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  1. Kaleidoscope

    [Showcase] Arlandria v2

    Is this downloadable? Id be interested in purchasing the izlude inspired theme! Pm me
  2. Kaleidoscope

    [Showcase] Arlandria v2

  3. Kaleidoscope

    [Showcase] MAP - The Sacred Blood

    Such excellent quality! Love it
  4. Kaleidoscope

    [Showcase] Gaia - The Enchanted Village

    This is visually stunning! Love the colors and the scaling of size really makes you feel submersed in the environment. Great job! I would love to get my hands on something like this
  5. Kaleidoscope

    Quality Skins

    Hello Graphical Community! Ive seen a lot of skins created throught the years of playing RO but most of them are themed with big wings or crazy icons. Im looking for something simple, clean, and vibrant. If anyone has leads out there or can even create them. Id be willing to throw you some $$ for a custom built skin Thanks again everyone!
  6. Kaleidoscope

    Strange attack glitch?

    Thank you @Emistry!! Got it all figured out now.
  7. Kaleidoscope

    Hybrid FluxCP Design (VisualDes)

    Excellent work @Visual!! I may be requesting you to make some edits to my current site
  8. Kaleidoscope

    Strange attack glitch?

    Thank you @Radian! Im a little confused though. What should i be doing with this information?
  9. Kaleidoscope

    Strange attack glitch?

    Server Info: Max level: 500/200 Pre - Renewal Client version: may 2018 I just recently had 1000 level server and the base attack for just str and nothing added was much higher. This seems oddly low. Anyone know of any bugs that may have caused this?
  10. Kaleidoscope

    Mob: Crystal II

    These are top quality! Seriously the best Spriter we have in the private server community. Ive worked closely with Haziel for a little over a year now and all i can say: his work is dependable, of excellent quality and always has his special flair. 10/10 On all aspects. Keep on doing what you are doing!
  11. @Royr I figured it out in like 2 secs but thanks anyway!
  12. A little late here, but Can you explain the rand ( 100 ) <=90? Lets say i wanted it to be 5%, what would the number have to changed to, <=5?
  13. Kaleidoscope

    Existing event managers

    I haven't seen euphy active in over a year and i am wondering if anyone has a copy of the event manager. Orrrr If anyone has something similar in stock already! Thanks in advanced
  14. Kaleidoscope

    Crazyarashi Ragnarok Services!

    I dropped down to 4 stars for only one sole reason. He POOFED on me! We were in the middle of working, had some IRL crisis told me he was back but never again have i heard from him. I had previously received great work, easy to read code and highly organized. Not to mention the guy is fun to talk with! Quality of work - 9/10 Communication - 5/10* Speed and delivery - 10/10 Pricing - 10/10
  15. Kaleidoscope

    In search of Indoor maps

    Im in search of some indoor maps that meet my servers needs. If anyone has some leads PM me! Also looking for mapper to make some minor edits to a map that i own.