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  1. why do I use the apk v315 not responding
  2. try this one :) txtlogin.txt
  3. New Bitmap Image.bmp How to fix Failed to connect to resource sercer
  4. // Athena InterServer configuration. // Contains settings shared/used by more than 1 server. // Options for both versions // Log Inter Connections, etc.? log_inter: 1 // Inter Log Filename inter_log_filename: log/inter.log // Level range for sharing within a party party_share_level: 15 // You can specify the codepage to use in your MySQL tables here. // (Note that this feature requires MySQL 4.1+) //default_codepage: // For IPs, ideally under linux, you want to use localhost instead of // Under windows, you want to use If you see a message like // "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2)" // and you have localhost, switch it to // Global SQL settings // overridden by local settings when the hostname is defined there // (currently only the login-server reads/obeys these settings) // MySQL Login server login_server_ip: login_server_port: 3306 login_server_id: lopaka login_server_pw: 15555 login_server_db: siann login_codepage: login_case_sensitive: no ipban_db_ip: ipban_db_port: 3306 ipban_db_id: lopaka ipban_db_pw: 15555 ipban_db_db: siann ipban_codepage: // MySQL Character server char_server_ip: char_server_port: 3306 char_server_id: lopaka char_server_pw: 15555 char_server_db: siann // MySQL Map Server map_server_ip: map_server_port: 3306 map_server_id: lopaka map_server_pw: 15555 map_server_db: siann // MySQL Log Database log_db_ip: log_db_port: 3306 log_db_id: lopaka log_db_pw: 15555 log_db_db: siann log_codepage: log_login_db: siann // MySQL Reconnect Settings // - mysql_reconnect_type: // 1: When MySQL disconnects during runtime, the server tries to reconnect // mysql_reconnect_count times and shuts down if unsuccessful. // 2: When mysql disconnects during runtime, it tries to reconnect indefinitely. mysql_reconnect_type: 2 mysql_reconnect_count: 1 // DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING BEYOND THIS LINE UNLESS YOU KNOW YOUR DATABASE DAMN WELL // this is meant for people who KNOW their stuff, and for some reason want to change their // database layout. [CLOWNISIUS] // ALL MySQL Database Table names // Login Database Tables login_server_account_db: login ipban_table: ipbanlist // Shared global_acc_reg_num_table: global_acc_reg_num global_acc_reg_str_table: global_acc_reg_str // Char Database Tables char_db: char hotkey_db: hotkey scdata_db: sc_data cart_db: cart_inventory inventory_db: inventory charlog_db: charlog skill_db: skill interlog_db: interlog memo_db: memo guild_db: guild guild_alliance_db: guild_alliance guild_castle_db: guild_castle guild_expulsion_db: guild_expulsion guild_member_db: guild_member guild_skill_db: guild_skill guild_position_db: guild_position guild_storage_db: guild_storage party_db: party pet_db: pet friend_db: friends mail_db: mail mail_attachment_db: mail_attachments auction_db: auction quest_db: quest homunculus_db: homunculus skill_homunculus_db: skill_homunculus mercenary_db: mercenary mercenary_owner_db: mercenary_owner elemental_db: elemental ragsrvinfo_db: ragsrvinfo skillcooldown_db: skillcooldown bonus_script_db: bonus_script acc_reg_num_table: acc_reg_num acc_reg_str_table: acc_reg_str char_reg_str_table: char_reg_str char_reg_num_table: char_reg_num clan_table: clan clan_alliance_table: clan_alliance // Map Database Tables buyingstore_table: buyingstores buyingstore_items_table: buyingstore_items item_table: item_db renewal-item_table: item_db_re item2_table: item_db2 renewal-item2_table: item_db2_re item_cash_table: item_cash_db item_cash2_table: item_cash_db2 mob_table: mob_db renewal-mob_table: mob_db_re mob2_table: mob_db2 renewal-mob2_table: mob_db2_re mob_skill_table: mob_skill_db renewal-mob_skill_table: mob_skill_db_re mob_skill2_table: mob_skill_db2 renewal-mob_skill2_table: mob_skill_db2_re mapreg_table: mapreg sales_table: sales vending_table: vendings vending_items_table: vending_items market_table: market roulette_table: db_roulette // Use SQL item_db, mob_db and mob_skill_db for the map server? (yes/no) use_sql_db: no inter_server_conf: inter_server.yml import: conf/import/inter_conf.txt
  5. hosting: vultr.com http://renoblackhosting.ml/images/1.bmp New Bitmap Image.bmp
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