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Utility: Compendium

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Compendium - A levelable battle pass inspired majority of games out there. 

Feature :
Easy customizable settings.
Three types of selectable daily quest.
Daily quest requirements are randomized.
Daily quest count resets everyday.
Compendium resets on the first day of the month.
Rewards are sent via mail.
'@compendium' command to access the compendium

Settings :


Adding a reward on the compendium
Rewards : "Level | Reward ID, Amount, Reward ID, Amount,... ==|
Level order doesn't matter but 'duplicates' will bug out the script.

setarray .compendium_reward$, 

Adding a monster/item/mvp to hunt or collect
Just add the ID on the following line.

setarray .mvp_list
setarray .hunt_list
setarray .gather_list

Changing EXP given on the quest types.
.gathering_exp = 50;
.hunt_exp = 50;
.mvp_hunt_exp = 100;



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wow, I was thinking about that, compendiuns got very popular lately on games, it's a way to tax for new contents monthly.
Good work!  Certainly I'm going to use this.

I'll try to improve to have free and vip rewards

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@crazyarashi your file description could do with a little more.. description. I.e What is it, how do you use it, why should I use it, who benefits from it, your inspiration for creating it, etc.

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Em 17/05/2021 às 12h19, Snaehild disse:

Onde normalmente instalamos scripts .c? Eles vão para a pasta npc também?

você precisa renomear o arquivo para .txt

Compêndio 1.1.c


Compêndio 1.1.txt

it goes to npc folder


Edited by kennykiro
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On 12/30/2020 at 1:24 AM, celeron0134 said:

got an error.. pasted your script on npc/custom/quests/Compendium.c

am i doing it right?

compedium error.png

why does it says needs ';'?

i think its a typo, try use strnpcinfo(0) instead of strnpcnfo(0)

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