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  1. Have you also updated your SQL files? - YES Did you accidentally reset your client date in the source? - NO Fixed, NVM
  2. Okay so i did a long over due update on my server and now i cnt not get it working. [Status]: Attempting to connect to Char Server. Please wait. [Status]: Connecting to IP:6121 [Status]: Logging in to char server... [Warning]: Connection to Char Server lost. Everything come online, Map, Login & Char but when a player attempts to login this is what happends; [Status]: Request for connection of diamondassassin (ip: IP). [Notice]: Authentication accepted (account: diamondassassin, id: 2001984, ip: IP) [Status]: Connection of the account 'diamondassassin' accepted. [Info]: Closed connection from 'IP'. [Status]: Connecting to IP:6121 [Status]: Logging in to char server... [Warning]: Connection to Char Server lost. Was all working fine before i done an update, ive checked all the config files, all is setup correctly. Ive re-compiled at least 3 times and it still wont work. Any suggestions? Just keeps saying, "Rejected from server"
  3. Rayhan


    I've disabled the forums until further notice while i "REWORD IT" Regarding the quests, its an RO quest, no matter how i word it will look the same, same ingredients, same reward.
  4. Thank you, yea its very short but its for her college work, marketing degree. Thank you to thise that have do it, its helping her alot, she just needs 50 more to complete her essay, please don't be scared to do it, its simple and quick
  5. Anyone got a spare 5 minutes to help my girl with her UNI/COLLEGE work, she needs as many done as possible, its a very quick survey and would be greatly appreciated. http://obsurvey.com/S2.aspx?id=f232362e-1783-439f-808b-c2e641aeb634
  6. Rayhan


    Thank you for the suggestion, i will look into doing this however to generate votes and receive reviews for your other server, it will need another ID to correspond to the listing, this is only done via creating a new account.
  7. Nice work, nice designs, just missing the RateMyRO link
  8. And this is a game because?....
  9. Rayhan


    Thanks Brian. As we all know not all servers even use a cp, i know 90% do but for the extra 10% that don't we have done it a different way. Server owners login and can download a file that they upload to their root called ratemyro_usersonline.php they then fill in the box to where its located for example www.rosite.com/ratemyro_useronline.php and it pulls there users online from that file and shows on there ranking and or there stats page. If no file is found then it just shows N/A within the stats. Simple to do and instructions shown to the server owner on how to enable users online. This is already the case; http://www.ratemyro.com/index.php?a=join as you can see at the bottom, they can input these values. You can now show users currently connected to your server via your stats page and your ranking listing. Take a look at some of the servers that are currently using the feature. www.ratemyro.com A few updates have been applied to the website. Added Online Peak under Users Online. Added the abbility for server owners to reply to reviews if they recieve a 3 star or lower rating. All new design thanks to Brightix Graphics Please rate it, tell me what you guys think You can now add a YouTube promo video to your server listing
  10. Rayhan

    Taekwon Only

    Okay got no help in the Database support so ill post it here I've created a weapon for Taekwon Class only and I'm just wondering what the code is so only Taekwon Class can use it. (SQL code not TXT code) For example, all classes = 4294967295 Thanks in advanced.
  11. Wow looks great buts its missing RateMyRO link 10/10
  12. Look good however its missing RateMyRO in the vote panel 7/10 , loads fast and simple to use.
  13. Change getitem 30011,1; to your item id - script hourlypoints -1,{ //--Start of the Script OnPCLoginEvent: attachnpctimer ""+strcharinfo(0)+""; initnpctimer; end; OnTimer30000: //Check if Vending (normal or @at) if(checkvending() >= 1 || checkchatting() == 1) { dispbottom "Please relog if you wish to start hourly KCP again (VENDING OR CHATTING)"; stopnpctimer; end; } //Check if Idle getmapxy( [email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], 0 ); if(@map$ == [email protected]$ && @x == [email protected] && @y == [email protected]) { set @afk, @afk + 1; } //If move timer resets else { set @afk, 0; } set @map$, [email protected]$; set @x, [email protected]; set @y, [email protected]; //Idle Check for 10 Minutes if(@afk == 10) { dispbottom "Please relog if you wish to start hourly KCP again (YOU WERE IDLE TOO LONG)"; stopnpctimer; end; } end; OnTimer60000: set @minute, @minute + 1; //Check for 1 Minute if(@minute == 60){ set @minute,0; getitem 30011,1; dispbottom "You Received (05) KCP By Staying Ingame For One Hour"; } stopnpctimer; initnpctimer; end; }
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