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  1. It's bound to @monster command... Just do @monster 3 will summon 3 of a random mob id from that list.
  2. Skorm

    erro script

    Change additem to getitem.
  3. So in November I started making my own GameCube controller for the GameBoy Player and wasn't able to finish it because of school, but it's finally done and I love you guys so I'm going to share it here.
  4. prontera,173,200,4 script Blah -1,5,5,{ end; OnTouch: if(!instance_id()) end; npctalk "This is a message!"; monster "place",60,100,"Poring",1002,1,"NPCNAME::OnLabel"; disablenpc instance_npcname(strnpcinfo(0)); } This is the best way to figure out commands.
  5. Sorta but it would be dumb to do so... In order to do it without an npc at those coordinates, you would need to loop and constantly track your players' positions until they are at that point then run the rest of the script. The better way of doing that would be to create a hidden npc at the coordinates you want to trigger OnTouch. They should still work within an instance. Using -1 for an npc's sprite will make it hidden from the client.
  6. @AnnieRuru Made a fantastic post with three excellent ways on how to do this already...
  7. This script works very much like what the topic describes.
  8. Could maybe shorten it to... prontera,255,255,3 script Equip Freebies 123,{ getinventorylist; copyarray [email protected][0],@inventorylist_id[0],getarraysize(@inventorylist_id); for([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .len; [email protected]++){ if(!isequipped(.equip_id[[email protected]]) && inarray([email protected], .equip_id[[email protected]]) == -1) { getitem .equip_id[[email protected]],1; equip .equip_id[[email protected]]; } else [email protected]++; } mes "[ Freebies ]"; if(!.len - [email protected]){ mes "It looks like you already have all the freebie(s)."; close; } else if ([email protected]) mes "It looks like you already have "[email protected]+" freebie(s)."; mes "Here is your freebies."; close; OnInit: setarray .equip_id, 1208, 2154; // Add your ID's here. .len = getarraysize(.equip_id); } Although in this case if the user was able to store/trade the freebies he could get more, but it would also allow the list of freebies to be updated. Also my example is completely untested so... Edit: I think equipped items might already show up in the @inventorylist_id so I might not even need isequipped().
  9. This is a neat idea but I think the cards are way too big you should consider resizing the cards and also converting the magenta color to transparency.
  10. Hi @Maki it has been a minute, hasn't it? I've been playing a little... IGN is Zaldus because someone took Skorm. >_>
  11. I've been wanting this version of Prontera for years thanks for re-uploading it.
  12. Thank you for the suggestions! The game is meant to be manic so that you can't pause it and will die if you aren't able to allocate points fast enough or heal, but I will add an option to click the potion on the side to heal.