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  1. Mystery's post in SpriteNPCHandle was marked as the answer   
    Normally you would use the Dress Room to switch the char's outfit to the Alternative one. 

    *opendressroom({<char_id>}); This will open the Dress Room window on the client connected to the invoking character. mes "Close this window to open the Dress Room window."; close2; opendressroom; end; --------------------------------------- *closedressroom({<char_id>}); This will close an open Dress Room window on the client connected to the invoking character. mes "Close this window to close the Dress Room window."; close2; closedressroom; end;
  2. Mystery's post in HP % was marked as the answer   
    Check your db/(pre-)re/job_db1.txt file.
    Look at this: JobID,Weight,HPFactor,HPMultiplicator,...
    Adjust your HPFactor and HPMultiplcator for your job.
  3. Mystery's post in Messed up item window. was marked as the answer   
    Could always try the Search Feature on the boards: http://rathena.org/board/topic/68975-please-help-me-with-my-inventory/?hl=+line++2051#entry127893
    Line: 1466 = Usable Items Line: 1472 = Etc. Items Line: 2051 = Equipment and Line: 2052 = Personal/Favourite Tab
  4. Mystery's post in Broadcasting server char count is very limited now. Why? was marked as the answer   
    //Max allowed chat text length #define CHAT_SIZE_MAX (255 + 1)  
    You're probably being restricted by your client. The only restriction Kami has is through the CHAT_SIZE_MAX.
  5. Mystery's post in MVP Spawn was marked as the answer   
    If you want all MVP to spawn 2 instead of one, you must go through every spawn map that has MVPs and change the mob rate from 1 to 2.
  6. Mystery's post in Quick Question was marked as the answer   
    What it'll try to do is "Merge" any changes in our Trac into your file(s). However, if you have a custom modification that conflicts with what has been changed (i.e. You changed damage output of a skill to your liking and we happen to change the same skill in our SVN, there will be complications (i.e. error)) in the Trac, you'll get notified by Tortoise. Otherwise, Tortoise will try and merge any changes into your file(s).
  7. Mystery's post in I Forgot my phpmyadmin password was marked as the answer   
    If you forgot your password... your best bet would be to contact your hoster (VIA Submitting a Ticket, or another form of contacting) and mention that you've forgot your password. This is really the only way to get your password back... there's no other form of getting it back that I know of without mentioning it to your hoster.
    Write your password on a piece of paper or write a note out on your computer next time ;P
  8. Mystery's post in How do I change exp rate? It seems like not working at all. . . was marked as the answer   
    Is that a clean SVN? Do you have any active Floating Rates NPCs?
  9. Mystery's post in How it is made? was marked as the answer   
    Using the main.sql found here: https://rathena.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/rathena/trunk/sql-files/main.sql has all the tables needed for characters to be saved. They are saved automatically by the server itself:

    // Database autosave time // All characters are saved on this time in seconds (example: // autosave of 60 secs with 60 characters online -> one char is saved every // second) autosave_time: 300 // Min database save intervals (in ms) // Prevent saving characters faster than at this rate (prevents char-server // save-load getting too high as character-count increases) minsave_time: 100 // Apart from the autosave_time, players will also get saved when involved // in the following (add as needed): // 1: after every successful trade // 2: after every vending transaction // 4: after closing storage/guild storage. // 8: After hatching/returning to egg a pet. // 16: After successfully sending a mail with attachment // 32: After successfully submitting an item for auction // 64: After successfully get/delete/complete a quest // NOTE: These settings decrease the chance of dupes/lost items when there's a // server crash at the expense of increasing the map/char server lag. If your // server rarely crashes, but experiences interserver lag, you may want to set // these off. save_settings: 127
    You would need to be setup as a SQL server since we no longer support Text based servers (if you're using eAthena it's a different story then).
  10. Mystery's post in Find the Mushroom Tweak Please was marked as the answer   
    Please check my SVN.
  11. Mystery's post in Custom Rates was marked as the answer   
    Are you looking for something like this? https://rathena.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/rathena/trunk/npc/custom/floating_rates.txt
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