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  1. Alright, doing some research this hexed doesnt work with rAthena. I'll try something from 2015 instead. thank you!
  2. I did that man, but get the same error here Jus tried to log in this time but get disconnected right away, this msg show:
  3. Hello guys, i'm having a little problem here. I'm trying do log in on my localhost server but everytime i create a char, he doenst show in the right spot, and when i tried to login, i got this message on char server: This show on my client: Already did some research but didnt find any answer. I'm using 2014-03-05bRagexe. Didnt change anything, just download rathena, put the database and try to log in, but it doesnt work.
  4. Good to see old people back here.
  5. Really good work Adel, its nice too see someone doing sprites till today.
  6. I remmember you Zephirus, haha. Long time :)
  7. Man, it's been 4 years. eAthena is really gone, damm. Miss you guys!
  8. I remembers your nickname around the forum... Yes! Undestood. So ASB forum is alive too? Or there is a new project with Aegis?
  9. LOL! What's up Tester! Nice to see you around. There's only you here? Skotlex, ultramage, and other devs are retired? And what happened to the original project? :/ Oh this guy is one of the gods Hahahaha, no, mate! I was a dedicated member, only that! Hey Emistri, i didn't remember you, sorry. I left eAthena on 2008 or 2009, long time ago. Nice to meet you too. Btw, I still remember of the dispute about top 1 profile views and top 20 posters at that time. It was fun with Devil Evil and Usako and other guys. The old forum brings me joy and some bad nostalgy
  10. Hello guys, any old fellas here? KevinLoh, Devil Evil, Paradox, anyone? Devil Angel too... Miss that time. :')
  11. Anyone here knows how to change the 23 character long of a client?