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  1. Stolao

    Randomopt NPC Select item

    He wants a random option npc whee he can pick the options for item he has in inventory. If anyone helps him this will help with the random option menus
  2. If you have a wait you have to claim reward via commands, or giving the NPC a physical location to talk to.
  3. Stolao

    iRO Bounty Board Debug and Warning

    Don't use mine anyway someone else released a better one using the quest db. Edit found it.
  4. Stolao


    I may or may not release publicly eventually, but for now its my personal project. Another Update Pirate and 1 Pirate skill done
  5. or try there are quite a few events already, your might be out there
  6. possible a hang screen from a missing end or something.
  7. I don't a problem with this, but seems unnecessary as if your doing proper coding it should not be an issue to track it yourself. And this is having had to dispbottom/annouce to debug myself. For a script that has alot of moving parts or lord forbid forloops I can see this getting very very messy in the console and not being super helpful where it's probably needed the most.
  8. I'd recommend using v2 But those are the time in minutes between being able to collect a reward (22 hour before claiming next rewards would be1320 for example) And 2nd is how long not logging in for till your count resets, again in minutes
  9. Stolao


    Ty, sadly luck isn't what i need, its more time in the day. updated post, Samurai quest is done.
  10. Chest spawn at midnight server time look in your map_index pvp_y_1-1 pvp_y_1-2 pvp_y_1-3 pvp_y_1-4 pvp_y_1-5 pvp_y_2-1 pvp_y_2-2 pvp_y_2-3 pvp_y_2-4 pvp_y_2-5 pvp_y_3-1 pvp_y_3-2 pvp_y_3-3 pvp_y_3-4 pvp_y_3-5 pvp_y_4-1 pvp_y_4-2 pvp_y_4-3 pvp_y_4-4 pvp_y_4-5 pvp_y_5-1 pvp_y_5-2 pvp_y_5-3 pvp_y_5-4 pvp_y_5-5 pvp_y_6-1 pvp_y_6-2 pvp_y_6-3 pvp_y_6-4 pvp_y_6-5 pvp_y_7-1 pvp_y_7-2 pvp_y_7-3 pvp_y_7-4 pvp_y_7-5 pvp_y_8-1 pvp_y_8-2 pvp_y_8-3 pvp_y_8-4 pvp_y_8-5 you mean the flux cash shop? look through map section in downloads This -%TAB%cashshop%TAB%<NPC Name>%TAB%<sprite id>,<itemid>:<price>{,<itemid>:<price>...} <map name>,<x>,<y>,<facing>%TAB%cashshop%TAB%<NPC Name>%TAB%<sprite id>,<itemid>:<price>{,<itemid>:<price>...} I ahve over 2700 custom headgear, you can either macro it, use a program, or manually add them in over time, i believe there is something made by @Tokei in downloads to help with this (forget name i dont use it)
  11. hi good day sir stolao, sir ninja recommended you to me for a paid service. i just wanted to know if you can do a script for me. below are the ff. requirements:


    - script that will give item/s to a party automatically upon finishing the instance (refer to instances folder pre and re)

    - works on idathena trunk

    1. Stolao


      responded via pm

  12. Stolao

    Enchant Random Option

    I went over this in discord with him, he needed to fix that rand() and the index at least (assuming no other issues I don't see right away). Also suggested using constant instead of int values for the options for readability. I have a function in my git for converting random options into a readable line btw, if you need it ever.
  13. Stolao

    Zombie Event Problem

    <--- Under my name is my git And my signature links to my releases
  14. Stolao

    [w0w] Mini World Project

    It's nice to see more mappers around. Looking good keep it up.