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  1. I can confirm this.. this is because SR_GATEOFHELL is BF_LONG which should be BF_SHORT if level is below 5 if (skill_id == SR_GATEOFHELL) { if (skill_lv < 5) return BF_SHORT; else return BF_LONG; } this must be added on battle_range_type on battle.cpp
  2. the release is complete mess You need to configure those absolute path configured like in notice.html and style.css for the images to work The structure of the directory is confusing, from handling the server status and playerCount to handling rss->notice.html The file config.ini isn't configured well on how to display the server status and playerCount which should be handled like notice.html which requires a 'URL' on the config file.
  3. Error Loading page = numPostperThread*BadgeSize ~_~
  4. Topic Starter's point is this... He wants to start a server in his pc. Since in Philippines, most of all connections are dynamic, port forwarding a big help for it to go on public. Now his problem, his ADSL is giving an ip which is different with router and when he wants to know his current external IP using sites like http://whatismyip.net/ . it gives different external IP again from what ASDL and router has. Now, as i pm him, i told him to consult his ISP about it. As i can tell, its ISP isn't configured well with its router. I Encounter this problem years ago before rAthena even started. But the problem is this Topic Starter uses Bayantel as ISP and mine is PLDT. Thats all i can tell~ @ TS Good Luck~ EDIT: And Please Stop suggesting to get VPS. He is still trying to make it worked in his pc which is Free and only done to Test not for Public used yet~
  5. KeiKun

    I'm Back~

    let's do cyber bullying again... Good idea i missed bullying cute people since CyberCrime is under TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) for 120 days JOKE! XD
  6. KeiKun

    I'm Back~

    Hey Guys! again? I am making myself reIntroduced here @ rAthena again.. ~_~ Its Months? that i have been active here due to crappy stuff like being a college fvck up and a Player of RAN Online. But i think someone noticed me going online here @ rAthena forums. That was the time i was Tracing a hacker that somehow managed to access my private backup server files in my server room @ florida around september 15. But who cares about those things anyway. Weird thing though it seems, the core of rathena is same which is not what i was expecting for almost a months of planning and updating by devs. But anyway i saw the Client MD5 Hash Check which is good update. Current still reading things that rAthena Implemented and things that they Change. rAthena forum seems to load slower. Maybe i need to update my Download Speed Limit to 3MBs. Then I see the Menu has been Arranged ( Finally ~_~ ), Though BugTracker still sucks ( lol ). But its kinda weird i remember some stuffs around rAthena IRC said by Admins but i think they didn't finished those things. i might check it up when i'm active in IRC too.. Currently, i will be Active again here @ rAthena for several reasons. Implementing core stuffs that i wrote last 2 weeks ago due to some request i got from my email and just to see how rAthena is doing their updates.. I am Currently in RAN Private servers too. Currently i have a Project which updating RAN Server Files and Fix its Total Translation into English ( though i suck with English which said by tons of critics ). And for those people who emailed me about me going start doing client side updates. My Answer is "Yes". Though my Server used to get the Latest RE Clients from KRO and commit under the Kei-Client Side Project went bugged. While i was inactive too, i was able to create a Diff patcher not same as WeeDiff Gen. Works fine with the latest client i have. Maybe in the future i will be releasing it including the diffs. Again for those who doesn't know me... Name is KeiKun <-- yes its not my true name. FVCK for those will tell my real name. I'm from Laguna, Philippines. I'm currently 18 Years old <-- I just became 18 yrs old.(10-10-12). I started with Athena around Year 2009. I'm currently taking BS Computer Science @ Letran Calamba. And those my Critics all i can say is FVCK U and for those people whom asking request about athena in my email([email protected]) please avoid spamming and i will be helping with your problems. And Again, I am back in rAthena and will be helping as much as i can. ~ Kei
  7. Update: Added clients 2012-07-16 up to 2012-08-14 Sorry for late Commit. My Program used to Get, Repack and Commit got bugged i just noticed today... ~
  8. No for me for me... its lame.. cause no RO Server(ofc) will do maintenance (server side) without accessing the server where is it hosted... btw why you want 3 of them to go exit automatically? i think killing login and char is safe when you do it manually or possible send delay time after map server goes down to char then login or login to char (whatever)
  9. isn't the rev of the script can be found under svn log when file > right click > svn log shows the last revision and the message there~ EDIT: Adding it to each file... no idea why need to do that if you can see it already under svn log.. unless you don't checkout the whole svn or trunk (exported)
  10. hi pyro-ro.com link will be unavailable we will move it to another crap Temporary Repository is working fine @ Others... Please.. This Thread is for my Client Release Only Packets and others stuff about Clientside.. Please Avoid to talk about it here i don't release Packets since Support with packets are Insane if you want to get Packets wait for someone to release or just wait for rAthena official support it
  11. this is normal since its a bug IP Tracker they will fix it under IP Tracker 2.1.0
  12. @ Benitora Masaki It works fine with me try to redownload the client @ projetz i dont accept Support about client not working. I only accept Problems with Repository and my Client Release @ crimedek1905 the repository is Public already i dont think it still request for authentication try to Refresh or do Clear Cache (Ctrl+F5)
  13. is there someone whom doing the fix with the Tabs its really freaking annoying Edit: Is it me or i cannot upload things using Advance Uploader? i need to use the basic uploader so can upload things
  14. Hey Guys! Since we Reset the whole host and reconfiguring again imma get a temporary Repository.. EDIT: Added the Temporary Repository~
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