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  1. Updated download to work with r17692+ of rAthena.
  2. Feel free to help... And it is not like I haven't done any commits since then. Also, the one of the main things I am lacking is actual data. I do not host a server so I do not have data to test if code changed will affect live servers. If anyone is willing to contribute their data, that would be great. I can create a PHP script that will remove sensitive information such as passwords and emails if anyone is interested.
  3. For bug reports, please set $showExceptions in config/errors.php to true. Then, since this is a paid download, please PM or email me the error report. Thank you.
  4. [update] Due to GitHub removing their manual downloads page, I have moved them all to the newly created GitPage! For the download links, please refer to either the first post of this thread or the wiki page. All, except the mobs, have been updated. @, I'm not quite sure if I understood what you are suggesting. If you could perhaps give an example, that would be great. Nevertheless, thanks for the suggestion!
  5. Sorry about that! I cleaned and updated my computer a few days before the update so I didn't have Visual Studio installed yet. I have now updated the download so that it can patch and compile successfully.
  6. I've updated the diff to work on the latest SVN revision (r17276). Download will be up as soon as a mod approves it. That was fast - the download is now up!
  7. I was wondering if anyone has a SPR to Animated GIF tool or could point me in the right direction for coding one up. (This is for working regarding my FluxCP project). Please and thank you~
  8. Since rAthena saves group_id of an account rather than their group level, you can do this be referencing the AccountLevel class declared in config/groups.php: if(AccountLevel::getGroupLevel($session->account->group_id) == AccountLevel::ADMIN) However, if you want multiple groups to be allowed to run the certain piece of code (eg. GMs and admins), then you would check the group level hierarchy by if(AccountLevel::getGroupLevel($session->account->group_id) > AccountLevel::NORMAL){ dothis; // only groups with level greater than a normal account user will run this code } Hope that helps!
  9. You don't have to look for a web host that is connected with RO, you just need a web host in general. With that in mind, there are better places to ask/look such as the WebHosting Talk forum. However, I am currently with StableHost which has quick support and it is indeed very stable (I've been with them for the past 15 months and never had any downtime). I would recommend the Stable plan under Shared Hosting tab for what you plan on using it for. With this plan, you could also upload/host your lite and full installers in it too. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with StableHost in any way except for being a satisfied customer.
  10. Hi, Should now be fixed in the latest commit. Please download the latest code and try again. Thanks for your patience and understanding! - Xantara
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