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  1. maken06

    [Guía] Crear Mob Custom

    Muy buena guía! empezaré a aprender!
  2. could someone revive this pls?
  3. maken06

    request aura sprite

    I think that is a paid item.
  4. An excellent job @w0wZukuBg !
  5. maken06

    How to Change Thor Patcher Icon

    Use this...
  6. maken06

    Enchance armor

  7. maken06

    Mob Custom Error

    You have to do this... Client Part. 1. jobname.lub [jobtbl.JT_Addax] = "Addax" - if it's the last one on the list, you should not put "," after Addax. 2. npcidentity.lub JT_Addax = 3460 - if it's the last one on the list, you should not put "," after Addax. It is advisable to use the id of monsters that are not being used. - The monster sprite is fine in that folder. Server Part An example for the mob_db. 3460,Addax,Chupacabras,Chupacabras,146,60935000,1,2010,2010,3,8375,12764,436,218,355,255,255,255,255,255,10,12,2,0,83,0x6283695,130,212,384,360,1005,617,5500,6223,2000,6223,2000,994,10000,2677,3000,2678,200,2679,200,1471,2000,1133,2000,12539,200,0,0,0,0,0,0 Only that is needed to implement a custom monster...
  8. maken06


    Something like this? or this?
  9. maken06

    Hybrid FluxCP Design (VisualDes)

    I really like the design, I would pay for it. You have really done a good job.
  10. maken06

    waitingroom nuevo

    grf [data\luafiles514\lua files\signboardlist.lub]
  11. maken06

    Q>RO on mobile (android)
  12. maken06

    Soul Link Modification

    You could use something like this ...
  13. maken06