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  1. Platinum Skills under payment

    Use a switch(class) then either check in the switch or set skills in the switch and check after it (I would do latter)
  2. Boxes

    use my function its much easier 21031,Caja_1,Caja de Nivel,2,0,,0,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,70,,2000,{ callfunc "F_RandWeight",501,1,502,1503,1,504,1; },{},{} the chance will be item weight/total weight, in the above example each potion has a 1 weight with 4 total items meaning 1/4 chance
  3. Shop with elementar weapons

    no its not possible without modifications to load an npc with a "player shop", i think goddammit did it but its probably outdated by now
  4. Boxes

    You call also try using a function like
  5. Skill duration edit

  6. Brainstorm group session!

    it was less then an hour of talikng though, i think it should have been longer
  7. Cash Shop Button Issue

    suggest you learn how to use git makes updating much easier
  8. //===== To Do: =============================================== //= Make Rewards Editable in game //= Add A Vote4Event(ingame) Feature //= Add Devil Square, Disguise, Invasion, X-O Event, MVP Arena, Dead Branch, Wiki, Jumper, Fast Type Event //= Add Other Requested Events //= Upgrade Randomize Event to allow choices in events <-------------------------------------------------- //= Fix Manually Removing Events Overflow Error (not game breaking)
  9. [SOLVED-Quest-Zero] Erro in quest new windows

    wrong section, but you'll want to show us your script or at least the section that is hanging.
  10. Brainstorm group session!

    I'll be there~
  11. Hourly Reward Script Request

    i recently (like 5 mins ago) wrote a new hourly rewards script, its fairly configurable if you want to give it a try and give feedback. it uses quest_db to track hours so it doesn't have the issue that some other hourly have, it also have a separate timer for each character that doesnt reset on logout but a max amount of rewards per week
  12. Converting into mail type reward

    Also note it only supports up to 5 items types, so of your item array is longer.might not work as you like.
  13. just got home and pushed an update to fix this, also added 2 new menu options/ commands to help manage events easier as for the other issue in removing 1 event that has to do with an string overflow error, not going to fix atm because effort, but i have added it to todolist and I also added the remove event type command and menu option making removing a certain event easier.
  14. Replace Case 1: next; break;[/Codebox] With [Codebox] Next; Goto OnJoinEvent; [/Codebox] Till I can push an update to fix.