/overflow the server.

    You can start the event with a whisper to the npc as an admin, or add it to your event flow.
    It should work on really old rathena version, it doesn't use anything really new.



  17. $2.00

    World Boss Event

    // ========================================================= // World Boss System, scripted by Akkarin // ========================================================= // In this script's original state, a "World Boss" will // spawn in a random location after 10,000 monster kills // every 4 minutes past the hour. // // This script imitates the old World Boss mechanic from an // MMO called TERA. // // The location and MVP are selected at random from arrays. // =========================================================  

    72 purchases   141 downloads


  18. Free

    Advent Calendar Event with scavenger hunt [Prontera]

    This is a small advent calendar event I wrote for a small server I played on.
    Since christmas is over now, and people enjoyed it I felt others might want to have it on their servers next year as well, or use it for a different seasonal event.
    It automatically checks for the current day in regular intervals, and enables automatically on december 1st if it is loaded, and can be used until december 31st.
    Description ripped out of the script header:
    //===== Description: =========================================
    //= Advent Calendar Script with randomized order, account locked.
    //= Players have to wear a Santa Hat for the event, which they can
    //= obtain from Santa Clues
    //= After talking to Santa Clues,
    //= players get a hint for a house in prontera.
    //= Reaching that house they get a code word.
    //= They have to go back to Santa Clues, tell him the word (type it, case does not matter)
    //= to get another hint.
    //= Each day gives 3 more hints, and with 3 hints of a day you can
    //= then open the advent calendar box at the christmas tree
    //= Successfully opening the box yields a reward
    //===== Additional Comments: =================================
    //= For debugging / testing, you can use the Debug-Helper
    //= Simply whisper "NPC:XmasEvent" ingame with a gm level 99 account, to get
    //= the debug npc dialogue.
    //= It shows generic info about current accounts quest state
    //= You can enable/disable it for testing purposes or in case of an imurgoncay
    //= You can also set your (gm accounts) progress to a specific point, to check doors, hints, and rewards
    //= So you do not have to do 23 days of questing to check if day 24 reward actuially works.
    Minor changes have been made after that event happened on our server, mostly reogranized values and made sure that the rewards are common.
    You are highly encouraged to change those to fit your server!
    Values that can be changed are marked with
    //= Setting:
    in the script.
    You may also want to edit the coordinates for santa clues, or the advent calendar/christmas tree.
    The event is intended to be used with the christmas prontera map.
    Licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0
    You can find this and maybe other NPC scripts in the future on my Github: https://github.com/LePrau/rathena_custom_npcs



  19. Free

    LMPQ - Ludi Maze Party Quest

    This LMPQ exists in MapleStory, I am just copy the idea of how it work, and try to port it into RO.
    However, its far from perfect, originally I planned to get a custom map with x-mas theme, something like toy factory since it kinda match with MapleStory's Ludibrium town/dungeons. 
    But plan failed, tried to approach several person to help me with some of the client side stuff, but not everyone have the free time or interested or maybe not willing to work on free maps/clientside release nowaday.
    Anyhow, maybe you could just replace with your own custom map, or even better if you could share with everyone like I share the scripts. The more the merrier!
    So, if anyone willing to help me with custom maps/client side edit, let me know 😄 . Sometime collaborating with others could make great contents for release to other member.
    How it work:
    The objective of this party quest is to collect at least a certain tickets by killing monsters and to reach Ludibrium Maze 16 (henceforth known as Room 16).  Navigating through the maze needs a firm foundation of how the rooms operate. When you have successfully entered into the maze, your party will be thrown into a random room. Each type of monster drops a random amount of tickets at certain rate. Some rooms consists of mystery treasure box that summon monsters upon destroyed. These summoned monster has better loot value,  which are important factor to complete the PQ in a short period of time. The more passes you have, the more experience points you will obtain at the end of the PQ. There exists trick to conquer this PQ in a very short duration, I'm not gonna reveal/spoil how is it, and l'll just leave it to you to explore it.
    Mirror Link : Pastebin



  20. Free

    Bombring Event

    This is only working like an ordinary bombring event.
    No modifications added.
    Edit the time start using OnClockTimers.
    As per request by @shatowolf via PM
    No version 2 (with event timer checks and stuff) and no plans on adding it again in the future. - Pretty useless xD



  21. Free

    Novice vs Zombie - Yet another version

    version 1 = I removed all my modifications on this script version 2 = Has timers and will most likely be in-conflict with other event scripts i made.  
    Works the same with my other event scripts.
    Regular Novice v Zombie script. I just updated it and added some features.
    I dont know who exactly made this idea so i cant credit him properly.
    This is a response post from this topic:



  22. Free

    Euphy's Quest Shop with Success Rates

    In response to this post : 
    I just added success rate function. Enjoy!
    Original Script is by Euphy and I just added some functions to this.
    PS : if there are any broken event scripts ( due to old versions ), just DM me the link and I might be interested in updating it.
    PPS: I will only FIX it and not modify it at all. 🙂



  23. Free

    Poring Catcher - Yet another version

    version 1 = I removed all my modifications on this script version 2 = Has timers and will most likely be in-conflict with other event scripts i made.  
    Same old same old. I made revision on old poring catcher event by sandbox.
    It works similarly with the Dice Event V2 I recently posted.
    Nothing more is modified on the script.
    Feel free to edit and adjust as you wish. This will have conflict with dice event because i made this ran hourly too.
    I may or may not be making an Event Manager but who knows.
    Compatibility is your Responsibility.
    PS : if there are any broken event scripts ( due to old versions ), just DM me the link and I might be interested in updating it.
    PPS: I will only FIX it and not modify it at all. 🙂



  24. Free

    Dice Event - Yet another version

    version 1 = I removed all my modifications on this script version 2 = Has timers and will most likely be in-conflict with other event scripts i made.  
    In response to this post : 
    OnInit: // item reward setarray .item, 501, 10, 502, 5; // @dicestart - gm manual start bindatcmd "dicestart", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnStart",60,60; // @dice - player join event bindatcmd "dice", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnJoinEvent"; // Mapflags setarray [email protected], mf_nowarp, mf_nowarpto, mf_noskill, mf_noteleport, mf_nomemo, mf_nosave, mf_noicewall, mf_nobranch, mf_noreturn; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]); [email protected]++) setmapflag "quiz_02", [email protected][[email protected]]; .event_time_m = gettime(DT_MINUTE); .event_time_s = gettime(DT_SECOND); end;  
    I took some dice script by someone named sandbox and modified it the way how I understand this posts suggests to make.
    instead of using @event to check the time schedule of dice, I incorporate it to @dice command.
    This will show you an hourly countdown as to when will the event will be re-starting.
    And this dice event should be working on latest rathena.
    Compatibility is your Responsibility.
    PS : if there are any broken event scripts ( due to old versions ), just DM me the link and I might be interested in updating it.
    PPS: I will only FIX it and not modify it at all. 🙂



  25. Free

    Last Man Standing - Yet another version

    version 1 = I removed all my modifications on this script version 2 = Has timers and will most likely be in-conflict with other event scripts i made.  
    Here is my take on a LMS Event.
    Just a simple one.
    Runs hourly or Manually run by a GM
    Reward can be set 
    UPDATE 2.0:
    Changed to a new version that works like my other script events. 🙂 
    Still runs hourly and manually run by a gm.



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