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  1. NECRO BUMP! What is this warning referring to? [Warning]: map_getmapflag: Invalid map ID -1.
  2. @Daifuku that would be excellent!! I'll pm you
  3. ohhhhh i used 15003 as the main instance... Let me edit it again and try. Works like a charm now! Thank you so much for this. Sending love in the form of up votes!
  4. @Haruka Mayumi Im Headed to test it now! Ok so i tested it out and added sarahs memories + faceworm. Doesnt seem to work. It just says that i dont need to reset since i can still access.
  5. NECRO BUMP! Still searching for something similar....
  6. Ive been working closely with Haziel for a little over a year. Every dollar spent is worth it. He has become a friend through the span of time we have collaborated and i could not recommend anyone greater than him. Price: 9/10 Availability: 7/10 Quality of work: 15/10 All around knowledge: 9/10 Friendliness: 10/10 Communication: 10/10 Dont hesitate to check him out for any RO related needs. Dont feel limited to asking for sprites, his code quality is superb and he will get submersed in the work with you. He has his own personal flair about his work and no matter the task you can always see it. Hope this helps you guys!
  7. While his work looks to be of excellent quality, the customer service is not great. I have been reaching out to cydh for months now with no reply. Not even a simple " Im on a full workload and i will get to you when i am available" . While his rAthena third party services list him as available...i dont believe this to be accurate. I am leaving this 2 star review simply due to the unavailability and lack of communication. I would love to see this change as my experience gets turned around for the better. This is purely constructive and food for thought. Happy Holidays!
  8. Hey everyone! Anyone one know if there is a way to add a delayed opening for the official daily attendance? Id like it to wait 30 mins before popping up for the player to redeem items. Another option would be delaying the mailing of the prize? Just brainstorming here. If anyone has any clues or would like to help out that would be awesome! Happy Holidays
  9. We are needing support on this. My self and another developer have sent you a private message and haven't heard back from you in almost 2 weeks. We would appreciate a response at your earliest convenience.
  10. This is visually stunning! Love the colors and the scaling of size really makes you feel submersed in the environment. Great job! I would love to get my hands on something like this
  11. Hello Graphical Community! Ive seen a lot of skins created throught the years of playing RO but most of them are themed with big wings or crazy icons. Im looking for something simple, clean, and vibrant. If anyone has leads out there or can even create them. Id be willing to throw you some $$ for a custom built skin Thanks again everyone!
  12. Thank you @Emistry!! Got it all figured out now.
  13. Excellent work @Visual!! I may be requesting you to make some edits to my current site
  14. Thank you @Radian! Im a little confused though. What should i be doing with this information?