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  1. maken06

    [SHOWCASE] Zell

    I want to! x2
  2. maken06

    Client Deletion Details

    Perfect! thanks @Functor
  3. maken06

    2018 RagexeRE ??
  4. maken06

    implementation of the baby classes

    function Can_Rebirth { // To rebirth, you need to be: // * Second Class if( !.RebirthClass ) return false; // Rebirth disabled if( !(eaclass()&EAJL_2) ) return false; // Not second Class if( eaclass()&EAJL_UPPER ) return false; // Already Rebirthed if( roclass(eaclass()|EAJL_UPPER) < 0 ) return false; // Job has no transcended class if( Is_Baby() && !.BabyClass ) return false; // No Baby changes allowed return true; }
  5. maken06

    Client Deletion Details

  6. I just tried and it does not work 9f88076
  7. maken06

    Client Deletion Details

  8. The competition is over. They should close the post.
  9. maken06

    Ask: How to disable Fade Animation

    re-diff your exe client.
  10. maken06

    R> Extended Cell PvP

    hi all! Could someone resurrect this source code to work with the latest version of rAthena? Thanks in advance, it would be great to have this back.
  11. maken06

    Updating github rAthena manually to my vps

    Only applies ✔ and check if it serves you "pre-renewal or renewal"
  12. maken06

    Delete Reservation Issue

    I already tried that and it did not work
  13. maken06

    Delete Reservation Issue

    Hi all! I am using this client "2018-06-21aRagexeRE" and I have noticed this problem. I modified it in this way: conf/char_athena.conf // Amount of time in seconds by which the character deletion is delayed. // Default: 86400 (24 hours) // NOTE: Requires client 2010-08-03aragexeRE or newer. char_del_delay: 60 and when I try to erase the character, this appears... Does anyone know how to fix it?