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  1. Brainstorm group session!

    Next week we will plan for a longer session. This was on the fly and i was still semi-busy with work
  2. Brainstorm group session!

    Thanks to you and @TheDerpySupport for stopping by! @Cyro was a little late per usual.... but i wont punish him this time
  3. Hey everyone! I've been in hibernation for a few months now but im ready to come out and play! My work and personal life needed some extra attention so i had to put my project on hold but I am ready to dive back into things full force and get this thing rolling. I am looking to see who would be interested in weekly brainstorming sessions to discuss various Ragnarok mechanic related gibbers. Some main topics im looking to cover in this weeks discussion are: ~Extended lore // episodic updating ~Newbie friendly systems // reintroducing the game for new players ~Re-birthing systems vs high level servers. If anyone is interested in attending please feel free to join our first session tonight at 9:00PM EST. I have sent a few invites on discord out already but if you haven't received one you can just join with the link below! The Weekly Focus: https://discord.gg/TTkxpGq Ill be leading the discussion, Ill wait till about 9:15 for the ones who are usually late. ( You know who you are ) Cant wait to see you all there!
  4. [Showcase] Character Voice System

    This is awesome easy! Maybe ill use this for Ritual
  5. Hey everyone! So as ive mentioned before im still new to the development side of RO but id like to share my concept for the server i am currently working on. Get tired of the same boring low rates that are just grind grind grind? Never tried the super high rate world because they tend to die too fast and have minimal to no content? Want to try something new and innovative that has had TONS of thought from many superior minds? Well, Ritual RO is just what you are looking for. ( Like my sales pitch?~~~) We are a "Hybrid" rate server with a unique style of play. With inspirations from older servers like Nameless RO, Inertia RO and Rebirth RO, we are integrating aspects that will satisfy all types of players. Focusing on some key elements: Economy | Economy is what keeps the game going, the more invested people are into the economy the more likely it is to retain their attention. Using special Drop formulas and systems we are able to review the market a little easier and foreshadow what will rise and fall in price with server economy Character Building | This, same as economy is all about investment. Ive seen that the more time you spend building your character the more likely you are to stay loyal to that server. With various different tweaks to the refinement / enchantment / costume systems + the fact that yes this is a 4 | 2 Slotted server. ( Some people are soooo anti this but with proper balance its actually intriguing what you can put together, build wise ) PVE | I would like to expand on this as an end game option. Most of the servers around focus on PVP as the end game result, which is all fine and dandy but what happens when everyone is at peak and the PVE becomes obsolete? I would like to continue to challenge players with new mobs and quests that take not only a powerful and fully geared player but some skill and party play. We are working to release in episodes that have unique lore and creating our own custom instances for ending each episode out. Party Play | I looove seeing people work together to get the job done. On high rate servers its usually the opposite since everyone is competing to be number 1 in some aspect of the game. Been toying with incentive systems for holding the top records of certain aspects as well as a hiring board for players to contract their characters out to parties who need them. ( like a server wide Angies list ). I will continue to add more to this post but i am literally falling asleep on my keyboard. Goodnight everyone and i hope you guys will follow us! Like the facebook page for a chance to enter some cool Ragnarok online Merch Raffles Click here to join Ritual RO facebook page! Click here to join the discussions on our Discord
  6. Give me Attention please!~

    @ClintEastwood thank you 😊
  7. Give me Attention please!~

    @Azura Skyy Thanks! I’ll be posting details somewhere in the next 24-48 hours :3
  8. Give me Attention please!~

    Hiya Everyone! My names is Jamie~ Newbie Developer and Veteran RO player here. I have been browsing the site and in touch with quite a few of the key staff members here but i have yet to introduce myself! My adventure all started with the US release of IRO in 2003-2004. I remember leveling for months and getting together with friends to have "lan parties", we would all choose a different job class and set out on our adventures of "not knowing what the fuck we are doing". Do not you miss the days that we didn't have RMS guides and you still had that excitement from the adventurous discovery around rune midgard? Now look where we are! Making SRC mods, Client Diffs and writing our own code! Crazy to think about the evolution and the roots of where we started. If anyone would like to reminisce those times with me,do not be shy! Anyways, Im looking to branch out my contacts. ( Hopefully work with some of you all! ) I learn more and more everyday about the development side of RO and have an excellent understanding of what players want and how the community meta is currently evolving. Im exciting for the project that i am starting and i hope you all will enjoy the concept too! [I will post that in the projects sections so i can do my part and keep the forums clean ] Well anyway i'm done babbling, i'm super sleepy and need to catch some zZzZ! Love you all, Kaleidoscope <3
  9. Custom map showcase

    Helloooooo Im looking for some skilled mappers who have some maps laying around that they might want to share or sell. Looking specifically for a small main town map. ( armory building / market area / main NPC area / potential to connect to outside field maps? )
  10. Global Drop Src

    Thanks, Ill try this out shortly!
  11. Global Drop Src

    Newbie developer here! ~ Interested in this same concept but needs an explination on how to do the math for the randitem value. How would you calculate 0.01%?
  12. ✰ Euphy's Scripts ✰

    Hey Euphy! I have a few questions about a free script you have listed. 1. Is the build manager compatible with Herc emulator? 2.Is it as simple to switch max level from 99 > 500? Must i mod something for that be allowed?
  13. LF> Bot killer

    Looking for a bot checker Npc that i can put on multiple maps. Maybe with an auto DC if 1min = 0 response to check?
  14. Excellent quality work! Works Extremely quick and is pretty fun to joke around with your working. Makes the whole experience much more pleasurable. Highly recommend his services, for the price you cant beat him! He has worked on many scripts, SRC, even graphics and Flux + forums set up. Check him out, wont be disappointed
  15. Star gladiator Talk

    Disabling the use of feeling on certain maps. Eg: gold room. Also im trying to fing a way to disable the activation of the miracle on the same map. Essentially SG is Over powered because of the warmth skills and hatred, and im trying to find out: does the miracle activate even if the map is not set with feeling?