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  1. itu la tu.. ssh gak nak carik contact org kite yg buat service. huhuhu tapi takpela.. dah ade.. Wuish, ade buat server sndiri gak ke.. hahaha kk meh sini cuba try main
  2. Saya ade gak carik2 tapi tu la, tak jumpa. last2.. terpaksa hired org PH utk dirikan projek sndiri.. hurm... kalau kot2 ade kanalan yg dev, scripter or pandai buat spriter and design cam forum ke so on.. share la..
  3. Hi semua, Saya baru kembali setelah sekian lama tidak aktif dalam rA. So now, saya sekarang ni di dalam proses untuk membangunkan server sendiri . Saya tak pasti sama ada saya berada di tempat yang betul untuk membuat pengumuman. Seperti tajuk yang tertera, saya bercadang untuk mengupah graphic designer sama ada dari Indonesia/Malaysia. Ini memudahkan saya untuk communicate. Job Scope: Forum Design FB Logo & Banner Loading Screen (TBC, but I want to know in advance) Feel free to leave a PM or comment.
  4. Betul tu, walaupun saya bukan dev.. tapi secara hakikatnya mmg ramai dev kat my/id tapi itulah. susah nak carik.. sehinggakan saya terpaksa hire dev from PH utk bangunkan server sy yg akan dtg ni. :c
  5. Sup' Haxzor . Thanks . Nice to see you too . What kind of stuffs ? Hi and thanks . I don't think we know each other . and Yeah , I'm from Malaysia Thanks dude . Happy Eid Fitri to you too
  6. Hi guys , It's been awhile I didn't on rathena and play RO . Quite busy with LIFE . So , did I miss anything news ? or something interesting in past few years ?
  7. Harro, can someone give me link to update the latest kRO ? Sorry for the trouble >__> I hope you will help me.
  8. what you mean xD I mean i know that wiz and le RO u played is RRO....right ?
  9. I think i know that wizzy...It's Megabuch..or something like that from OWN X....
  10. @Yonko=Thanks...i'll try my best to learn. Okay...I'll try my best and i'll ask you if i have some probs My brother and I are on a bit of a hiatus but have been working on our own server. When we started, we had no scripting knowledge and nothing about rAthena really, but since then we've been able to add custom items, quests, and all sorts of fun things. It can be overwhelming to learn from scratch, especially if you are by yourself, as it may take days for someone to reply on rAthena. If you only want to be a support/event GM though, you should consider looking through the jobs available Forum to see if any servers are looking for that sort of help. Best of luck, ~Azura Skyy Well...i already did ask them that i wanna be support/event GM but... what they want is EXPERIENCE That's why i wanna ask all of you to teach me.
  11. I mean, I want to learn about RO deeper and want to make it as my first experienced even though i don't have any knowledge about scripting and etc. I would love to make event in some games and helps player. That's all. Well, That's the hardest part for me because i don't have any knowledge.
  12. Harro. Can someone teach me how to be a GM ? I don't have any experience be a GM but i really wanna know how it feels to help player in games.
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