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  1. Skorm

    Utility: Selection Buffer

    Thanks for letting me know I've got a fix I'll upload it when I get home from work.
  2. Skorm

    Mob: Crystal II

    You're a saint.
  3. Skorm

    TreasureChest Mob ideas and thoughts

    I did something kinda like this years ago. Like if you're in a party and you kill an mvp you can roll on the loot.
  4. Skorm

    Hourly Points script

    Change every instance of #KAFRAPOINTS to #CASHPOINTS.
  5. It should if not the oldest version will because that works on rAmod. I actually made this script way back in 2014.
  6. Skorm

    R> Script Unequip equipment condition.

    In your item database the last two script sections are for equip and unequip... In both items add something like this two the equip script. if(isequipped(1599)) unequip(EQI_SHOES); Anyways that's all I'm saying.
  7. Skorm

    Hi All

    Hmm that's kinda neat. Welcome.
  8. Skorm

    help Zeny Farm System

    Get the mob ids. Get the NPC coordinates. Get the maps that you want to use for this event (do /where we need that map name). Create the mobs in your mod_db and post the entries. Just because you post in the script request section doesn't mean we're going to do everything for it. These are some simple things you can do to improve the odds of your request being completed.
  9. Skorm

    Adding Countdown Timmer

    You could re-purpose my woe waiting groom timer script. I might try to make a function for this at some point!
  10. Skorm

    Scripting FAQ/Tips/Tricks

    To Annie's post above she actually told me not to do this when I did it like 4 years ago... What the heck and she doesn't even credit me here for maybe giving her some kind of subliminal inspiration whatever... :< [Source] Hurry before she changes it. /gg Anyways I just wanted to post a neat function I came up with for anybody who might want to use it. DisplayPages Function: Basically, it takes a bunch of options that you want to put into a menu and adds pages so the players can move through them easily. ///This function takes an array of strings and builds a menu players can navigate. ///Usage: DisplayPages([email protected]_array${, [email protected]_size }); ///Output: This function returns the selected item index from the given array. function script DisplayPages { [email protected]_size = getarg(1, 10); [email protected] = getarraysize(getarg(0)); [email protected] = [email protected] / [email protected]_size; [email protected] -= [email protected] > [email protected]_size && [email protected] % [email protected]_size ? 0 : 1; do { copyarray [email protected]$[0], getelementofarray(getarg(0), [email protected]_size * [email protected]), [email protected]_size; if( [email protected] < [email protected] ) [email protected]$[[email protected]_size] = "Next Page =>"; if( [email protected] > 0 ) [email protected]$[[email protected]_size +1] = "<= Previous Page"; [email protected] = select(implode([email protected]$,":")); if( [email protected] == [email protected]_size +1 ) [email protected]++; else if( [email protected] == [email protected]_size +2 ) [email protected]; deletearray [email protected]$; } while( [email protected] > [email protected]_size ); [email protected] += [email protected]_size * [email protected]; return [email protected]; } Example NPC: prontera,146,188,4 script Warper 97,{ mes "[Warper]"; mes "Select the map you want to warp to."; next; setarray [email protected]$, "prontera", "morocc", "payon", "geffen", "izlude", "jawaii", "dewata", "eclage", "moscovia", "ayothaya", "lighthalzen", "alberta", "aldebaran", "xmas", "comodo", "hugel", "rachel", "veins", "pvp_n_1-5", "pvp_n_1-4"; [email protected] = DisplayPages([email protected]$, 5); warp [email protected]$[[email protected]], 0, 0; end; }
  11. Skorm

    Hello rAthena! :)

    Neat. Welcome, back!
  12. I'm not sure I'll test it out tomorrow and let you know.
  13. Thanks for reuploading some extremely useful files.
  14. Skorm

    Addtional Drop for MVP

  15. Skorm

    Addtional Drop for MVP Make an npc with the OnInit: Tag and use that command or just add it in the database.